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In summary, there is a complete lack of organization and communication among all staff to other staff, in addition to their students.
In summary, there is a complete lack of organization and communication among all staff to other staff, in addition to their students.
What I like about Brookline is that they are very engaged with there students. Although there is a pandemic going on, they have made sure to let us know that they are here for us.
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Although I prefer in person classes and find it more efficient, Brookline has done their best to transition to online.
Sad, just graduated and had some questions regarding continuing education at this facility to include testing. Not one reply. So, how is a student who successfully completes a course suppose to get the proper guidance? Prior to graduating the career services staff was very attentive and available when needed and as a courtesy I would always respond. As a student, there were so many issues with instructors. The first three weeks of my actual program there was one instructor who degraded students and said things that were very unprofessional, then when that instructor was dismissed of their duties we had another instructor and when that instructor resigned, then we got another instructor and then another. It was so hard to retain information and stay focused. Just sucked! Despite the learning and professional concerns, I was actually interested in taking another course at this facility, but not anymore. Thanks! :(
Although every professor I had was exceptional in their efforts to help every student success, their platform for the online work had errors too often. The online class work is not too indepth, and a different software company with updated textbooks made the quizzes that are meant to be on what we read, even though the text book is out of date. This causes the learned material to often conflict with the correct quiz answers.
Great investment for your future. Dedicated faculty and staff. Environment is really student focused.
I like that the classes are very diverse and that there are many projects and other work besides book work that is integrated.
My time at Brookline college has been memorable. I have made connections with bright individuals and professors who support me in many ways. As a kinesthetic learner I enjoy the hands on experience . The professors motivate and even reward students after having completed and succeeded in assigned tasks. My time at this school has pushed me to reach the best of my abilities and that is why this school is greatly recommended.
I love this school, although I have only ever attended online the staff is always there for me, and they are extremely helpful. The classes are fun and even though I am online we have class discussions that add to the overall experience.
I love the school and classes. The cost is painful. You can't put a price on education and a future.
Brookline College of Phoenix has the most wonderful professors who will guide you along the way should anything occur. They are well versed in their field and are able to pass that knowledge along.
This is an awesome school that is there for their students to help them exceed. Something I would like to see is for them to offer internal scholarships for their students.
Horrible college. Don't go there.. instructors are ridiculous. Way to expensive and not professional at all.. sad when instructors leave because of how the school is ran. Been through so many Deans. Tells you somw thing.. all about money and not academics.
I just started my first semester at Brookline College and so far it is amazing. I really love how the teachers are interactive with their students and really want to help the students succeed. The school is small and cozy.
Tuition costs are a tad excessive, but doable. Fortunately, the staff is incredibly helpful in tackling admissions problems quickly and effectively.
As a current nursing student at Brookline College, the experience is better than I have expected. I have met some excellent Teachers who give their all and are focus on us students, and our ability to learn and obtain the information that we need. Some are willing to push us to do our best and be our best. Although the work load may be gruesome, the encouragements from the staff members make it all worthwhile. Brookline provided us with the best counselor for student like me who have test anxiety to help train and teach us about the way to overcome them.
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It's a very friendly place. You feel welcomed the minuet you walk onto the campus. Everyone is always making sure you understand your classes and always giving positive advice. I'm glad I chose this Brookline College - Tempe School to come to.
Brookline College is an awesome college to attend. As a current student I like the way all professors help their student in every way they can.
In my program we learn a bit of everything from phlebotomy to wound care. The externship sites are amazing and there are varieties of sites.
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