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very likely yet a bit unorganized . very diverse in cultures and people . very helpful if you ask on your own . very flexible scheduling as well .
I'm attending the Guayaquil, Ecuador campus and its great for later transferring to a 4-year college. It is a very small community and the campus is the size of a large house.
Overall, Broward college is a pretty good school. The teachers and classes that I have taken have been wonderful, and there is easy access to almost everything you’d need on campus . I also appreciate that there are a variety of campuses in different areas, though some better than other, it make going to Broward college accessibable for anyone throughout various cities in Florida. Not to mention the surrounding area (according to Central campus in Davie) Is jam packed with different activities from loads of restaurants, shopping, movies etc.
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Very good college. Excellent Disability Services Program. Overall a very good school.I went to the North Campus which has very good professors and staff. The building layout is kind of confusing though.
I am currently a sixteen year old full time BC student. This campus has many resources to help every student succeed and help in guiding majors. This campus also emphasizes its safety concern and their student life.
I love the small class sizes, every campus is different. What I do not like about Broward College is the parking, the parking is horrible especially on Central Cmapus, you will spend 30 mins just to finding parking on this campus, what I also do not like is the science teachers, there are limited science teacher at certain campuses and to find a great science teacher you'll have to travel far. I also do not like the teachers and STEM lab at Central as well they do not aspire to help you with your work and rather let you fail than to help you understand the material.
I went to Broward College from 2015-2018 for my Associate's of Arts degree. Honestly, if I wasn't transferring to another university, I would have finished my Bachelor's Degree there as well. I went to two campuses, South and Central. My experience at the central campus was much better. The central campus is beautiful and offers the feel of an university. The professors are great there too.
Very nice college to start your life off in. Nice budget & helpful staff. Maybe a little more diversity when it comes to clubs would help, although they have plenty!
Super Diverse and Surroundings are amazing ! great support for veterans. Plenty of resources. Cheaper admission. Super easy to get around!
I am so happy that I've attended Broward College. It is a great institution where everyone can start their studies. They bring all the resources available to you so you can achieve your goals.
The visual and performing arts program is very deserving of more advertising. I did not find out about it until my final semester at Broward College. It includes a lot of opportunities for students to express themselves artistically. Also, the classes are smaller than universities, giving professors a chance to actually get to know their students. There is a sense of community.
The overall experience has been good. The campus located in Davie is very well maintained , classrooms are clean, facilities are clean as well. The majority of the instructors are well prepared and are willing to help student to succeed
I've enjoyed my time at broward college the staff is really helpful and it is a quiet and nice environment. My professors have been really helpful and encouraging and have made my college experience fun and easy. It is easy to navigate around the campus and I can always find a student to help me when I am loss. The library have become my best friend and is very convenient for my internet and printing needs. I've grown to think of my classmates as one village we help each other and tutor each other so we can all succeed. I’ve learned a lot from my peers not only academically but also life lessons being that we all come from different walks. I am eager to see where this journey takes me next as I prepare to start a new semester.
The professors are great and are willing to help you with any of your academic problems. The life on campus is very relaxed and free. Another great thing about Broward College is that it is smaller than a lot of the bigger colleges, meaning that you get a more homely feeling. The classes are also smaller here so you can get more one on one time with the teacher if you are having problems
Broward College is Broward College, my experience here has been average but not bad at all for a community college. If you are consistent on t6he classes hat are chosen and make sure you speak to an actual academic advisor that honestly knows what they are talking about then you should be fine, I would double check with another advisor to clarify, but overall the professors and the tutors and even the success centers are like amazing, there's absolutely no way you could fail if effort is put with these resources.
Great program to get my Associates Degree while still in high school! The best program in the state and definitely one of the top in the nation.
This is first time to attend Broward College. Right now I'm taking 2 classes in two different campus. Academic advisor and finacial advisor and my all professors are well educated and disciplined behavior. Broward College central campus very pleasant and calm. I meet some nice and diverse people in both campus.
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Broward College is great. The professors are willing to help. The learning center is amazing. They actually want to help you with whatever you are having trouble with academically. I am very happy.
Broward College is considered by most as a transfer university. It is unremarkable, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a community to adopt. I found Brainbowl :)
Broward College has been a great stepping stone to get my BA degree at FIU. Its diverse, fun, and full of amazing people. If you are in the South Florida area, i highly recommend Broward College
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