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Bryant & Stratton College - Akron Reviews

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I only visited the school, I haven’t actually started yet. I actually start my freshman year next month at Bryant & Stratton. Just from my visit though, I had a great experience, everyone was friendly and greeted me with a smile, I felt comfortable.
It is fast paced. You only take the classes that you need to succeed, and the instructors are always there to help!
I appreciated the friendly, knowledge staff members. Each person that helped me with my admissions process was knowledgable, and very friendly to me. I felt cared about in the way that they took time to listen to my story and where I am wanting to go in life. I felt very encouraged to pursue my goals and dreams here at this college.
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I love how energetic all the employees are! They definitely make you feel welcome and help you with any questions you may have. They make sure they are available to talk to 24/7 and will reply to you between 10 minutes- couple hours. I found the campus clean and well equipped for their students. I recommend looking into any of the programs they offer.
This college is crazy! Everything is now online and only certain classes are on campus. This is not suppose to be an online college, your suppose to have real instructors and the help you need at your finger tips. Some of the teachers you meet are really sweet and will do anything to help you pass but the others will fail you for giving an honest opinion when they ask for it. Tuition is absolutely crazy. It went from about $6,500 a semester to $10,000. The online classes that i did have, the teachers were never helpful, they never got back to me within an appropriate time frame and I never bothered to put our grades in until last minute on any assignment that they actually had to go through. This school is a joke and all they want is your money.
Just a very different environment
Employable you is what they say.
They have the highest accreditation.
I love nursing and I am excited about it.
So far everything is great. All of the people are nice and very sweet.
I am able to attend day while my daughter is in school and the even let us leave early if our work is finished
I have not had online classes yet
the school works with hospitals to place students
I like how the school does work placement once you get you diploma
I like the teachers out put on the subjects I like how they explain things well
I am learning something new everyday and they really are helpful
I am enjoying the learning adventure and meeting new people the teachers are very helpful
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I really enjoy the school because the teachers are focused on your success and want to see everyone graduate to where they will meet with you before class if you need some extra help.
Though I have not started my classes yet, i have enjoyed the process of getting enrolled in Bryant and Stratton. The school is very hands-on, meaning they help you through the entire process from application to scheduling. My favorite part about Bryant and Stratton is how every staff member is just as excited about my enrollment as I am, as well as their willingness to explain the whole process of enrollment as they walk me through it. I would most definitely choose Bryant and Stratton again because of their helpfulness, and excitement toward my education. What sets Bryant and Stratton College apart from all other schools is the small class sizes. This makes it easier to have all of your questions answered and helps staff get to know their students well in order to keep them on track toward graduating.
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