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Broward College Reviews

3,258 reviews
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Good opportunities for dual enrollment students. Provides chance to get ahead with future career, with on campus classes and flexible teachers. Would recommend.
Broward College is an amazing and also pleasant school. The professors motivates us to become a better person and also successful. They're many clubs and organizations too. Everybody there is very friendly.
This school is great I've had nothing but the most caring and knowledgeable professors. A majority of professors go above and beyond to help. The difficulties lie in picking classes for the semester.
Great school with lots of educational programs to choose from. Also, provides many resources to ensure student's success.
Classes are pretty easy. Only a few will truly challenge you. Some classes are freebies while other classes are hard. The buildings are good but the bathrooms are frightening at times.
I am a dual enrollment student and seeing the way BC is I know for sure I would not want to go to this college. I want somewhere the students are actually engaging with each other. At Broward College no one talks to each other, it is definitely not a college to meet friends.
Plain and simple great institution with Professors with professional experience in their careers. Most who are still currently work and teaching part-time. They know the college experience and are willing to go above and beyond to help you graduate. You don't have to worry about know it all proffessors who only study the book in order to get a paycheck.
What I like most about Broward College is that it is affordable and so close to home! When you step into any of the Broward College campuses, you see everyone on a mission to further their education and improve their life. The majority of these students were unable to go to school elsewhere due to high tuition costs so they came to Broward College. The one thing I would love to see added to Broward College is a cross-country or track-and-field team. Obviously, running is not as popular as soccer. baseball, or basketball but it would be a nice addition nonetheless!
Wonderful atmosphere, guidance is very nice and willing to help, professors are flexible and put in a lot of effort during their classes.
Broward College is a great experience! The campus has a spectacular view, its a beautiful campus, always kept clean. Safety is a priority at Broward College, they believe having a safe environment for their students and professors will enhance a better learning environment. The professors are all so caring for their students, they do not accept failure as an option. Broward college has put in place numerous tools to serve their students; such as a tutoring lab for every subject that you may be struggling in, a writing lab to teach you skills to advance your writing skills, and become a better writer, there are multiple clubs to join and become a part of that will help you grow and stimulate your mind as a college student. Broward college is exceptional and an experience you wouldn't want to miss!
Different campuses all over Broward County to choose from. Great school with a variety of majors available for students.
This is an amazing college. It is kept very clean and well-organized. The staff is extremely kind and helpful towards any issue. I believe this college is much more outstanding than any other.
Broward College is a great school! I got my associates degree there and I made the decision to go back and get another degree in the EMT Paramedics program. There staff is so helpful and always there to steer you in the right direction for success. They answer every question I have. They make it a great, easy, fun experience with all the programs they offer to help you get you the career you want.
I personally love the teachers I've had here. I've never had a problem with any and all are very engaging and make the subject as interesting as possible.
I enjoy the teachers and the small class sizes. I also love the cost of the school and the fact that they gave me a scholarship.
Broward college is a great college for students that do not want to pay a lot for classes. I enjoyed enrolling to broward college, i just want to explore more.
first time i never like this college at all. but just after first month or after i set up a schedule, i fell so awesome. Just because the class was so cheap, and all professor so kind and helpful. its will be a good choice for AA degree, all class is the same with university and the cost absolutely is cheaper, so why not to choose BC for AA degree!!!
It's a really nice school! Many of the students there were very nice and understand that at the end of the day, we need an education and we have to stick together to succeed at the end.
I liked how Broward College made sure you choose the classes thats best for you, advisers are great and they help you find a job.
Broward offers many classes and most are very rigorous. Studying is key if you want to pass any class. You have to choose the classes you want as soon as they are available because the classes fill up quickly. The school is otherwise great and a good choice to start your college experience. The classes are also pretty cheap and a good place to get your AA before transferring to a university.
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