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Brookline College - Tucson Reviews

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Great place to get your feet into health care. The instructors truly care and value you as a student and future medical professional. They are a little costly but skipping all the prerequisites from other schools is so worth it. I love the PCT program.
Im going thete now. I was very nervous but they make it fun and less stressul. They are right there with you if you have any questions. They came in an helped us learn how to prepare for anything while reading and doing homework and taking breaks every 5o mins for 10 mins. Very much appreciated." No critics" motto there.
My college has an excellent open door policy career services available to all students at any given time. Not only do we receive a mission statement but we are ensured of a positive future we leave with no worries and certainly no doubts about anything or ourselves. Resources and networking are just a couple of useful tools we are provided with.
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Studying the business program at my college allows me to view the world in whole different way. I'm excited to graduate and become involved in the business field. The work is not complicated at all. The whole lay out is simple and easy to follow. We are provided with the best instructors. Continuing my education was the best decision I ever made.
If i am in need of a schedule change or need time of Brookline understands and they work with me without complaint.
The online classes provide were a bit of a struggle but with Brookline and their dedicated tutors I was able to understand a whole better. I am greatful.
They provide the best professors . Well educated and perform with excellence. The topics they lecture on are useful in the real world and I've not only learned alot but now I can also interact socially in a well professional manner.
Brookline is like one big family. They provide alot of support and go the extra mile with the students.
I feel secure in what the future holds for me due to Brookline and their wonderful teachings.
The career services on campus are very helpful when you need them. They will help you with all of the things that you need help with the answer all of your questions. Externship will help you gain the experience you need that the employers are looking for. A degree from this school has a very high value. At the end of the day it is up to you to get certified further and to further your education to get to the point where you want to be.
My overall experience with the course itself is very satisfying. The instructor makes it very easy and enjoyable to learn new things and to enjoy doing the things that we do. The style of each class varies, but it is an overall good experience. The quality of the course I am in is very high because the lab itself has all of this hands on stuff that we can do in it. It has hospital beds and just everything that you would need to perform each task that we are learning about.
I myself have not missed a day of school. But I feel like if I were to I would miss a lot of information and I would be very unhappy with that. But I know some people that have to miss a day of school once in a while, but they have a very strict absence rules. So if you know you're not going to be there then maybe you should take a different schedule. I know that there are evening classes and that there are morning classes and the times never change for the morning classes and the evening classes. There's a specific time when you should be there at a specific time that you should leave. When you enroll, they tell you the hours that you will be attending school everyday. So there should really be known reason to miss because you should plan ahead. As far as transferring credits, I haven't had to transfer any credits but I heard that it's not very easy to, a lot of people are denied so they have to retake the classes that they have already taken somewhere else.
It is very convenient when you want to be in school but don't have the time to physically be there with your schedule.
As a post-grad I hear that you can come into he school and still talk with the career service people if you do not have a career you want.
I enjoy the Patient Care Technician Program. I have learned so many new things and skills that are preparing me for my future career. The instructor has given us many job opportunities and experience. We do skills hands on in the lab which is very helpful for people like me, who are kinesthetic learners. We have went out into the field, such as hospitals and in home health facilities and we've worked with real patients and residents. That's the best thing for us, because not only are we learning hands on, we are also gaining the experience we need to work in the careers we want.
This school is very professional and the instructors will help you one on one, so you don't fall behind. The classes are small enough to learn in and they give us so many opportunities that will make our future brighter.
My favorite part of this school is the fact that all the faculty is very personal with me. I feel like I'm part of a new family. They won't allow me to give up and no matter what goes on in my life in and out of this school they generally care about their students.
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Clear majors offered by the school. Focuses on what you want your career to be in the future.
Focuses on the specific career you have in mind. Tons of experience that gets you ready for the real world.
Unique, unlike any other school I have visited
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