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Bryan University - Topeka Reviews

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The school helps you find the right place for you to do your internship.
The teachers and staff are very freindly and very helpful. They explain everything so you can understand it.
When it comes time for an internship the school helps you find a place that fits you best.
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When it is time to get an internship the school will help you find a place that fits you best.
I like that Bryan University in Topeka Kansas helps you understand everything. They make sure you meet the entire staff and treats you as a person. I like that they have you try to do things on your own then if you need help they will help you.
There is a pretty good diversity in the student body. There are students from all different walks of life. There are young parents who married and want a better life for themselves and their families. There are older students who just want more knowledge on how to run their own business.
There aren't any athletic centers or student centers but the students do get together outside of the school. There is a library but it is only open a couple of hours during the evening class.
When you go through the application process, you also apply for financial aid. You can ask for a list of scholarships that you can apply for. They are always willing to work with you.
There is a morning and evening class. So it doesn't interfere with your job and the school works with you on it. If you work at night and go to school during the day and a change in the work schedule occurs, then you can talk to your instructor and switch to night class for a few days.
They all want to make sure that the students get what they are trying to achieve. They will actually help you find a job and give you names of companies that are hiring. Twice a year there is also a job fair.
They will help you find a job that will fit you and they will always help you find things that you will need i the community adn ever have a question you can always for help.
Best school ever. No problems understanding facility and understand teachers. No problems.
This school is amazing teachers and others are very understanding and very helpful. Don't be afraid to ask question they are always here to help.
My experience is okay,I'm the type of person that want to talk to a teacher in person when she has a problem not email a teacher. The on-line teachers are understanding and caring and they try to help as best as the possibly can.
Our financial aid lady Royetta is amazing she does every possible to make sure you get everything that you would possibly need to pay for school and stay school. I f there is ever a bump in the track she is there to smooth it out.
The student body is very understanding and always wanting to work with each and every student to make then feel important ans safe.
Teachers and administration are very flexible. They put their students needs before their own.
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I am very happy with my school and would definitely recommend it to others.
Online classes are great and easy to access. The teachers are great at explaining the assignments.
Students are very friendly and help support one another.
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