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The students want to help each other succeed. So we all help each other understand what needs to be done and we get it done.
I'm a very helpful person. To be able to help people and provide them with the right information is the best feeling.
The professors are great. If you don't understand the will make you understand. They give you confidence.
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The teachers are very concerned about the students and you experience and learn so many different things everyday in class.
My school is one course a month. I love that I don't have to worry about passing four different classes within the same time. I only have to pass one course each month.
I have not token the online courses,but I heard they were very helpful.
The career I chose was an Associates in Healthcare Administration. We have externship,which teaches us how to work in the field we are pursuing.
My classes have been great. I have morning classes and I'm always able to come home,do my work,and take care of my child.
Actually the tuition is better than what I had thought. The tuition is not to expensive and it is worth my education.
Their is always help at the Campus. The library has so many helpful resources and the computer labs are always opened.
There is allied health clubs. The professors are really nice here, they wanna help you succeed in your filed your going for.
My major would be medical assistant. We have clubs for allied health and we work in a lab doing hands on stuff like taking peoples blood pressures and taking blood. I like it but I am nervous on taking peoples blood.
Most of the students are really nice. Most of them are in clubs to raise money for stuff that needs it like autism, and veterans.
I have not been to career services before but I know they help you get a job when your done with your schooling.
The people in financial aid are always helpful on stuff that is confusing. They make sure you know what you are getting.
Its been fun and really helpful and I have learned a lot about stuff I never knew about.
I have been here since August since last year and i have liked it. Everyone on campus is really nice and always wanna help you get the right stuff. This is my first time in college so I had no transfer credits. My schedule for class is reasonable because I am in morning classes and I work at night.
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Well we have a really good library and we have lots of computer labs. Campus activities we have a lot of them and we have a lot of groups.
We have lots of labs here so its easy to get to a computer. Almost every computer lab has a printer so you can always print stuff out for homework. The Wifi is okay because we have ipads so there is a lot of people on the wifi.
I like that Brown Mackie has a medical lab for Medical Assistants.
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