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A very great close knit Christian community. The faculty actually has time for their students. There are great work study opportunities. Life on campus is amazing, and makes a huge difference in one’s life.
With heavy heart, I give my Alma Mater this rating. Because of the prideful, narrow-minded, power-abusing, hateful and evil leadership that is now in place, countless faculty and staff have lost their jobs, programs have been cut, finances have been ruined, and the motto of the college, "Christ Above All", has been blatantly disregarded. Until the current president and board of trustees resign or leave, I cannot recommend this college to anyone. It is not the same place it used to be -Christ centered, intellectually sound (by examining all sides and viewpoints to see that the Bible is the answer), Biblically solid, a warm community- but instead has turned into an institution who should just go ahead and change their motto to "Livesay above all". Livesay's way or the highway (job termination, for example, should you dare to speak the truth).
I can not recommend Bryan in its current state. The president has engaged in unethical practice and many beloved faculty and staff have either been fired or have resigned in protest. When Dr. LIVESAY is removed I will reconsider my position.
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I have been at Bryan College for almost a year now! Although being a first-time college student can be quite a difficult change and transition, Bryan College does a fantastic job of making the students feel at home and at ease! The faculty and staff are such wonderful and caring people who love their job and love the people! This college upon the hill has breathtaking views and is a great getaway from the stresses of life. The small campus life making being a student here comfortable and belonged. I have loved being here so far! :)
I absolutely love Bryan College! The people here are my favorite - everyone is so welcoming and sweet, and the professors go out of the way to prove they truly care about their students. The quality of the education is great, and I am so grateful to be taught from a Christian standpoint - it makes a huge difference. The campus is safe, well-kept, and absolutely beautiful. It is NOT a party scene by any means, which is a blessing for me. Bryan inspires me to become a better Christian daily, and my relationship with God has definitely grown here.
I love this school. It is a Christian college with exceptional character and standards. I am proud to be a graduate of Bryan College.
I graduated from Bryan just over 5 years ago. When I was there, I enjoyed my classes, found the professors to be excellent critically-minded thinkers, highly invested in both their classes and students. The faculty were definitely Bryan's greatest strength. Unfortunately, many of the faculty I knew have left since the school's recent controversies, and I cannot speak to the quality of current faculty. If the school has a great weakness, it is in its approach to diversity. The school has few ethnic or racial minority students or faculty. As a white man, I remained largely ignorant of the significance of today’s social issues while I was at Bryan, and those few faculty who tried to change that for me have since left. When I was there, Bryan was a good Christian school, but it desperately needed to grow in its diversity.
Bryan College has given me the unique environment I sought after in my post-secondary education. The professors are caring and enjoy questions, my Chirstian faith is deepened daily, fellow students are encouraging and helpful, and the size allows for more personal classes.
The career services is extremely helpful. There are also many work study jobs on campus that are really nice for low income students like myself. The campus almost works on it own people.
The class sizes are on the small side so that I feel like the professors are really good about getting to know the students in the class individually. They are really friendly and want you to come to their offices after hours. The variety of the classes is really nice. You can explore many different subjects.
I feel very safe on campus. Our assault rate is extremely low so that I don't feel like I am threatened at all.
The housing is very close to class which is a huge plus. They are very clean and the rules are easy to follow. Many of the RA's and RD's are very good at their jobs!
I am not really part of the athletic aspect of my school so I really can't comment too much on it. Student involvement is really high, and many people enjoy going to the games. There is a lot of school pride.
My school is small so the atmosphere is very friendly. There are so many great people there and usually most people say hello to each other as they walk to class.
It's an incredibly safe school, and the community is amazing. There's "the wrong crowd" that does "the wrong things" but those aren't dangerous things - they just party a little bit. They may do stupid things, but they never hurt each other. Obviously some people will cause trouble, but the community and the campus leaders deal with things well.
It's not always explicitly spelled out, but there's a solid network of people in the area who know and love the school and value its graduates for new hires. I don't know of any recent graduates who have had problems finding well paying jobs in their fields.
Some of the buildings are fairly old, and the layout of the fixed furniture is less than ideal. The rooms could be better utilized if more of them had customizable/modular furniture.
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The teams themselves are fantastic, and the athletes genuinely care about doing their best. However, there's a cultural divide between the athletic domain and the academic domain, and a lot of the non-athletes feel that athletes are given too much attention and too much money, and do not always reflect the school's values.
The academic aspect of the school is solid, but has room for improvement. However, administration does not seem to be focused on the issues currently facing the school, and they aspire to make the school something that it's not.
With the people being so close knit, and in such a small town, there is not much of a safety concern. There is a good police presenc2 that puts everyone at ease, and the school is always trying to keep the students as safe as possible.
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