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Learning to transition from in-person to online was a rough start but the professors/ staff at Brunswick Community College were there to help out the students. They used different platforms for communication such as emails and Zoom. They also help give access to the internet and computer to those that did not have. They took caution and made the decision of online for the safety of students and staff during this global pandemic.
Brunswick Community College is an excellent 2-year community college. I am currently attending their for my Associates in Arts and then transferring to a 4-year college. Brunswick Community College offers diversity which is amazing to those reaching out for friends. It also offers very educational courses for those attending to get a career and those wanting to get into the work-field with classes that are certified. Their professors are educated and diverse. It also offers college readiness courses for those still attending high school to get a head start on college. I would totally recommend Brunswick Community College to others.
I absolutely love Brunswick Community College! The teachers obviously care very much about their students and take their time with each one to get to know them better and do what they can to help better their students education. I tell everyone I know that they should 100% go to Brunswick Community College and then transfer to a four year university. I am so glad I made that choice!
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My experience with BCC is an average one, due to the fact that many of the professors are poor teachers and terrible with their students.
Overall Brunswick Community College is excellent. The institution caters to early college students far too much in my opinion, and some instructors are lackluster. Overall it is very good!
BCC is a nice school if you are in the local area and you are looking for a cheap two-year college. It is small and nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. Most of the professors are decent. Some give their all, while others act like they are only there for a paycheck. Overall, I think BCC is a decent place to go to school.
Honestly wish there were better staff in the front office. The teachers tend to be pretty alright, but other than that, the encounters that I have had with the staff hasn't been that great. They are normally rude and not that helpful.
100% Pass rate for Nursing classes. Instructors are great! Programs are very well organized and efficient.
Overall BCC is a great school. Teachers and staff are very helpful and friendly. It's a diverse population and every student I have come in contact with is very friendly. If there is one downfall of the school I would say its communication. Some professors I have had in the past are extremely hard to get in contact with, in all forms. Some I have never heard a response back from which made it very difficult for me in my work performance. The Student Services Department was also not great with communication. Certain things were dragged out way longer than needed/expected. Once I was able to actually come in contact, they were extremely helpful and made sure I left satisfied.
Brunswick Community College has many different types classes that can work with every type of student whether a full-time student or a part-time student who also works. With relatively small classes the instructors are able to work one on one with students if needed. Instructors are also helpful with students if there are extraneous circumstances in which the student isn't able to make it into class. Majority of classes are paperless and everything is delt with online.
At Brunswick Community College, there are variety of people and different attitudes that you may come up on. The instructors are easy to get along with as long as you cooperate with them. With this being my first year, I received a lot of knowledge and preparation on how to be successful in the future.
Brunswick Community College is true to its price. The education you receive depends on your professor. Students here do not seem to have high goals and there is little to no student life.
Its a very home away from home experience. The teacher and staff treats you like your family. They have awesome quiet area for studying and also offers tutors for almost every class!
Affordable community college minutes away from my home. My academic needs are all met at BCC. However, there is not much to do on campus.
Im taking classes for welding right now and they are pretty fun. The price isnt bad for the semester which I enjoy. The food from the cafeteria is a bit expensive.
I have had only positive experiences at Brunswick Community College. All of my teachers have been kind and helpful. They are obviously passionate about what they teach, and I feel they are committed to my education. The staff members are very helpful and always willing to spend times answering whatever questions I have about financial aid, registration, etc. I could not be any happier with my choice in community college.
My school is small but you still get to meet new people like you would if you went to a university. the classes at bcc are small so the teachers can help students on one on one is needed. i would choose my school again because i have met some really awesome people and because its homie.
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Currently, I am enrolled in the Associate of Arts program. This will give me the opportunity to apply for the Health Administration degree at Coastal Carolina University.
I believe this school is a great choice! The advisors are very helpful in making sure you have picked out the right classes. Overall, I have had a great experience so far.
Really is a good program as long as you stay committed to it.
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