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I have not taken any online classes at Bryan, but from what I have heard from previous students who have, they said it was just like they were in the classroom!
When I first arrived at Bryan College, the staff made me feel right at home. They were so helpful and friendly! You can tell they care about their students!
Although the majority of my Bryan College classes were in-person, I submitted all of my papers and assignments online. The Bryan College website was very easy to use, and I really appreciated being able to submit my assignments online so I didn't have to worry about losing them.
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My experience with Bryan College was great! The college website was very easy to navigate and my professor was absolutely amazing. I took several dual enrollment classes with Bryan College, and I really enjoyed working with them. Overall, I had a great experience and would recommend this college to anyone looking for a college home or simply a place to take dual enrollment classes.
I've been at Bryan since 2018, and it is a terrible school. Professors really don't care unless you put 200% effort, and even then it's a 50/50 chance of you building a relationship. The dorms are cesspools in terms of quality, along with the local town. Anything of relevance in terms of stuff to do is 45 minutes away. The academics are a joke, on average, you only have to devote maybe one hour for homework per class a week. Most of the students at this school are athletes, and the majority of these athlete-students are lazy and discouraging to have as peers. Along with this, teachers tend to go off on tangents and don't actually teach. I won't be finishing my degree at this dumpster fire of a school.
Online classes are much worse than in-person learning. And that says a lot because of how garbage the in-person learning is.
I am enrolled in Bryan's online program and have loved it! The ability to take classes that fit my schedule has helped so immensely. The professors have also been very accommodating and patient with all of the craziness of COVID-19.
The classes that I've taken through Bryan are all online based. The program used for online classes is easy to use and expectations are clear and fair. I've loved it!
Online classes were very good. The transition from classroom to online were seamless, and I feel I learned as much as I did online as in the classroom.
In my personal experience, Bryan College is a very welcoming environment. Everyone wants to see you succeed. My only complaint is some of the rules may be a little too strict.
I took several years of school for Bryan online throughout high school. I joined as a Freshmen and had a blast. The professors and the material was amazing. I made a few mistakes with friendships and what not, so I don’t foresee myself coming back, but the school itself is great.
The school is amazing. The food is good quality regardless of what people tell you. The housing is just fine for young adults.
Liked the community aspect of the school but could be more transparent on how the school uses funding.
The community created here is very good. It is definitely a small school environment. All of your professors know you and want to know you and see you succeed. The RD, Resident Directors, care for you more than you would ever think and again want nothing but for you to succeed.
This type of small school environment can either be very good for you or not so good for you, it all depends on your personality so you have to truly know yourself.
The school's motto is "Christ Above All" and it is taken seriously here. Everywhere you look you see his presence. From chapel to church to mentoring programs to being able to sit down at pretty much any table in the cafeteria and have a good, accepting conversation with someone you can see this motto.
The school is growing but still needs a lot of improvement. The dorms need to be updated and new ones need to be built. The school is in need of new parking. Also, one of the buildings is in a major need of remodeling. It would also be helpful if the school would use the funding they receive more wisely to fix these problems and also give raises to the professors.
Bryan College is great when it comes to athletics, academics and safety. However, the dorms really need updating. Dayton Tennessee is a small town so there isn’t much to do off campus but Chattanooga is a 40 minute drive and there is plenty to do there. It is not a party school. If you are looking for a small private college that is strong in academics and has many opportunities for athletes then this is a great choice.
I love the atmosphere at Bryan College; everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I love the Christian background it provides. My bad experience with Bryan College has been with the staff and administration. Several instances the staff has turned their back on me. The most prominent example would be when my dorm room was infested with mold. None of the staff helped me or even believed me. I had no reimbursement for my damaged items, no medical reimbursement, no apology, no help moving out, and no discount on my room and board, even though I had to live in mold for half a year.
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I love the people at Bryan. The professor really care about you and the campus is very beautiful. I also feel very safe there.
Awesome staff that will help you out in any situation you need help with. Very affordable, especially for online degrees and professors are very helpful and ready to jump in. I wouldn't choose anywhere else!
It is a great school, with a great attitude and heart, but just needs to figure out where the right place to put money towards should be. The food is okay most of the time, but they really only make it good when there are visitors on campus.
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