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Broward College is more than just a community college, the instructors and staff are very supportive towards the students. The extracurriculars offer lots of opportunities which might be attractive to other students planning on transferring. And additionally, Broward College is under the Top 3 community colleges in the States. In my opinion, well deserved
Broward college is a good school and I like how they have a variety of programs for different majors.
As I near my final year at Broward College I can say that it is a pretty good school. My major is Visual arts so I can say that art students get excellent professor and great access to art supplies. The diversity and location is excellent. Some of my general education professors were not very good but I believe that is matter of luck. Something I wish they would change is to add better meal options since they only have subway and Dinkin Donuts.
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Teachers are awesome and reputation is outstanding to only be a college. Atmosphere is welcoming and comfy, administration always does their best to get students involved
They are disorganized and never have enough people working in Financial aid. Some of the adviser can be very help at times. The professors can be very kind depending on who you pick. All in all the school can be really great
The overall environment of Broward College is very empowering by offering you all college resources and then some. They offer great opportunities to catch up on your work, to make sure that you will always be supported, and feel supported. Though some teachers are a little bit off of the rail, the school continues to enrich its students and it has a great overall atmosphere, where any student could overcome and achieve.
I am currently enrolled at Broward College to complete some prerequisites before grad school. The tuition is inexpensive and they have quality professors. I chose BC due to their availability of night courses since I work full time. The only area of improvement that could be recommended is to extend the library hours for all locations, not just central campus. This would allow students who take night classes the opportunity to utilize the library resources after class.
Broward College has been an awesome experience for me so far. Signing up for the school has been easy and very welcoming. The staff and people there are very friendly and everybody is looking to help everybody. I believe it's a nobody left behind connection everyone has there. The staff is there to answer any little question you have and will assist you the best that they can in a timely manner. I haven't had any problems there what so ever and I feel like I will love the school very much. All though I will be transferring after my two years is up, I urge people to enroll there and it will be good home for all Floridians and people outside of Florida.
the academic success center is very useful in helping you prepare for your exams and midterms, and they even offer free tutoring for certain classes.
I love the people you meet on campus at Broward College. The environment is a very friendly environment too. One thing I did not like about Broward College is the food so limited on campus, you only have Dunkin Donuts, Subway or Papa Johns. Another thing I don't like about Broward is sometimes the advising service can be very poorly, but other then that Broward College was a great experience.
It's very nice and efficient. The classes are easy to access, everyone there are very nice and very helpful.
Very hard to find good teachers and the good teachers tend to be very sarcastic but are willing to help. School doesn’t care about your schedule outside of school.
Teachers are very helpful, there are a lot of good study resources. The activities are fun, there are a bunch of fun clubs, the library is huge, and I really like their dunkin dounuts.
Broward College is a good college if you want to get your Associates degree and go to a university or you want to get your Bachelors degree. Overall Broward College is a really good college that tries to suit anybodies needs. I would recommend it to anybody I know.
I have enjoyed my time at Broward College since I have been enrolled here in the Fall of 2016. I love that I have been able to receive exemplary education and I have been able to save money in the process. I also appreciate how convenient it is to have different campuses spread throughout Broward County. Some changes I would wish to see would be quicker service at the financial aid office, since I normally have to wait hours before I can be helped. I also would like to have better accessibility to the academic counselors as well.
Broward College has opened my eyes to a new diverse community. Every proffesor has taught me something new in life. Campus security is always watching and guarding at every time especially when I walk back to my car.
all the want to do is to mess people up and make them stay in school longer by not giving them the right classes and telling them they need this instead of what the student actually needs
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Broward College has been an up and down experience! They are very helpful once you get a hold of them but there are a lot of times when you cant get a hold of them.
I love the classroom size and the teachers. They care about your education and hope for a better future for you.
I really enjoyed South and Central campus. I haven't found any "bad" teachers there yet. There were some I couldn't understand, but they admire and reward pushing through. The faculty is nice, scenery is lovely, and the help desk... The help desks could be monitored a little more. Can't complain about diversity. Florida is incredible with diversity.
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