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I honestly loved the school. I loved the professors and the environment. I just wish they had a dorm for the international students.
I really like central campus in davie. The clubs becoming more active and expanding. Some teachers do not have lesson plans and you will have to study. But the teachers who are given a red apple, they are the top professors.
its a really great school to go to. its fun, cool, great professors , nice people. everything, everything it just really great like i love it, it very good to me and they are very helpful. its a good school.
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So far my experience in Broward College has been great. They offer scholarships, and also is very affordable compare to other colleges.
I know that Broward College isn't looked upon as one of the best or most prestigious colleges because it is so easy to get into but it saves people money while offering a good education. In my opinion going there first is just a business savvy decision .
I like it so far. i have been attending for two years now and i plan to transfer after soon. But the teachers are nice and i have meet some that really care and want to see you do good. I like that there is many campuses to attend.
This college offers many opportunities to step out of your comfort zone with many clubs/events/organizations/etc. Cheaper than doing first two years at universities. All staff are friendly.
A very warm, cozy, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The food in the cafeteria , including the snacks are great and there's a wide variety to choose from.
My first year, first semester I appreciated the ease of signing up for classes the MANY assistance services that were available with no trouble and just the campus in general. I fit in very well from the very first day and the semester was a great breeze for me. In one word, AMAZING.
As a broward college student I do like all they have to offer to us students, there are many clubs and activities that you can be a part of. They always have some fun and free events which I personally really like such as, Island Step Cardio, Yoga, Meditation, and food give outs.
Broward College is a fun easy going campus where you can make a lot of friends. They have many activities and programs to join. You’ll never fell alone when here.
I have heard good things. I spoke to other students. I haven't started yet. The admissions seemed very efficient. The staff appears very friendly and helpful.
My experience so far with Broward College has been a memorable one. The professors are very welcoming and understanding with the material, and the location is very convenient.
Broward College is a really good school. the only thing I do not like is that they let students handle other students personal information in the office. Most of the students who work in the offices are unprofessional in the offices.
Broward College is wonderful school overall. The central campus is where most activities take place held by student life programs and other sponsors. In many cases many programs seem to be thriving by some seem run down and barely getting by. There isn’t too much overall consistency. But the professors and diverse students make it a very welcome place where you can learn a lot just from being on campus.
Broward College is a very standard college. It is a smaller college but offers as much as a big university. For me it is good because there are small classroom sizes which gives me opportunities to have more one-on-one time with my teachers when I need extra time.
Love the campus everyone is helpful and it’s a nice area ! More affordable then most ! Wonderful college town! Easy to help the transition from college to work!
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Does not feel like a community college at all, and a very supportive community. Classes are much cheaper than at larger state universities, while learning the same materials. Classrooms are smaller and not based on lectures, enables students to form a relationship with professor, and thus getting a better and more personalized education. Would recommend to anyone planning on getting their Associates Degree and or Bachelors Degree.
Broward College has a lot of events in which students can get involved and meet like minded people. In addition to that, they have clubs for almost everyone as well as study abroad programs.
I love Broward college. I have been a student for two years now and I don't have any complaints. I know Broward College has a reputation of being mediocre and its for students who aren't capable of much. But the education level for someone working on their AA is just like it would be at any other institution. You have to really want to ace your classes, nothing is just "given to you". I even have friends in other colleges that are seen as better than Broward College that do way less work than me and don't have professor who teach as well. On the other hand, the campus is always well maintained and you rarely see trash out. Iv been to all of the locations and its same for each.
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