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This academic experience are very helpful in the future beacuse we get to learn alot of this the we gone go trough in life .
My academic the they offer me at my school , are computer classes , regristration process ,and exterships .
In my opinion i think all the resources help us out alot in college because we have alot of help from each resources .
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The Massage Therapy program is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price because I'm going into a career that I enjoy a lot.
I work full time during the day time and I was happy to hear that Bryan College was able to accommodate me with a night class that works with my job.
I am a massage therapist major. I enjoy working with people and making them feel better after I am done on their back or their body. I felt great knowing that I've helped at least one person feel relieved that their pain is gone.
I was pleased with how approachable the instructors are and the administration is when I had questions for them.
The Students Are Awesome! I don't think I've met a student here I didn't like. Considering we're all online students though, it's hard not to like eachother.
A Year-Long Headache. There is no flexibility in their curriculum. You must dedicate a solid 30 hours of your life, every single week, regardless of your work life, personal life, if your kids are sick, blah blah blah. This school owns you for a full 4 years (notice I didn't say 2 years like the admissions staff *loves* to tell prospects??). Even if you're unemployed, no kids, no life, you will struggle to get all of your work done. It is insane what this school requires. The rest of the CR schools out there require 15-18 hours per week and that's for the same exact full time education and the costs are either the same or less. Why on earth would you spend top dollar for the same education you can get everywhere else and have a social life elsewhere, too?? This school is terrible.

Do your research before you sign up here and you wont sign up here. Bryan College is full of lying salespeople whose jobs are to tell you whatever you need to hear to sign over your financial aid. You'll get a better, less stressful education that costs even less elsewhere.
Nothing Special Here – I love being an online student, but there's nothing remarkable about Bryan's online program that other CR schools don't already knock out of the park. Please do your homework- there are too many other schools that cost even less, that have better programs, both online and in class (there are other live class CR schools right in Sacramento, for instance). I'm attending a different online CR program now and structurally it's not that much different from Bryan, it's convenient... it's program, the actual school, the faculty, the fact that I'm not being set up to fail that set it a million miles a part from Bryan College. People with a new interest in court reporting start at Bryan College, real court reporters do not graduate from Bryan College, because you are not set up to succeed at Bryan College.

Do yourself a huge favor and take your 4 years and $50,000 anywhere else but Bryan College. You will thank me when you love your CR career and don't hate the school you got it from!
This Is Not the "Harvard of Court Reporting&quot – Please, there are *actual* Court Reporting only colleges out there that actually focus completely on CR exam requirements. Bryan is a bunch of bogus claims to inflate your tution costs and work you to the bone.

You will not graduate in 2 years with this school. You will not have a life outside of work/school for the *4* years it takes for you to graduate from this school. Some of the teachers are nice, most are unprofessional in that they're slow to grade your work. Since the school allows less than a week off in between class terms, if you get a teacher that's slow in getting out your final grades, you don't even know if you're going to progress to the next level of classes until a few short hours before the new class actually starts. Seeing as the classes are structured in a way so that you fail repeatedly "to make you a strong reporter" (uh, to get an extra $3500 tuition out of you!), more than half of the students here have to take each class 2-3 times to actually pass on to the next level.
You Are Nothing More Than a Dollar Sign! Do not trust this financial aid department, they are nothing but a bunch of liars trying to get your financial aid money out of you.This school is insanely expensive and the financial aid department likes to inflate your tuition charges to really max out every penny of your grant and loan disbursements. I've received several statements to break down the charges I've incurred and not a single one of them adds up the same. They can never tell you *why* you owe what they say you owe, but they will harass you like a debt collector for it.

I left this school 6 months ago being assured repeatedly that I did not carry a balance, that my financial aid covered everything. Now I'm finding out that that's not true, and since the school discovered THEY made a mistake on THEIR end, they're threatening debt collections over it? This school never owns up to their mistakes. Watch your back with them. You are nothing but a grant/loan disbursement check her!
i have my own laptop so the use of a computer is unnecessary for me
Yo Got the Right Stuff – i feel that the online classes help out a lot as far as gas usage, comfort, and convenience, its a huge plus to have that right when you roll out of bed
Life Has Its Surprises – with everything spontaneously coming up in my life during my schooling, i find it more difficult to focus. my teachers and student services have been very helpful.
Get to Know the Who's to the What – in any school you decide to go to, your main concern is to know who to go to for what purpose. being that every staff member have a specific job they are limited to just that. meet as much people as you possibly can. get to know everyone that employed within that school pertaining to your studies. there will be a lot of questions you'll have on the way, don't limit yourself with just what you know. it will handicap you in the long run.
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