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The best part about Bryan University - Tempe is how flexible they are with scheduling, it makes it easy to work around everyone schedule when you’re a mom of three. The fact you can do it all online makes it that much easier too, don’t need to find a babysitter when I can sit in my house with my children. All around an amazing program.
There are morning or evening classes available do you can work your schedule around them
Classes are great it is like being in an actual classroom. Assignments used to gain group participation and learning
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The class set up they use for online classrooms is great! It is like really being in the same room. Lots of participation and activities to enhance your learning.
They help you obtain your first professional certification in the field as a part of your tuition no extra costs
The teachers are very hands on. They are there to help you and answer all of your questions.v the online classroom sessions are great
They help you out every step of the way. From enrolling, getting scholarships and funds, to starting your first classes!
With the classes being online you do not have to worry about school, it goes with you, even on vacation.
The registration process was the easiest thing ever. I tried applying to my local community college and they kept coming up with forms that I was "missing", even with all of the correct forms and money ready to pay up front that campus still did not want to let me in (later to find out that their location would have been more than happy to have me) at Bryan I talked to an Admissions Counselor and he stayed on the phone with me for 4 hours and walked me through the application, FASFA, what ever i needed he was there! It was easy with his help. Every staff member that i have come in contact with are the exact same way they will stay with you until something is done.
The way the school works is you get to learn real life work in order to prepare you for jobs outside of schools. They also mentioned that they can connect you with internships (most people have already gained confidence enough before graduation to go out and get a job)
At first online learning seemed like it would be terrible. At Bryan almost every course is associated with a "Live Class". In a live class your in an online class room that you get to talk to everyone, interact, and message. In the live class you also get to screen share so it makes visuals a lot easier to use.
The work load can sometimes be heavy- HOWEVER it is an accelerated program so with that comes work load no matter what school you go to. The programs seem to fit my way of learning. The way i learn is i need to know why i'm learning it, how to apply it in the 'real world' and how to use it to advance my career and that is EXACTLY hot the instructors teach. They all like visuals and don't want you to sound like a robot. They want you coming out of the program with hands on experience.
Every single staff member is there to help! No matter what your question is they always try to help. The instructors are always more than willing to explain something a different way if you do not understand it and always make time to talk to you if you need help.
I think it is great because they spread the workload out throughout the week, which makes it easier to turn assignments in on time. The only frustration I have had is taking quizzes in the coding classes. They just changed from ICD-9 to ICD-10 in October of 2015, and the test have answers that are incorrect on them. The good part is that it makes me review the test once I am finished more closely. I am sure that issue is being addressed at this time, and being corrected. Everything else is great. I am very pleased to be attending college at Bryan University, I even got my sister enrolled!
I love the online classes. The interactive books are terrific! The teachers are so helpful and knowledgeable. There are always opportunities to debate issues, ask for extra help and help others. They like for the students to interact and try to help each other, which is great, it helps you retain information that you learned and reiterate that what you learned is correct. The registration process was walked through step by step with me, I was so thankful. The workload is usually spread out through the week so that you can submit the assignments in a timely manner.
I love my teachers, they are the best. They are all so nice and helpful. The college in a whole is a good institution. I feel that I am learning everything I need to advance in the career that I am going to college to acquire. My classmates and I are always willing to help each other. The teachers try to get us to initiate study buddy classes with each other, it is like a student tutoring session amongst ourselves. I have tutored classmates a few times, I enjoy it very much, it also helps me retain information that I have read from the chapters each week. You learn so many things that will help you in your career. You learn Math, English, Law and Ethics,Critical thinking, Medical Terminology, Finances (which helps you learn how to manage your money, which is a great tool) and Computer science. It is a very versatile course. I am proud to be a college student at the age of 48, and I am very pleased that I chose Bryan University. Not only are they teaching me, they are trying to help me obtain a job in Healthcare industry! It is so much more than just an education.
I am planning to start as a medical biller/coder. I would like to go into auditing codes in the future. I am attending college because I am 48 and have had a hard time obtaining and keeping jobs. They seem to move, or close down. I chose the medical field because I am sure that there will always be jobs in this industry. I have people from the University sending me job leads weekly, it is wonderful. They also pay for the Ahima certification exam once you graduate. The alumni are always available for questioning, that is a big plus. I feel great at the amount of support that I receive from everyone at the college.
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I am impressed with the curriculum. I like the fact that they make you learn somewhat on your own, and then they are there to assist you if needed. It makes me work harder and study harder. I know that I can ask questions if I need help, but it makes me try to find the answers myself, which is a very important tool to have when billing and coding medical insurance claims.
I think that Bryan University is a good school overall. I do have issues with some of the quizes. The answers are not always correct, and I have to go back through and submit the incorrect answers to my teacher for credit, that I do not like at all. I feel that if I pay the fees for schooling, I should not have to audit the tests, they should be correct. You cannot teach someone if the test have wrong answers. Every class does not have these issues,the two classes I am in currently do. Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is greatly appreciated.
I enjoy the classes I have taken so far at Bryan University. The curriculum is easy to follow and the live classes offer lots of interaction. The one thing that stands out with them is the dashboard they have. From this you can see what you will be covering for the week, when assignments are due and what quizzes you need to take. You can put check marks and clear your list when you have completed work. When assignments are completed the program checks off your list. I really like how the program is laid out in an easy to follow and understand setting.
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