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Broward college gave me along with many other students, the ability to further my education while being a cost effective institution. I am proud to say that I do not have to worry about students loans!
I love the faculty at broward college they help every student with no exceptions and with the most respect.
I take online classes and love the ease of accessing D2L. The site is very organized and the professors are great!
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broward college is a great to place to go to school before transferring to the university. It cuts cost in half and the people there are great.
Overall, I've had a very positive experience at Broward College. Primarily, I have been an online student; and though the classes were priced a bit higher, it definitely allowed for a greater flexibility in how I chose to learn. In comparing the online realm to the on campus realm, I definitely noticed that the former had a heavier dose of busywork/homework. Some classes gave a tolerable amount, but each and every math class I took online went overboard, I felt, in the homework that they assigned. As far as my experience on-campus went, I found the environment to be very clean and well-organized. As well as my physical surroundings, the students who made up the school were friendly and accommodating. Personality wise, I connected with some instructors better than others, but each and every instructor was respectful of differing opinions and facilitated a smooth enough learning experience.
I really appreciate the smaller classroom sizes. Tutors are always available for things students might not understand. So many academic resources in the library and a great sense of learning as well!
I'm currently in the nursing program. Just finished process 2 . It's tough, but I'm learning so much. I know that this experience will make me a wonderful nurse.
I have been in Broward College since spring of 2017 and plan on remaining here until Fall of 2018. I have taken many courses during that time and I only have complaints about 2 classes in that time. My main concern was MAC2312 with Professor Sanford Geraci; he knew the subject well but couldn't teach it well at all. he was sporadic when explaining in the sense of getting off topic or too in depth and still made mistakes while explaining. As for PHY2048, the lab was fine but the lecture class was taught in a way where you either taught yourself or knew it already because the professor explained things once and if it wasn't understood, it was discarded and moved on from.
In my opinion, Broward College It is the perfect community college for everyone. Any person pursuing an affordable career should go to this college. The education is excellent. The Academic Staff is very professional. In addition, the academic success center is a wonderful tool for any student determined to succeed because has good areas to study and good tutors. There are a lot of clubs that people can join. Also, there is a lot of diversity, which is amazing.
I have met many incredible people from different countries. Overall, my experienced in Broward College has been phenomenal, and I can't wait for what the next year holds.
Broward College is an excellent school. It offers many degrees for low prices. And has many opportunities, benefits, and programs for the graduates. Student life is amazing they host events almost every other week with pizza or popcorn for free. The only problem with broward college is the campus safety. When calling the security hotline a different campus answers. So if there was a real emergency just call 911. Overall Broward College is great!
The campus is very green and beautiful with many tables and benches to sit outside. A lot of professors are pretty laid back. There are many free resources in the library.
With broward college I appreciate the diversity. The professors I’ve encountered are motivators. The campus and safety are superb. Overall it is a place I can study comfortably and excel.
College was a new and confusing place for me but the staff at BC made it easy for my transition from highschool to College. Although I’ve only attended one year they’ve still made it feel at home. It’s a place where I can be comfortable attending as well as getting a great education from.
It's a good college, has a lot of activities for students to get involve in and is very helpful in assisting students.
I like that you can get help from many different resources and that can help you figure out which way to get help is right for you.
Broward College is a good school. They have flexible classes but just like any college, you need to be focused. Make sure you have all your credits and forms because there can be times that your docs are misplaced. Overall, it is becoming a known school in south Florida for the hard work the students put in.
I enjoyed Broward College because my experiences with my professors was very helpful and the student life was very inclusive and active in our community.
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The professor are great and its easy place to learn quick. Its getting in broward college that's hard when they ask for so much info just for you to start class.
Broward College was very helpful. I went there for one semester after I wasn’t able to attend FAU any longer, due to financial problems, and BC was there to help me. They handle you with so much care and really try to help you further your education. I thank them for that.
I went to Broward College to pursue my Nursing degree. I finished my pre-reqs in two years and then got accepted into the program. I worked very hard for six months. The program is extremely fast tracked and difficult. I did not have the best experience there. Broward College as a whole isn't a bad school, and everyone has their own experiences.
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