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Its a good college for people who are busy working but trying to earn a degree at the same time. They offer classes that can fit just about any schedule as well as offer multiple classes online for people too busy to take classes in person. The education there is pretty good and prepares you for your career.
I attended Broward College in 2003 for Massage Therapy. Here we are 15 years later and I have decided to change careers to Nursing. The application process was easy. The professors are very nice and the courses are challenging. I have taken both online and courses in person. My only complaint is that the bathrooms aren't very clean, but other than that, I absolutely love BC!
Just a few of the many things I like about Broward College is the friendly and open atmosphere, the amazing student life, the attention to education, and the attentive helpfulness of the advisors and professors. An improvement that could help the college become better would be to have a slightly more engaged classroom environment.
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Broward College offers a great value for the degrees offered. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful. Class sizes are small which really lends to a sense of community. Broward College offers online, semi-online and on-campus options to best fit the needs of its students. I have, and will continue to, recommend Broward College to others.
I love everything about Broward college from the staff, to the programs, down to the professors that go above and beyond for us students on a everyday basis, from transferring from Miami dade college, Broward College stood out immediately the professors seemed more interested in molding us not only for our careers but also for our future. No other school made me feel more involved, I strongly feel that by Broward college being so available and resourceful that there is no way that I could fail myself, if I need help in tutoring there's is many staff members, tutors and programs that helps us students. So how I would I rate Broward College the best I've ever been to hands down.
Broward college is a great community college. Majority of the professors are nice and willing to help out the students. The diversity of the students is absolutely amazing, you can tell it's not just one race of students. The campus is very clean and the janitors are always on campus. It's in a very local area and isn't too far to make the drive. The student life is probably the best part of the school, at least 3 times a week they either play music of have some type of activity for all the students.
school is a good, and pleasant environment. At Broward college you have the opportunity to excel in every subject.
Broward College is a great school to attend if you need a few more credits to get where you want to get. Its professors are great and will help you through a lot things. The School campus itself is very peaceful as well.
I liked that it's an affordable campus in which I can learn a lot. The environment is wonderful and the teachers are stupendous as well.
Great teachers! Lots of resources. Great help to help in classes. Teachers really care! Every class I’ve had everyone has always been they’re to help Incase of anything. Always trying to improve their programs.
Broward College has a lot of great programs and advisors but you just have to take the initiative to find out about them and it opens a lot of new doors!
Broward Collage might not be the ideal expectation of college, but it's close. There's not much of the party scene or distraction it give you time to really focus on your studies. It also works around your schedule and the majority of the professors are understanding and, there will be many resources to help you succeed, and have a great college educational experience. There aren't may different things that I can eat, pretty much all of the campuses have the same thing in their café areas.
I have attended Broward College for the past two years. I have taken classes at both the central campus and downtown campus. I like the downtown campus best because the classes are small and the teachers know everyone. It is always easy to see an advisor at the downtown campus too. Broward College helped me prepare to further my education at a larger college. I was able to graduate with a 3.5 gpa in 2 years.
You will enjoy your time there. Certainly students will get join student activities groups or clubs. Courses are pretty much easy. When I took time off from my freshmen year and its pretty hard for to get back on graduation schedule. It easy to meet people or partners there.
the school has great diversity into the mix with students being from arounf the world. many of them feel secure in the campses and even participate in clubs and student life.
my experience with broward college has been fundamental in my growing experience as a student and a human being this has been my first step in obtaining a higher education. We as humans face a number of pending threats to our way of life and we must be prepared when those challenges come. Broward college has taken every opportunity to ensure that we will be ready in times of such emergency.
Broward college has many different campuses with outstanding professors! Online classes are very detailed and easy to navigate. Broward College does not use blackboard, it uses D2L "Desire to Learn", which is extremely organized and very simple to use. The faculty and staff are extremely helpful. This is also a four-year college, and offers an A.A degree and an A.S degree. This college is amazing.
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My experience at Broward College has been great. One thing that I really love is the class sizes. The classes are small, usually under 30 students, so you can really connect with your classmates and the professors. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful professors that are passionate about the subjects they teach, and want to see you succeed. There are also a lot of opportunities to get involved in the school, whether it is through events, clubs, or sports.
Broward College is a excellent school. From the advisors to professors who are educated and professional. Nothing but good vibes!
Broward College is a place where I find myself very secure and it is great to study. This college has great professor that helped me over the years to get the degree I wanted to. Its installations are in perfect conditions and people who work there do a great job to maintain them. People in administration are always there to help and give the best attention to their customers and students. They helped me with questions and doubts and always provided the best advice to be successful. The only thing I would change is the staff at the bookstore because I had bad experience with them. They are not trained to be there and don't know that much about customer service.
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