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I had a wonderful experience at this school. I received my AA degree here, and it was a breeze. The advisors were very helpful to me. I really enjoyed how close you can get to your professors. The intimacy in this college really helps you build life-long friendships.
I am attending Broward College as of right now. The atmosphere is refreshing and the learning environment is much more free and lax compared to my high school experience. One difference between high school and college for me is that you could roam around the campus and no one would question you since it is such a big institution where people are going in and out at any time frames.
my experience at broward college is going stupendious, site beyond all measure what i would like to see students more interactive focused in class to further strengthen their education.
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I go to North Broward campus. It's very close to where I live, so location is on point. The teachers there are great they push and challenge you to be the best student you can be. Always lots of feed back during classes that will help you learn. I believe this campus has the best counselors so you know exactly what classes to take. They will absolutely point you in the right direction to reaching your academic goals!
The school is set up very well and I've found it to be a fantastic experience. The only issue I have is the number of classes offered per course. If there were more classes offered I would be able to be more flexible with my schedule.
Love my experience here! It’s has been awesome, I’m about to graduate And transfer successfully to Florida Atlantic University.
Great college for the price. Could have slightly better professors but most of them were great. Never really had any trouble here at all.
The advisors and supervisors are the best, they put their all into helping a student achieve their goals and stay afloat with their classes and any other activites.
Broward college has an amazing diversity population. Classrooms are spacious and there are many peaceful, and beautiful places to study on campus. One thing I would like to see change is the service could be faster.
Broward college has allowed me to persue my dream field, get scholarship opportunities and internships and many other benefits, while enjoying student life at a more affordable tuition!
you'll find very good teachers there.BC will literally take anyone who is interested in pursuing an education.
one downfall is that the wifi can be very bad at times or not work at all.
The Campus I attend is great, professors are nice and teach very well and classrooms are an average size of about 20 students. The bathrooms are clean and there's hand sanitizer throughout the campus. You also almost never see any issues between students and theres many places to hang out before class. The only struggle is making friends since not many people talk to each other during class, however you just have to make an effort and you'll make some. There's also events on certain days that are fun.
I love their modern equipment for study, library with diversities of books, they have huge campuses and a lot of services for students.
Broward College offers a wide variety of tutoring and not so big class sizes. Personally, the math lab is my favorite because of the positive and helpful atmosphere. Most professors reply quickly to emails and don't mind extra explanation when needed. Plenty of activities for students to get involved in.
I am a current Broward College student and I love it here! There are so many resources available to me and my teachers and peers are extremely helpful. I definitely recommend going to this school if you want an associate’s degree in a specific field or even if you plan on transferring after two years (you save a lot of money that way). Don’t let your friends and family deter you from going to a community college. It offers just as good of an education as a 4 year university :)
Considering I have just begun going to the school, it is a pretty easy going school academically; if you want to succeed, you will have to work for it. They could try a bit harder with connecting you to clubs early, since it has been nearly three weeks and I haven't been asked to join one. Other than that, it is a pretty easy going school, primarily academic based. For some degrees, however, you cannot get a bachelors, but Florida Atlantic University has a contract with the college, in that you can transfer from the college to the university when the classes you need are no longer available at your current school.
Broward College is a good school if you are on a budget or paying on your own. It is strongly suggested that you sort out your financial situation out far ahead of time to avoid any troubles with the Cashier and Financial services because they do not care about you missing classes if you can't pay for it. There are great professors and also really terrible professors. Like any college, do your research on the teachers that teach the courses you need to take. The campus is not spectacular but it is very nice for a community college. The central campus is the most decorated as far as plant life and greenery. The advisors in the front and main building are not very nice and don't direct perfroming arts or visual arts majors in the best way. But everyone in the Arts department is very lovely except for just one or two people, but everyone that matters is very kind.
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Broward college has been tremendous in kick-starting my academic career and pursuit of my AS degree. The staff are truly dedicated and care about each student's success. It is a wonder environment to study and progress in. There numerous opportunities events available to students. I am proud to be a student, a top college overall!
I graduated with my Associate's Degree at Broward College. I had professors with a fervent enthusiasm for teaching which excited me as well. Although, the admissions process seemed to be lacking employees with long wait times and a sense of bitterness in the office due to understaffed.
My Broward College experience has been very good overall. The teachers have been super kind and most of them had good teaching methods so that i could easily understand the material. I've taken short and long terms classes and in different locations. If I've learned anything in my college experience thus far, I've learned to not procrastinate and get my work done as soon as i receive it.
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