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I loved visiting this college. The admissions counselors are very nice, and helpful as they take you through the planned schedule for your major. The labs and classrooms are smaller and clean.
The academics are excellent and the professors truly care about the students. All of the campus staff are welcoming and the atmosphere makes you want to learn and do great things. I think that the school could improve on helping students find housing. Bryan doesn't have dorms or agreements with other schools to rent dorms. They simply hand you a list of very expensive apartments in the city and tell you good luck, figure it out.
I have been a nurse for 2 years and am so thankful for the education I received at Bryan. I entered the field of nursing with a fantastic foundation and to this day I can still contact past professors to talk about nursing practice or life in general!!!
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I love being a student at Bryan! I am in the Nursing program and have received exceptional direction so far in my program. The campus, professors, and atmosphere has been so positive and helpful in my journey to be a nurse. I really appreciate the amount of clinical hours we receive, not to mention the hands on experience we gain starting in just our third semester.
Bryan is a great school run by fantastic people. The classes are well sized and the instructors are always wiling to help. Overall a great school
I really enjoy attending this college. The students and faculty are really great and you always see smiling faces when you are on campus.
I have learned so much already at this school. It's awesome because the school is directly affiliated with Bryan Health Hospital. All of the employees at Bryan Health are familiar with the college, and I have had all good experiences with the staff. The instructors at Bryan are even better. There have been days where I have needed to speak with an instructor just to keep myself sane. They are all so encouraging and welcoming.
I have a previous degree. One class the school required me to take was "Nutrition" and I had previously taken that as a requirement for my previous degree. I filed a petition asking that I be relieved from taking the class and it was accepted, so I no longer had to take the class and they accepted my class as transfer credit.
Registering for classes is a breeze, as you literally will sit down with your advisor and put together your schedule. Instead of spending hours trying to get into certain classes or figuring out your schedule, the whole registration time takes maybe fifteen minutes.
Every few months we have a job fair on campus, which gives students the opportunities to apply for jobs on the spot. The hospital really "takes care" of their students, as many of the newly graduates find themselves working for the hospital.
The coursework is tough and demanding, but that is expected with any degree. The professors are incredible. They truly want to see you succeed and are there to answer any questions about anything. Some professors even talk about their families in class, which makes them all the more personable.
Every few months, there is a career fair on campus to provide students with opportunities to apply for jobs before they graduate. Many of the newly graduates find themselves working for the hospital, while others find themselves working for a different place. It is nice to know that I will have a job after I graduate.
The nursing degree offered through the school is very respected in the state and the country. The workload is heavy, but that is what it takes to become a registered nurse. The facilities are incredible, and it helps that the school is attached to the hospital as well.
The amount of clinicals is far more than the national average, meaning that after you graduate, you will be well prepared to start your journey as a healthcare professional.
Classes are flexible and professors are helpful. If you are not able to attend your scheduled class, professors will often allow you to come to a later or earlier class.
The work load for online courses are manageable, but more difficult when many are taken.
There is a good alumni network and job opportunities are always there.
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The college is in the hospital so future job opportunities are easily accessible. There are also many opportunities for students to work in the college and then transfer to the hospital once they graduate.
The classes are small. Never more than 30 people. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and ready to help if you have any questions.
I am majoring in nursing science. There is a lot of work, but it is all for my benefit.