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I have taken a few classes online, it worked out for my benefit since I was juggling work and school. Online classes vary based on the processor for the class. All in all, my online learning experience was amazing.
I love the atmosphere at Broward College. The classes are reasonably sized and there are a ton of resources available to help achieve good grades. Only thing I believe can be changed is finding better ways to help students navigate the campus. I can be a bit challenging finding certain buildings or classes
I've had to take my classes online the past two semesters due to coronavirus, and every teacher has adjusted differently so my classes have all been either terrible and unenjoyable or better because the teacher is trying hard to accommodate the class to a great online learning platform. I do actually like Blackboard Collaborate because it's easy to use and has good tools for asking questions and seeing the teacher's presentations.
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I've been at Broward College for 2 and a half years now and have had very mixed experiences each semester. My advice would be to do your research on the teachers you pick. Your whole experience here really depends on if you have a good teacher who cares about the students, is understanding, and teaches the material well. I've been on the central campus and I do enjoy how small it is compared to huge universities.
My online learning experience with Broward College has been very exciting! It is simple and the professors make it easy for us to learn and complete out assignments.
Being a student at Broward College is great! I love the diversity the college has and the awesome opportunities the college provides for the students. The academics is also great. There are multiple activities to engage in and have an exciting time with classmates and friends.
My experience at BC Central campus has been very good, the campus are up to date and clean, the services are really helpful, and the faculty staff are also very helpful and kind. I always feel safe on campus and I’m very happy attending this college.
I have taken classes online. I do not like fully online classes though. But professors are doing their best handling the remote learning classes.
The online system D2L is a buggy mess. Classes drop constantly. I've submitted help tickets for various issues server issues which I screenshot and provide all details of my browser settings, version and even the results of their self tests. The tickets ALWAYS end up closed with no solution or solutions that don't work. I've even call the helpdesk only to be met with less than professional responses and unprepared techs.
My advisor has missed 2 appointments with me with no warning. Their online school system is a buggy mess and their IT department is a joke. They close tickets with no resolution and then tell you to use IE which they don't support. Half of my classes kick me out due to the teacher's connection status. Even before the pandemic, I showed up to class only to find out that it was switched to an online class and was somehow more expensive. I got a call that day from the finance office telling me to pay up or they would drop me. Then the teacher didn't even show up for three days and constantly changed the syllabus The administration is subpar at best. I tried to switch advisors and was told I had to switch majors to do just that. This school should be reworked from the ground up. Terrible place of learning by far.
good school for basic majors. if you wanted to go here to complete your two years of general education courses then leave, i would highly advise so.
for my spring and fall 2020 courses, i had to do my classes online. the professors were pretty cool and were considerate about everyone's situation.
This school is a very good school for furthering your education affordably. The atmosphere is welcoming and you are guaranteed as long as you are an active Student, to make many friends and memories. Online learning since the pandemic has been great for the most part as well.
This school is truly an inexpensive gem. You can receive a quality education from an accredited institution for hf the price or less with financial aid of a regular four year institution. I highly recommend this school.
I haven't took any online classes but I did have friends who did go online. From their experience they said the online class was very easy to access. The course work was very organized and put together.
Very good staff Good teachers very clean. When first went to broward college the staff made me feel like I was wanted there. The teachers always make sure each student understands and never let anyone be left behind.
Being at Broward college was truly calming. I'm glad to have had this college as my first experience. I took some courses online due to the Coronavirus, but the teachers were still friendly and helpful.
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Overall, Broward college helped me integrate into the college experience. The campus was always clean and I never had any issues with asking for help. There are so many resources to use and the staff is always open to lending a hand. The atmosphere is peaceful and vibrant. Though I am only dual enrolled, I've spent enough time on campus to know how much quality a community college can bring to the table.
My online experience with Broward College so far has been a breeze to access, each of my professor has schedules and syllabuses that include due dates, making it easy for us to access them 24/7. The professors try their best to provide us with every resource possible.
Broward College has variant opportunities, including online classes, clubs and extra circular activities. This is an underrated college that can make your dreams alive fast and with dedicated work.
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