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So far everything is going great I go on Mondays Tuesdays and Thursday's from 8:30am to 1:40pm
I never did online courses but if I want to speak to my intructor i can email him and he will respond back fast .
The career center is great source to use there are instructors to help you with anything you need when it comes to your career, also alumni network is awesome as well . I was speaking to a student who graduated from Brown mackie college and they gave me a lot of information I needed . The job prospects is amazing I also was speaking to a few students who graduated from the college and have amazing colleges.
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Absolutely awesome ! I love the small classes and the one course per month . The classes are small. There are 9 students in my class and I love it .
Right now I wouldn't know because I'm not in my program yet, but I have talk to a few students they went to internship that brown mackie set up for them and they said it was great experience .
Right now I'm not in my program . I have to take three course before going into the nursing the nursing program. The three courses are Fundamental l development fundamental English and fundamental mathematic . So far I love my class. I am in fundamental English .
I absolutely love brown mackie college , the instructors cares about your learning .
I really am going to like having one class a month, I believe its going to be easier to stay focused, I like how the lab is all hands on! I am looking forward to learning in lab class and starting a new career in my life!
I haven't started any online courses yet
I haven't started my classes yet, I will Oct 31,2016
Again, everyone at Brown Mackie North is just so friendly and awesome! I am so glad I choose this school!
Everyone at Brown Mackie has been great! Everyone is so helpful and takes the time to talk to you and explains things if you don't understand something.
I am looking forward to starting my cases in the fall! Looking forward to the hands on skills!
I haven't started my classes yet, but my student advisor has been so helpful with everything! I had a small set back with starting in Aug because I am probably going to be having surgery, and the people at Brown Mackie North are very understanding and helpful with everything! You can call and talk to them with just about anything!
I think one thing that sets it apart from other schools is that you focus on the topics that will relate to your career and the teachers help to let you know what will be important and useful towards your career when they are teaching.
In my online experience we do threaded discussions that allows us to interact more with our classmates. Using the email is also helpful if you have a question about your assignment you can directly email your teacher or classmates
My major is veterinary technician and they have their own building where they teach once your done with your general education classes. They give you a place where you actually feel like your in a real work environment. I think this helps students because it's not a big shock once you get out into your career.
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They do a once course a month schedule. I think that allows you to better succeed at subjects then trying to cram 3 or 4 subjects at once and possibly failing at them.
I really like that they do one course a month. It lets you focus on one subject instead of trying to spread yourself to thin when studying multiple subjects at once.
My experience with the schools financial aid office has been great. They explained everything to me and answered any questions that I had.
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