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Brown appears to be an awesome place to go to school. I went on the campus tour and was really impressed. Providence is also very nice.
A specific thing about Brown that I loved was that there are no required classes; the curriculum is very open. This way, I can take classes that I'm actually interested in. I loved the location in the city, the size, and of course the rigorous academics. I also loved the diversity of the students.
Brown University is an incredible place, that encourages students to take risks in order to follow their passions in life.
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Fantastic school, everyone there is to help you succeed and watch you grow into a professional. The classroom are the right size, so you can get the attention you need. The professors are always willing to go out their way to make sure you understand the lessons being taught in the classroom. There are plenty of on-hands activities to help you learn and advance in your field of study.
Brown University may be an Ivy League school, but its unique atmosphere allows for academic and intellectual exploration, which allows one to truly form their own path of education.
Brown is a magnificent school. It has helped me grow in ways I couldn't imagine before I came here. The community of students and faculty is diverse. Students are motivated, open-minded and inspiring. Most of my experiences here have been unforgettable and I only wish these four years didn't go by so fast.
Brown has excellent opportunities and everyone, from professors to students, is incredibly kind and helpful.
Brown University is an amazing place to go for undergrad. There's simply nowhere else that I'd rather spend four years learning and growing as a person. The open curriculum allows for lots of exploration and risk-taking in the classroom, and this culture bleeds into student life as well. The environment here is very relaxed and collaborative, and the students here are kind, accepting, and fun. And coming from a SoCal kid, the weather isn't even that bad! I've only been at Brown for one year, but I'm so glad I made the choice to come here when I was deciding between colleges last April.
Great city to go to school . Beautiful campus . Intimate surroundings and cozy downtown. Professors available at any time .
Brown students all share the belief that they can effect change. They are taught that their ripples will produce waves which will change the world... and as an alum, I can atttest that they do
I've only been here for a little over a semester, but Brown has been a fantastic experience so far. The campus is stunning, there are always fun things to do on the weekend (both on-campus and in the city), the Open Curriculum is LITERALLY the coolest thing ever, and you'll meet some truly amazing people if you decide to come!
Brown University is a place where students are allowed to grow themselves to be independent, free-thinkers. Students can blaze their own trail and voice their opinions. The social life is great and athletic facilities are awesome for an Ivy League school. However there could be more diversity with the majority of students being white and Asian.
People here are all very intelligent, very open to conversation. Professors are incredible. Happiest time of my life.
Brown University is an institution designed for those who wish to expand their intellectual horizons and who have a genuine love for learning. The open curriculum allows students to design and dictate their own college and career paths. The professors are unparalleled in excellence, and the student life on and off-campus is incredibly diverse and interesting, and this university prepares students not only to move forward in their careers, but also to live independent, successful lives.
Honestly I was so nervous for college, but now that I'm settled, I love it here! The grounds are beautiful and historic, the professors are charismatic and welcoming and the students are the same. It's the kind of campus where kids you have never met will come up to you if the like the band that's on your t-shirt... Thats why I chose Brown in the first place.
Brown is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!
I love Brown University, even if it does have its weak points. As an Engineering student who loves to take humanities classes, Brown was the only college that would allow me to pursue both without having to go through an incredibly difficult process which is common at other schools. While the food is not the healthiest or most appetizing, it is hard to find many other weak points in my overall experience here. I would definitely recommend Brown to anyone who is considering it, and I hope more schools change to the open curriculum in the future.
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This is a great people, a great environment, and a great place to grow at. Some things lack like housing and food but then again, that's not why we're all here.
Due to the openness of degrees here, careers range far and wide. A problem with this though, is that it leaves a higher chance to not get a job in one's desired field.
The city of Providence is not very much divided from Brown so of course there are reports of crimes. Sexual assault has long been a problem here but it it being addressed strongly.
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