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As a Nail Technician the program is for 5 months, there are three phases in the program. The first phase is done in the classroom more on the science end, learning about the disorders and such. The second phase learn about the nails, more into the designs, and also work on clients on the floor. Then the last phase learn more about the business end, resumes, workshops, and they also prepare you for state board exam, then you go to columbus to take it, then you graduate from the program. So it is school, but more like not something dragged on for 4 years. They also have great resources for internships, and Aveda is well known they have great connections.They want their students to suceed and be successful and be confident in their career.
There seems to be people of all ages and ethnicities that come to this school. Some are going to school here, and also having one or 2 partime job, and also be taking classes at a college also, others are just going to beauty school here full time. There is different ages of people who go there from ages 16 to 49, all end males and females. They seem really energetic, outspoken, helpful, and creative and seem like they really want to be there it is just not a school but a place they know when they leave can see themself have a career out of. With positive and encouraging people, staff, and instructors why wouldn't you want to be at a family oriented place like that ?
From Advisors and watching videos, students in their field of beauty were able to get a job in their field right away. They have so many connections for people want to work at a spa, nail salon, and even a hair salon. Beauty is always in, and in the program they help you with your resume, and have workshops, and prepare you so you know how to use your skills in the business world with your clientiele.
  • Jan 23 2013
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