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Brown University is truly a place for exploration and self-discovery. The unique open curriculum allows students to explore and blend interests across fields. The student body is fairly diverse but there is room for an increase in diversity. I love that Brown University and its students actively work to make an accepting environment on campus. I do wish Brown made a greater effort to integrate themselves into the Providence Community since many students have noticed the "Brown bubble" within the community.
What I loved about Brown was firstly the tour guides. There was a lot of information on programs dedicated to helping students of color.
The best thing about Brown is the students. My fellow classmates inspire me every day, and I have never met such hard-working, smart, entrepreneurial and socially conscious people. I also love the balance of work hard and play hard. Students are incredibly involved on campus and in the community, but all find time to relax and have fun on the weekends together.
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Brown University has so much to offer in so many different facets. The diversity is refreshing, there is a great variety of classes led by world class professors, the campus is well integrated into the city of Providence but still has a campus culture, etc.
It is very relaxed compared to other ivy league schools. Shopping period helps you destress about what classes to take and the option to take a class pass/fail lets you take courses which you are generally interested about without having to commit large amounts of time to them.
Brown University is a private, Ivy League research university in Providence, RI. The campus culture seems to live up to its reputation, boasting one of the happiest student populations in the country despite the amounts of work. Faculty and administration is often accessible and the party culture is balanced with a hard working ethos and an emphasis on personal well-being.
Brown university's open curriculum is unique and a completely amazing concept. We can take any classes we want over our 4 years here, and aren't restricted by distribution or core requirements. Students are free to explore whatever they desire, and aren't stuck taking history courses as a biology major.
Attending Brown was one of the best experiences I've ever had. From the academics, to the people, the memories I made in Providence are ones that I will cherish until I die.
Brown University has been an amazing school and even after the first year I have fallen in love. The academics are amazing, especially compared to my high school. Despite the increased difficulty, there are so many resources and option available to assist in the transition. I feel as safe as possible as I could both on the campus and in Providence. Furthermore, the community here is amazing. People are genuinely kind and make me feel extremely welcomed.
Brown's Open Curriculum really makes me feel confident in exploring subjects outside my comfort zone. You can take elective classes pass/fail, which I think emboldened me even further.
I've had a great time so far, and the academic setting is a dream. Professors are accessible to undergrads and willing to talk with you about anything related to their field. The housing and food is hit-or-miss, but I have had good experiences with SEAS (accessibility services) when my needs weren't met.
Brown is the most academically enriched, passionate place I've ever been. I'm entering my final year as an undergraduate, and have realized over the years that everyone I know at Brown is studying exactly the thing they most love. Many great speakers come to Brown, allowing students the chance to branch out from what they are familiar with and become well-rounded and knowledgeable about the world. I will say that as an Ivy League, it's inordinately wealthy and sometimes the attitudes that come along with high wealth like that can be frustrating. However, Brown will give you a challenging and creative academic experience, and you're likely to find a community you love as well.
Brown's open curriculum allowed me the flexibility to navigate multiple concentrations and decide which was best for me. Their diversity and inclusion efforts are also leading towards great institutional change. Most recently, these efforts have allowed for the creation of a First Generation and Low Income Student Center.
Brown University is one of the best undergraduate colleges in the world due to the attention it places on undergraduate studies rather than graduate work.
Brown is an excellent undergraduate institution with amazing faculty and an intimate feel. Fun fact: The CS department is really great, with CS now the most popular major at Brown
I absolutely love Brown! It's got wonderful freedom available to all students and is a great campus with a diverse and eclectic student body.
Great advising system, very welcoming community
I'm always impressed with my peers
Collaboration is encouraged among students, very little academic competition, which makes Brown unique among other Ivy League Schools.
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I've really enjoyed my time at Brown. It is a place that emphasizes learning for the sake of learning, not just to get a grade or to be a means to an end. It has great opportunities for it's students and has the friendliest student body.
Brown appears to be an awesome place to go to school. I went on the campus tour and was really impressed. Providence is also very nice.
A specific thing about Brown that I loved was that there are no required classes; the curriculum is very open. This way, I can take classes that I'm actually interested in. I loved the location in the city, the size, and of course the rigorous academics. I also loved the diversity of the students.
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