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I will start off by saying that mostly all the teachers are phenomenal. However, the office staff (other than admissions) is terrible. Items needed for class (books, etc) are never mailed out timely (we are in our 5th week of school now and some students and teachers haven't even received the book for the class....mind you, we have quarters not semesters....this quarter is already half way finished and we do not have the materials to complete our class). Financial aid refunds are NEVER mailed out on time. So, if you need items for school, you will have to pay out of pocket and reimburse yourself whenever they do decide to mail them out.
This is the worst school! No one graduates. Horrible teachers, no one knows what they are doing. It was once a good school under the Direction of Mr. Brown. Once it was sold out to a for-profit company, it went under. For the sake of yourself, do not even think of going here, and find a good reputable court reporting school to graduate from. I am now loaded down in student loans that I will never be able to pay off, with no degree.
I will never recommend the online classes, too much going on. Depending on the class, some teachers more knowledgeable than others and a total waste of money and time.
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They really go out of their way in this area.
Refund checks are often not timely.
In class much better than online.
The classes really prepare you for real life work as a court reporter.
Not a real campus, just office space made to be classrooms.
I want to be a court reporter and need a license to be one and Brown is the only school in my area that offers the classes.
This is a very hard field to learn. Some instructors are better than others, but if you stay focused on learning your craft, you will do well.
There is very little 'good' I can say about my academic experience here. Some teachers are not qualified to teach and do not show friendly interest or concern about their student's progress. There is a defensive attitude when questions are asked and the learning environment in some classes is hostile.
the general campus aesthetics meets average requirements but there is no interaction between students and some teachers.
Not a friendly or helpful school to attend. Once you sign up you are on your own.
The Computer network is not the problem - lack of helpful instruction and waste of tuition funds is the main problem.
Pretty Great – We as students have a great computer lab. we can research and use it freely. Printing as much as we would like because we pay a lab fee every quarter. Wireless is also available so using your laptop is easy and fast.
Not Much but We're Not Complaining – We don't have a lot of resources on campus but we do have great access to computers, teacher information, everything court reporting students need. I do wish we had a bigger eating area for the students and better parking but i cant complain.
Brown College is a small school, made up of mostly females. There are two sides to the school: the voice side and the steno side. These are two different ways to capture words and turn them into transcripts and official records.
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Good Choice – Brown College of Court Reporting is the only certified court reporting school in the state of Georgia. It is a good school
Classes Are Great – It is a great school to attend to get really learn about Court Reporting. Teachers are very helpful and preparing you for the State Tests. Couldn't have picked a better school.
Career Center Very Helpful – Before completing the degree you have internship to complete before you can graduate the school. With the internship you are working in the field of study. They will also help you find the right agency at the end of completing the school.
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