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I strongly agree with the students are friendly and work with you even if you don't know them. I don't know anything

about apa formatting that was required on an essay or anything in Microsoft. In the LRC room if you ask a student

to help you even when their strongly busy on their work and having a hard time they would get up from there

chair to do it. I hope the teachers are like that as well, we're their to get an education.
The Fasa doesn't cover as much, I was attending college when I graduated highschool fasa covered everything

I didn't have to take out a loan. I don't know if there are any other grants/scholarships out there. The value of

education so far is majority its a waste of time. There should be something done to improve it the basic thing

is to learn high quality not like we are still in highschool. If they would consider this the less years we would be in

school and the more students will be applying for college.
There is nothing like that in college. You just come do the best you can get your degree and hope you'll find a

good job.
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My major is Business Management this is my second month in class the first was my professional development we

had computers in the classroom. Our class just started April 6, 2015, fundamentals of math, we don't have computers

in the classroom which makes it an inconvenience. We have to buy ipads even if we can't afford it at the same time we

are worried about paying our loans back. What happens if our ipads breakdown it takes weeks for them to be repaired.

Overall I plan on learning and hope the teachers will be motivated to help the students.
The list of requirements for my degree seems hard. I hope to learn from the libraries or buying books. We have

3 hours in class, my first month the teacher gives you an assignment turns around and gives you another one.

I believe the teachers have to be willing to explain and be motivated as well each class doesn't have as much

students like a highschool would.
The LRC room is where we get to finish our homework. The hours are very convenient and Saturdays as well.

There isn't anything else it offers. My class starts off at 5:00pm and hope there will be more tutoring offered.

I want to learn as much as I can, so I can be a success at my job.
I can print as much as i need. It takes the computers awhile to start up but once they log in, the internet speed is fast.
My teacher me that I could do internship where ever I would like to so I feel that is good.
There is not a wide variety of programs offered. However, criminal justice is and one of my instructor has a doctrine degree so I feel I'm learning from a professional.
My school is not that special to me. My loans were in default and i had recently moved to a new area and wanted to continue my education quickly.
Even though there is no gym or sports, everything needed academically is available.
Its a small community college but it provides all requirements for tasks at hand.
I like it. Staff is friendly and helpful. All material for the assignments are covered.
It is pretty expensive and they do not offer barely any scholarships.
Its a small school with good teachers but expensive.
Although the course I am in does not allow for flexibility with scheduling, the staff is very understanding and willing to assist with and complications that may arise and will work to get you back on schedule with your class.
student body is very diverse as far as ethnicity, economic status, political view, relgion, and sexual orientation
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Amazing school experience for me working full time and having a child.
Registration and registrar are amazing. They help you in any way possible. Study options are wide in variety, as are the programs available.
Workload is outrageous, curriculum is very fair, facilities are average, job oppertunities are poor in this area but travel oppertunities are open.
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