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Brookline College - Tempe Reviews

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I really love how the faculty is very invested in each and every students academic and professional goals. They take the time to get to know you and are willing to help whenever needed!
Great Environment and the Instructors are Amazing! I really enjoy attending school here. Everyone is Friendly!
My college experience has been great but there were a couple times that instructors changed in the module and that makes it difficult, but we pulled through.
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I love Brookline College! The instructors are always available and classes are just want us needed to move into my next career!
The staff is amazing. I couldn't have found a better school to attend to further my career. They are so friendly and helpful in any way possible. The teachers are great support system and help you above and beyond.
So far, my experience has been ok.

The admissions person seems to be a little spacey but overall good. Financial Aid is great, he answers all my questions to the best of his knowledge.
If you are a dependent student, Financial aid focuses solely on who you are dependent on and chooses to leave you in the dark, sometimes even if you are not dependent they choose to leave you in the dark and go a head and process the information first. However, after that they are very efficient and informative about how much you have received for financial aid and what to expect.
Currently, I'm actually attending the Tempe Campus but since there wasn't an option to pick it, I decided to go with the Mesa campus. The classes and curriculum are very flexible and teachers and students are very pleasant with one another. Overall, it's a satisfying environment that allows you to work with others and communicate efficiently as well as work out any troubles you may run into.
have not needed to use it yet. however, they are always there to assist and are always getting good reviews elsewhere
As I went for my tour around Brookline College, I saw a variety of ages, and ethnic. Everyone looked very politeful.
Brookline College – As Ive mentioned before, this school has everything for any time of medical program that you would like. All the equipment makes you feel as if you were in a real hospital.
Brookline College – I not yet Enroll, but will be enrolling for the 2012 semester. I went for a tour & I LOVED it! Brookline college is a more specific college, which helps you with your medical carrer in a much faster way. The Surgical Technologist classes are unbeliveable! It has all the equipment for a surgeon, and its on hands training. The classes make it seam as if you were in a real Hospital. I look forward for it. I am too excited.
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