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It was difficult at first, but the professors and staff did a great job learning and working together to get through it.
Bryant is a really fun school that has a great community. Everyone is so kind and I’ve learned so much about myself and the criteria from the academics.
I have not had a bad experience here. They have been nothing but helpful. They are very respectful and helpful with filling out paperwork also.
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Bryan University is a great College. I have received my Associates Degree there and continuing my Bachelors Degree there, as well. I would refer anyone to Bryan University.
My first year at Bryant was everything I thought it to be and more. Being part of the athletics community gave me opportunities that I would not have had being a regular student. I made great friends and achieved Deans list both semesters of freshman year. The kids here work hard in the classroom but also can let a little loose on the weekends, finding that perfect balance. The food can be a little repetitive and the direct surrounding area is vacant but overall the campus is beautiful and the people there want you to succeed.
They have always made me feel like I was well taken care of. I got a call about once a week for the first few weeks to see if there was anything they could do to help me or asked if I had any questions. They have been great to work with! I am so glad I chose this school to attend.
I haven't transferred any credits
The difference form traditional school to Bryan University are a couple of differences, One I never felt like I was talking to the wrong person at Bryan University, if a person wasn't there to answer your question the person who answered the phone always says is there something I can help you with. Two there is no negativity, most of them have taken classes too so they can relate.
I would have to say the best, I'm not really sure on this I have just started, I choose excellent for the sake that any issue I might have had they were handled and addressed
love the class size so it helps for students participation even if I post something late I still get a response from someone.
the quality is very high. NO task too big or small for my employee recruiter. Thanks a lot
faculty has been very helpful and motivating, program puts you in the right mind frame when you start.
I have had wonderful experience with the school I have recommended family and friends to this school. Everyone has been willing to take the time working with all my questions.
I've been going to this school for 3 yrs and all the teachers will work with you and contact if you have a issue. They are open to help and understanding your personal issues that can impact your studies.
I haven't had any experience with alumni or recruiters from my school. But the online accreditation and the talk of the town have all had wave reviews about being able to land a job after attending Bryan University.
I have actually enjoyed all my assignments and interaction with my professor. I have only taken one class so far and it has been a pleasant experience, I hope the next 15 classes go this well.
I love doing my work online from my home. I can study anytime I want to and free to still work and take care of my family and live my life
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I can get an even better degree when I am finished. But I won't be going any further. This is hard enough on my family. I hope to get a good job and earn a good living from my program that I am currently in.
I really haven't had to use any resources yet. My book is downloaded onto my laptop and I just read. my assignments are online and easy to get to
I really don't know how to answer this question. The process of getting the financial aid was pretty easy, its the paying the student loans that I am worried about and would like help with. I am not one to like debt. Hopefully I get some scholarships!
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