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I felt like I could have gone to another college and earned my degree and felt better about graduating. I feel like a lot of the stuff I learned at my college I could have learned on my own.
It used to be good before we switched buildings and staff.
When I first started there was better resources for my education but then we moved buildings, they hired new teachers, a new president, and since then the quality of resources has gone way down.
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I had better grades in some classes than others due to the teacher and even some of the students in the classroom. Some classes, I had a better experience because of more hands on training and interaction with other students.
the school is great on working around my schedule their very understanding
the financial aid is a little bit crazy I think the tuition cost is just a little to much
we do projects that are similar to ones that would be done in the real world but there are not many and they do not grade very hard
the professors are great but they are given bad curriculum to teach and the 5 week mods that they have instead of semesters make it very tough to find time for homework when you work full time
The workload is almost an unbelievable amount. In a five week course, where you have to make a game from is too much. The courses used to be ten weeks, but the advisers and corporate side (in their infinite wisdom) decided to make a change for the absolute worse.
I am going to school to learn to make games, but some instructors are not able to share their knowledge (as they do not know how to). Overall, the school is decent, most class sizes are relatively small, but there are some classes where you have too many people for one instructor.
The class content itself is good. There are former professionals in the field that are working one on one with the students and offering critiques. They seem more relatable, more helpful, and less aloof than the professors i had at my undergraduate university. Amongst myself and others, the admissions process is the most confusing. Dates seemingly vary as to when you will graduate, which confounds prospective students. To understand your financial aid, you need to be physically at the school, start classes before you may understand, what your final bill total will be for tuition.
There are 23 computers in the library. At any one time only 2 of them are being used. Printing is free, which i think the costs are somewhere in the tuition costs. But unlike a 4 year university, they don't list them under segregated fees, or charge you outright 10 cents per copy for black and white and 50 cents per copy for color. The laptops that we are encouraged to buy inside each of our programs, bring in the wireless signals 80 percent of the time. It seems searching for simple websites, like hotmail and yahoo mail, not academically centered, but nice to access, take 3 or 4 refreshings to get the page you want to show up.
The school is one level. There is a library and a student lunchroom, more or less. Very much, with the limited student body joint activities, students really have to put in, what they want to get out, because other activities do not exist to appease their outside-of-career interests.
Brown College is not your typical school, it is a vocational school. You learn about your future profession, but the campus does not have dorms. It has active clubs for LGBTQ and the Military Veterans. It has recently added a radio club. Generally, the community feeling is devoid at this school.
Single Mothers – Most people at my school are mothers that have a job and kids. They play three roles and it is very hard.
Small Classes – I enjoy this school because of the small classes. Taking one class a month is very good too. A student can think about one subject at a time and not over load their minds.
Not Much – The campus facilities included a computer lab, and a cafeteria. There wasn't much for activities. But thats what comes with going to a community college i guess
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Transferable Credits – The main reason I chose this school was because of how flexible the class schedules are. I am able to work around my personal schedule, which is great. I plan to attended another school after coming here but many of my credits will not transfer, which is a bummer. But hopefully the convenience of my new school outweighs the non-transferable credits.
Trouble Getting Jobs – Very few graduates from the college have actually found work out in the field. The college itself can't have all of the blame placed on it. The economic troubles our country has been facing in recent years caused a lot of designers to lose their jobs. As soon as we graduate we're going to be fighting not only our classmates but also our former professors for jobs
Change of Staff – When the college started to become accredited they got rid of more than half of their staff of dedicated professors with field experience. With them went the main reason I started going to the school. For now they have just a small handful of teachers that can cover the classes we take and are currently trying to find replacements for the ones that are gone
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