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it has been an amazing college. I made good friends and met amazing people. the diversity is amazing. One can choose from a variety of professors that are willing to help you succeed.
Came from Miami Dade College to Broward and the difference is night and day!
Broward College is a very home like feel, you feel safe and happy to be there.
Not only does the environment on campus make you feel good but also the staff is very organized and really try to help the students.
Broward College is perfect for freshmen or first time college-goers. The staff is easily accessible and always willing to help and provide information. The software they have available for students is easy to navigate. They arrange great campus security and protection for students at no cost. They have many campus locations available.
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broward college is a college with a could area around it and many things to so around. for the campus itself its straight to business
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My experience at BCC was great. I have attended both south and central campus and I have no complaints. I personally prefer central campus.
At Broward College I love the fact that it is super affordable and inclusive so anyone is able to attend. Also, the flexibility of class schedules is a bonus. The advisement department could be better but overall the experience is a positive one.
Broward college is really an amazing place. The teachers are always very nice and helpful when I've needed them. My main campus is South Campus and I can honestly say all the people there are like one single family. All the diversity in background and believes makes the experience even more interesting. In BC there are always tremendous opportunities for students to make their classes and campus life easier and smoother. Perhaps my only complaint is that sometimes BC does not emphasize the presence of these resources but I think that if they did it would definitely make it better for new students
Broward College is a mix the atmosphere is great and students are generally nice. The staff isn't as helpful as you would hope for but the teachers can be good; just, make sure you read their reviews before joining there class.
My experience with the advisors was horrible. They do not care for the students are not proactive and drag their feet on everything.
Any time I've ever had a problem someone was always very quick with helping me solve it. There teachers all lead very strong lectures, and there's multiple study opportunities.
I was hesitant to apply and take begin taking classes at Broward College, as I was always intended to attend my local universities. Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and went online to apply. If I can summarize the first two years of my college career it would be phenomenal. Broward College was beyond more than I could have ask for. The faculty and the staff were absolutely one of a kind. Above all it was financially the best option I made ! While no school is perfect, I can without pause tell you that Broward College is up there !
overall its a great school, and you succeed by helping yourself. There are no hand outs, and if you need help teachers, and academic centers are there to help.
What I enjoyed about Broward College was how close it was to my home and being able to afford all of my courses. This allowed me to complete my Associates degree and transfer to another University. The only thing I would want to see changed in the future is for the school to add the Circle K International program, this club promotes university life, service, and leadership.
Broward College is a very patient school and helpful school. Most of the professors are very knowledgeable and patient with actually teaching the subject at hand. There is always a lot of events to get the students to get into the school spirit. The school is clean. Always knowledgeable tutors as well.
They are a very good school who shows interest in their students. They only problem is the fact that they are unorganized when I comes to telling you about the path you are heading in academic achievement.
Broward College is smaller than a university and has fewer students per class room (about 20-30). With this being said, I believe that having a smaller professor to student ratio is beneficial because the professor has more time for you in their personal office hours. They really care and push you to succeed. I enjoy going to Broward College. I completed my Associates in Arts degree at Broward and am currently working on receiving my nursing degree from Broward as well. I would not change a thing at Broward College.
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overall, broward college is a great school that many people misinterpret as being bad. i like that it also offers a bachelor's degree for those seeking it at a much lower cost compared to regular 4 year colleges. broward college also has great professors that are just as devoted and helpful. i would like to see more of a variety of diversity in the college but other than that, it's just as great as many other 4 year universities.
Broward College did provide help to students . I wish Broward Community College provide an equal opportunity to undocumented immigrant students.
It's pretty much your basic community college. If you pick the classes and professors you want and do the work you'll be fine.
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