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Brooklyn Law School Reviews

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The professors are renowned in their respective fields. The school has a less competitive environment; students are open to study groups and are quick to help each other. The issues lie with the administration, no one seems to know what they are doing.
The professors and the staff are extremely helpful and willing to work with your needs and goals.
Food is very good and there are many different places.
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Do not drive; BUT people who drive complain of poor availability.
Plenty of choices, but most are expensive.
Living with parents; otherwise it's too expensive.
Do not live on campus, BUT people who do love it.
Professors are excellent; campus is ok. Will choose the school again for the professors and the level of education.
Have seen 2 closings due to severe weather in the past 2 years.
No gym on campus. The local gyms w/ discounts for students are too pricey for students.
There are plenty of computers and printer, but network is not always reliable.
The area is very diverse, but the prices are too high for student budget.
Financial Aid office was useful, but not completely clear.
Gaining a law degree takes a lot of work. There are hundreds of pages of cases to read every week, you get asked tough questions in class, and the final exams are worth 100% of your grade. Thankfully the reading is interesting, the work is rewarding, and the professors are great at teaching.
Temperate Climate – It's New York. Sometime's it is blazing hot, some times there is a blizzard. Sometimes it is perfect. Thankfully, campus is a very short distance from the student housing, so you are not exposed to the weather for very long.
Pickings Are Small – There is but one small cafeteria which serves burgers, sandwiches, salads, and snacks. The burgers are good, the deli sandwiches are not. The salads are great; you get to choose from dozens of options to make a perfect salad. Because there re so few choices, eating in the cafeteria gets very old.
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