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Overall, mostly wonderful people and wonderful experiences. Definitely challenging academically at times.
The courses are diverse and challenging. The school gives academic freedom to pave your own path to academic success. Brown is one of best institutions in the world to both discover yourself and set yourself up for success in the future.
The online experience has been positive. Obviously, in person is the best but out of all online learning experiences this is about as good as it gets.
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The community at Brown is absolutely amazing. I feel like I learn as much from my peers as I do from my professors.
Very great school. Most liberal of the Ivies. Every moment spent on the campus, whether in an academic setting or simply conversing with peers, brings a multitude of information and introspection.
Couldn't ask for anything more. When I first step foot on campus I knew Brown was the perfect place for me, and although I didn't expect to get in, I'm so incredibly grateful to study here.
Brown provides a truly special environment that fosters the interdisciplinary, self-driven pursuit of knowledge. Students are incredibly intelligent, interesting people, but are humble and grounded in a way that sets Brown apart from other Ivy League universities.
this was an amazing experience and i love everything about it i only wish the dorms were a bit bigger.
Brown University's open curriculum and lack of general education requirements made for a great educational experience for me, allowing me to both specialize in my major area while also creating opportunities to pursue other academic interests.
The atmosphere in this university is amazing! I really enjoyed walking around and getting to meet student. 10/10 recommend!
I love Brown University because of its amazing resources, supportive community, and renowned staff. It is a very welcoming place where there are always people who are willing to help you. Compared to many elite schools, the students at Brown are so supportive of one another. Additionally, there are countless opportunities for research, community service, and extracurriculars like theatre, sports, and much more.
Really love the school and Open Curriculum is amazing. The environment is supportive and everyone is really nice
This is the best school ever. Diverse, spiritual, innovative, clever. I am grateful the Sorting Hat placed me here!
The best of the best for undergraduate education. Don't want to take a class? You don't have to. Want to take a class but don't want a bad grade? Take it S/NC. But that's not to say classes are a joke. STEM classes will kick your ass and they'll kick it HARD, but that's all part of preparing you for the real world.
The thing i liked about brown university is that one of the major fields of the university is biology and since i wanna be a doctor i know that brown university will help me take a big step in getting close to fulfilling my dream,
The unparalleled academic freedom that Brown offers cannot be beat. I have absolutely loved my professors and my classes and I could not picture myself attending any other school. Go Bruno!
The resources here are truly astounding...yes, as a first-generation college student, it took a while before I understood that I CAN use these resources. However, the resources that Brown offers are backed by real communities and real people who care.
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Beautiful campus, flexible curriculum, very adaptable depending on the student. The campus promotes creativity and the students had a very welcoming attitude. Not competitive like I expected from an Ivy league
I love nearly every aspect of Brown. The students are academically focused while maintaining a high level of socialization and fun. There area a wide variety of classes available to take, and with an open curriculum, anyone can try out any subject they'd like. The professors are extremely supportive, in my experience, and create a learning environment for success. The only thing I'd like to improve is attendance at sporting events.
Every person on campus is unique and is truly passionate in their work. People want you to succeed and are willing to help you.
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