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It's wonderful and so full of life. I recommend everyone to at least visit it even if you don't want to attend the college.
Brown University has been the best experience of my life thus far. I recently took a semester to study away and can comparatively say that there is no other institution that allows the substantial amount of growth intellectually, emotionally, and creatively. This university is truly a special place to be.
It's in a great location and is absolutely rich in diversity, culture, and history. The students are so involved in the community and the school offers so many programs available to the public.
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I absolutely love it here. I went to a subpar public school in Texas so it’s very different up here, but everyone at Brown is passionate and they excel at what they do. You can definitely surround yourself with the kind of people you want to be like. If you want to surround yourself with fun people who like to party, you will definitely find them. If you want to surround yourself with people who will encourage you to update your resume and go to class, you will find them. The thing is, at Brown, usually they’re both. Work hard play hard is definitely a thing here. Brown’s education is also entirely what you make it. Because of the S/NC stuff, you can really make your path as easy or as challenging as you want it to be.
Small classes, great faculty and very smart and talented students. I love the campus just as much as the dorms. RI in general is a very cute little place that allows just the right academic setting that Brown students need. The course work and homeworks are heavy sometimes, but worth it.
I loved Brown university. They had amazing dorms, professors and food places. One thing I would like to see changed is the diversity , there was not a lot of minorities on campus so sometimes I felt discluded.
I have enjoyed Brown since the first moment that I stepped on campus. It is important to highlight the professors' effort to get to know their students and see them thrive. The open curriculum has had a great impact on my academic choices, allowing me to be the captain of my education.
It's a great, beautiful campus!!! Everything about the school is amazing, from the the academics to the clubs.
I love Brown Univerity. I met people from across the world in my freshman dorm. My professors were at the top of their fields and not only intelligent, but excited to share their class material with their students.
I think that there are a handful of really dedicated, engaging professors at Brown, and the student body is diverse and interesting. Some departments are amazing, but others are very lacking. Unfortunately, most people that I have met at Brown have negative attitudes towards the school. The health services and residential life departments are awful, most of the administrators that I have spoken to are rude and careless, and the financial aid office is unhelpful. In my experience, the school just doesn't seem invested in students' success or well-being. That being said, the open curriculum is a very unique system that encourages students to explore different subject areas and get a well-rounded education.
Brown University is an amazing place with an amazing access to resources and diversity. There are a million and one clubs on campus that will ensure no one is left out (as long as you're willing and able to join those clubs). Brown has a reputation for being the "easy" Ivy because others think we don't have grades here. It's not true. Classes at Brown are just as challenging as other highly rated and top colleges. You will be challenged here. Luckily, it's easy to build a support system to help you out (formal and informal). It's not a cutthroat environment here.
I love Brown!!! My academic experience over the past two years has been truly incredible: I have been challenged by both my professors and the entire community. Beyond my classes, I have been participated in many great extracurriculars, from the orchestra to the swing club to the community engagement opportunities through the Swearer Center. What I love most about Brown, though, is the atmosphere of learning in a supportive, collaborative environment. No student is out to get anyone else. That doesn't mean we slack off; instead, it means that people are kind and ready first of all to look after each other. The reason we keep academic standards so high isn't because we compete with one another, but instead because we each have a remarkable drive to learn and really exceptional abilities to do so. This collaborative environment is a testament to the success of the Open Curriculum, as fostered by the faculty, administration, and students -- and staff, of course -- all working together.
I attended Brown for a Pre-College Program and loved everything about it. From the classes to meeting people from everywhere in the world and you get to experience the Residential Life which is amazing
I love Brown. It is a place full of passionate people who all have a love of learning. My time here has been life-changing so far. The open-curriculum gives me greater opportunity to study what I want to. As a pre-med student, that opportunity is a rarity. The environment in non-competitive, everyone helps one another which is so refreshing at a top institution. Really, it is the student body that is the most incredible part of Brown. Brown attracts a type of student who is open, diverse, and intelligent. There is no place I would rather be during my undergraduate studies.
Brown is amazing! I am convinced it is the best school in the world. The faculty is incredible and genuinely cares about the students. The students support each other and work hard every day. The education is intense and very high quality. Class options are vast, and the open curriculum gives students the ability to try many different subjects and classes that they maybe would not have tried otherwise.
Brown University is an excellent university. It has a beautiful campus, great professors, and is nestled on top of the picturesque college hill. I attended for the academics, but found much more. Brown could definitely stand to improve the quality of the dorms/housing and should add more healthy vegan/vegetarian options to their food options.
I enjoyed my time at Brown very much. If I could change one thing, it would be the premed advising process. Too many premeds are discouraged from applying to medical school, and this artificially inflates the statistics Brown boasts about medical school acceptance rates.
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Great environment, they give you your independence but there is a strong support system and advising body. Brown is a happy medium in terms of school size and location.
I am in the School of Professional Studies. From the very beginning, the faculty went above and beyond what is necessary to cater to my and my cohorts' needs. The professors are top notch too.
Brown University is truly a place for exploration and self-discovery. The unique open curriculum allows students to explore and blend interests across fields. The student body is fairly diverse but there is room for an increase in diversity. I love that Brown University and its students actively work to make an accepting environment on campus. I do wish Brown made a greater effort to integrate themselves into the Providence Community since many students have noticed the "Brown bubble" within the community.
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