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Classes were not really meant to be online, but professors did their best, with the pandemic and everything. Leveraged a lot of zoom capability, but not much beyond that.
Overall, mostly wonderful people and wonderful experiences. Definitely challenging academically at times.
As with any college, Brown has its ups and downs. I personally liked the academics offered here and there are plenty of resources that try to help students out. That being said, Brown may not do the best job of helping individual students out. Additionally, you will likely feel like an outsider if you are low income student from an urban area like myself. Overall, I’ve loved going to Brown and I know that the issues I have with the school are only worse at other schools, and for the most part, Brown tries to do its best to adapt to feedback.
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All things considered, Brown did its best to offer resources to all students. However, there are deeply rooted disparities between individual experiences from students, so there were plenty of people who felt their academics dipped as a direct result of going remote so suddenly. In the beginning, it was clear that Brown had in mind the generic student’s experience upon going remote, which ultimately left out a lot of perspectives from individuals who come from less affluent communities. It seems, however, that this is changing for the better as the university, and especially its professors, tries to improve on its mistakes.
I enjoyed my semester and a half at Brown, because of my friends, my roommate, my flexibility in academics, the campus and extracurriculars.
Online learning was pretty messy, but given that professors had minimal time to prepare for it, I would say they created an effective grading system and adjusted their expectations appropriately.
The online experience has been positive. Obviously, in person is the best but out of all online learning experiences this is about as good as it gets.
The courses are diverse and challenging. The school gives academic freedom to pave your own path to academic success. Brown is one of best institutions in the world to both discover yourself and set yourself up for success in the future.
Most of my professors did a wonderful job transitioning from in person to online classes. However, it is certainly not worth Brown tuition.
The community at Brown is absolutely amazing. I feel like I learn as much from my peers as I do from my professors.
The online experience at brown is definitely up to par, but the general issue with Brown University online is that the experience just doesn't translate too well to remote learning. That being said, I don't lie blame on Brown, moreso on the ideals of remote learning.
Very great school. Most liberal of the Ivies. Every moment spent on the campus, whether in an academic setting or simply conversing with peers, brings a multitude of information and introspection.
Half of my spring semester was spent taking online classes. I do not believe students or professors were adequately prepared by the administration to make the transition. Professors struggled to teach in this new setting and students had limited access to resources.
Brown University is a great school with great faculty and staff. However, the administration could be improved by listening to its student body more.
It is a very good school. Very intelligent professors teaching for years. Diverse curriculum,but the school is open for students who only take a few courses as well. The night life and shopping in the area is good and the city is only 30 minutes from the major city of Boston.
Online experiences are mostly geared to self study sessions or thesis. But most classes are offered on campus. They are manifesting a distant learning option for the future.
Couldn't ask for anything more. When I first step foot on campus I knew Brown was the perfect place for me, and although I didn't expect to get in, I'm so incredibly grateful to study here.
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I haven't done any online learning yet, but the few Zoom calls I have done have been pretty ok. I'm nervous about what the next few months will bring.
My professors handled the transition to online learning well and were able to leverage Zoom and recorded lectures to accommodate students in time zones around the world.
Brown provides a truly special environment that fosters the interdisciplinary, self-driven pursuit of knowledge. Students are incredibly intelligent, interesting people, but are humble and grounded in a way that sets Brown apart from other Ivy League universities.
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