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Broward college is an excellent college. They provide tons of help for you to succeed. They have an academic success center on all their campuses and so you really have the resources you need to succeed.
Central Campus is the best of the three. Happy teachers, and staff. The teachers here do not do research so they are very connected to the students. Technology is modern, class size is small, a lot of help programs for studying, tutoring, or test prep. They will really hold your hand here.
I really like the fact that the classes are a smaller size so it's great getting that one on one talk with your professor if you need anything.
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Broward College is a place where you feel home. Professors always try to help you and they always do their best. Staffs are nice and the students are friendly. I really love to be there. The Central Campus is very clear, beautiful and sunny. Students can choose how they want to pay for the classes and we can do payment plans.
Broward college offers excellent education. The teachers are very approachable to ask questions and willing to help clarify concepts. The learning environment is positive and comfortable to further my education.
I take online courses and find it very easy to fit excelling at school into my busy schedule. The only issue I ever have is when I have to actually go to campus.
I find it to be a great college. The tuition cost is affordable, and if you take advantage of all the help is offered you will do great. The professors are nice, always there for you and willing to help.
Broward College is an excellent school. The teachers are good, the facilities are clean, and there are a lot of clubs and activities to participate in.
Broward College is a great opportunity for all kind of students. Students who recently finished High School, students who just want to make a difference in their life and go back to school. The variety of classes helps a lot especially when you work or have family at home. You can either take online classes or go physically to school. Classes at school can start early in the morning or you can takes classes late at night. The teachers try to help you as good as possible and support you. The administration staff is great. I always got the help I needed no matter if it was financial aid, administration office or getting my student ID. Broward College is a community college and therefore affordable. Overall, I would highly recommend Broward College to everybody out there.
Broward College offers a great value for the degrees offered. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful. Class sizes are small which really lends to a sense of community. Broward College offers online, semi-online and on-campus options to best fit the needs of its students. I have, and will continue to, recommend Broward College to others.
The school is not that bad, however, there are a lot of professors who should not be allowed to teach. They care more about their own profession than providing education to their students.
What I like the most about my school is the amount of help they provide for students. We have many resources, professors and students who make the time to help each other with their academics. I personally experienced these resources and because of it I was able to do well in classes that I would struggle in. Another great aspect is the culture of the school, students really work together and professors as well. A few things I would add, not change, is the amount of programs as far as extracurricular activities. There isn’t much to choose from and I believe it would be great if students can get even more involved with the school by adding programs that reflect their interests, besides the already common programs. Broward college has many campuses, however my experience is mostly with the south campus.
At theBoward College North Campus it was very plain honestly. Most students including myself just went to class, chat with a couple of friends and go home. The resources to help you learn and better understand the work you were given was a plus. The teachers were always there when ou neede help. I just wish the school had more activities and clubs to raise the morale.
Professors do care for students to maximize the amount of knowledge in nursing. Every day is a challenge, with great accomplishment
What I like about Broward College is that it is close to home. And what I would to see change is to have dorms and to have better food options
Broward college is a good school. It isn't my preference; however, it does help to push me to wear I want to be in the future. It allows me, along with others, to be able to continue our academics with any situation and circumstances we are currently dealing with.
I have had nothing but an amazing experience at broward college. The campus is beautiful and clean, and professors genuinely care about your success.
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I like the fact that it is not expensive and the schedule works perfect for anyone that has to work as well because they have classes from 6AM all the way till 9PM or so, they also have about 4-5 campuses that I am aware of.
Things I’d like to see them change:
-Being able to meet with your advisor is nearly impossible and if thry actually let you ser one they make you wait hours for it.
-They’re not understanding when it comes to life/work/school balance. They act as if the only responsability a person has is only and strictly school and that is not the case for all of us.
I lost my financial aid due to the fact that I was working around 60-80 hours a week and I got behing on most of my assignments because of the hurricane and I couldn’t study as much as I would like to so I didn’t do very good. But not once they try to help me or offer other options for me.
Broward college gave me along with many other students, the ability to further my education while being a cost effective institution. I am proud to say that I do not have to worry about students loans!
I love the faculty at broward college they help every student with no exceptions and with the most respect.
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