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I enjoyed my experience at Broward College. It opened my eyes to what college would be like as a high school student who was attending through the College Academy dual enrollment program, putting me one step ahead of my high school peers who've never attended a college before.
Broward College is cheaper compared to many other colleges, however the community it is in is a bit unexciting and there's not much to do locally.
Sometimes, I felt like it was an extended part to high school. Some professors treated me like I was still a middle school student, and frankly I don't appreciate that. But, one sour experience doesn't make the school as a whole bad. Most of my professors have been thorough in their lectures, tough in their grading, but never unfair. Overall, pretty okay experience.
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It has been a very life changing experience. I liked the environment and the people are incredible. The professors helped me to do better. Broward has helped me become a better student.
Its a very nice school, most teachers are very harsh on grading though. I had the Dean of Science for Chemistry and he taught an outstanding chemistry class
Broward college is great. I am almost close to finishing my AA and after I plan to attend FIU. I set goals for myself and one of them is to graduate from a four-year university. So far I have had wonderful teachers at Broward College. Always willing to go the extra mile to help you with extra credit, homework, or just material that is unclear. The guidance is wonderful any doubts or questions as to which classes or route is best for me are always answered. I would like to see the the Admissions and Registration people more friendly and efficient. The times that I have gone to the office the line is usually very long and no one to help you. You would think this area would be more efficient as this is one of the most important roles in college.
Broward College really helped me develop the skills I needed to do great in school. It has prepared me for a university and I am excited to apply what I have learned from Borward College into my time at Florida International University.
Broward College is the best!!! I am in the Education program and I absolutely love it. My professors, Dean, and Associate Dean support everything that we do. They are always present at our events. I feel confident that Broward College has my back every step of the way!!!!
Phone system sucks. Talk in person or I wish the best in those harsh survival conditions. People are nice and helpful. Helped me avoid wasting time and money on the wrong classes for what I was pursuing. That's alone worthy of five stars. But those phones are like a pendulum to the groin!
Broward College is a great institution to help you get a head start into post secondary learning. You get a different experience base on the campus you are attending however, they seem to make available a lot of resources to help students achieve their goals. One things I like the most is the ASE labs they have available at the libraries with available tutors at no additional cost. The tutoring center is fully loaded with computers, access to printers and internet access to complete work should you not have access to that at home. One thing they can improve on is the quality of service the academic advisors provide. It would be more helpful if some of the staff was a little more helpful in guiding students with picking courses and helping out more with making career decisions.
Classes are easy to choose from by going online and picking classes. You can also check on what other students say about teachers and if they recommend them or not. So far, teachers I have had this year have been so amazing and very helpful at times. When you go in to see financial aid advisors they are helpful as well and give you forms on which classes you need to be taking and they make recommendations to you.
came in for admissions. I was treated with the outmost respect. the service was incredible. very professional. I cannot wait to be a seahawk.
I love it at BC even though I have not done well so far it is not because of the school or instructors. They offer a lot of help and always available.
Good pricing, safe campus, decent classes. Not as good as a university, but definitely improving with their adding bachelor's programs as choices for majors.
I took some classes during my senior of high school as a part of dual enrollment. All my teachers are nice and understanding and always willing to help with whatever is necessary. Some classes have been harder then others but it has helped to boost by GPA and complete college courses early.
My experience at Broward College is good. There is diverse amount of classes to take for many subjects that interests me. The extra-curricular clubs there are good as they work with the community. The college is diverse with many students, staff members, and professors.
I had a great experience at Broward College, I graduated with my Associates. The online set up was excellent and easy to navigate. Most of the classes you earned the grade you worked for and professors were easily reached and outstanding helpers.
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I consider Broward College to be a family college because once you start your journey they continue to work with you throughout to make sure you're still and stay on track to graduate with good standing.
What I like about Broward College is the staff are very helpful and attentive. There are many activities that go on which is great. The tutors are available almost all the time. What I like to see change is the bookstore and their pricing because it is a tad bit expensive compared to other general stores.
Good opportunities for dual enrollment students. Provides chance to get ahead with future career, with on campus classes and flexible teachers. Would recommend.
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