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Most professors are very flexible to any issues that may arise. However, courses aren't in depth enough, and most assessments are just taken from the internet.
I am a freshman going to Broward College in the north campus. I think its a good college. Since its not a university its not that big which is good. Classrooms have about 25-30 students. The school itself looks sort of old which isnt bad but some people prefer newer modern schools. The professors i've had were good. it was an easy A if you go to class and do your homework. I also like how its very diverse.
Professors at this institution are very easy to work with as long as you put effort into class.

The education that you are receiving as a great deal of value for your money.
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Being in North campus after 2 years of dual enrolment and 1 year in full enrolment, I've grown to like the campus and the staff. The campus itself is also under renovations, making the overall appearance progresively nicer.
By far a very intricate college that offers more than many other colleges that I've seen. The resources that Broward College offers its students are vast and in high quality, helping people like me to succeed in the field that I wish to enter.
I have an an amazing experiment so far at Broward College, the teachers there are very nice and organized
Broward College has a friendly atmosphere. The students and staff are so diverse and helpful. The Academic Success Center has a variety of tutors to help you with each subject, regardless of how challenging it is. The campus itself is very clean and very open.
I love everything about Broward College because, I enjoy the positive energy the school gives. Such friendly staff and students that attends at campus, the food is great, the teachers I’ve had were super nice and I got to actually learn from each one of them. The only thing that I would love for them to fix would be that parking but other than that the college is AMAZING! I would really recommend the incoming freshmen to come and visit at least and see a small orientation on the school. My experience by far is a 9/10 of the school
I'm currently not in Broward College because I am a senior in high school, but I plan on attending Broward College. I visited the campus and can say it is well maintained.
broward college is just overall and amazing place to get and education from. whether it’s to start your studies or to graduate from here i would recommend it. the tutition is low and affordable making it easy to actually be able to pay for school and graduate. i’m glad i chose broward college.
Broward College is a very good school and it can be very suitable for persons who work full time and you can choose your classes and during which session you would like to take them. There are four sessions which last for different amount of weeks so for example session one could be 16 weeks and session two could be 8 week and this can be very flexible with persons who have jobs.
There are some really great teachers that challenge and encourage you but on South Campus some of the facility in their upper sciences (biology, organic chemistry, etc.), lack a sufficient breadth of knowledge to teach their subject and encourage their students.
Soon I’ll be completing my 4th year at Broward College with my second degree and job opportunities that are pretty much guaranteed through their programs! It’s very exciting but it’s had it’s highs and lows. I’d first like to talk about the great things Broward College has to offer. There are so many campuses over a wide area so it’s easily accessible. It also offers a wide variety of food options that cater to all kinds of diets. Not to mention how diverse the community is, I see people from all walks of life with every head turn. Plus, the student life is always reaching out and trying to get others involved. However, recently it hasn’t been the safest probably due to the normalization of violence in the media. All in all it’s a great school and I’m happy I made it part of my life.
I feel pretty good in there , it's the enough big for me too start. I have learn a lot of thing .. as a immigrant my English and knowledge have improve like a lot. The students are very different, and I like that because I feel more secure and see that I'm not alone. The clubs are very diverse and as I like art it's the perfect match for me. There is also a gymn and it's very helpful for be nice for beachs..
Some classroom are not that big but I think it's the necessary for better concentration , and know more people in that way.
Sport are not really my favorite but who says that they don't have it. My favorite place is the library with a lot of book and it's also a quite place, just for sstu there reading a book or searching some information that you need for the class. In there is also a Dunkin' Donuts with caffeine before the class because I really need it, either way I won't be able to stay awake in the room. The building and the places out are so nice.
I really like that Broward College offers flexible schedules for all students. The only thing i would like to see improve is staffing in certain campuses that are more populated.
I love the different campuses to choose from. There are opportunities to take classes online. I always check my professor's reviews on rate my professor and that helps me choose. There is always plenty of parking. I love the Science lab. They have awesome tutors and helped tremendously with me passing anatomy.
Loved the flexibility of the class schedules. I was able to work and go to school. Professors there care about their students also. Quiet campus and not overcrowded.
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Real talk, Broward College is not as bad as a school as people make it out to be. I've went to Broward College for Dual Enrollment, and without it, I would be in very great financial trouble since I am a triplet and my mother got robbed. Taking the Dual Enrollment classes were actually very valuable to me as well - it was not just some free classes I could save my money on. I learned a lot, and going to Broward College early during high school really set me at an advantage to obtain a post-secondary education.
All of Broward College multiple campuses provide positive, helpful and resourceful staff/professors. My overall experience with BC has been amazing. Make sure to read "Rate your professor" for certain classes due to their difficulties. My only complain is one class advisor because she lies to the student due to lack of knowledge and try to take their money by giving pointless classes. Other than that, they really true to help their student by creating a clean, positive and cheerful environment.
My overall experience at Broward College was a very positive one. Being a first generation college student, I went into college not knowing much about anything. I went in not knowing how to apply for classes, let alone how to apply for a loan. Broward College made the whole transfer process easy for me. I was guided by well trained staff and was made sure that all my needs were completely met.
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