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Yes, your able to get a degree in one year. However, they do not have a program after get out of school. They dont really help with getting a job in the field. I have a degree and still cant get into my career field. Waste of time and money. I wish I would have did more research on it.
Online was a hassle to navigate and communicate with teachers. Having to post online two to three times a week was unnecessary it created too much work. I dont recommend this school for anyone that needs more help and understanding.
Moving from in class to online due to COVID was actually a smooth transition. Almost every professor had few to no challenges, the video lectures are recorded to watch again and the testing software was easy to use.
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I am receiving a personalized in depth education in a small class size with lots of hands on learning. The tuition cost is high, but it includes all of the materials needed for the education.
There are a lot of Great professors that care about your success. Brookline offers a variety of different tools to help you through school. Nursing is very difficult, but they help you be successful and do what you love!
During this pandemic of Covid 19 we had to take our classes online. It was a great experience. We were able to use zoom and get connected. Used various simulations. Great overall experience!
Applying at Brookline was simple, the admissions representative was attentive and knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered.
The campus was extremely comfortable and made you feel welcome. They give you tour and show you exactly how big the classrooms are and it’s a 15 to 1 ratio.
I’ll be starting school in January. I really can’t wait. All the staffs are really helpful and nice. I’m really excited to start school soon.
The nursing program is very rigorous but is SOOO worth it!
They worked very hard to make my class schedule fit into my work schedule. I really appreciate all heir hard work!
Looking forward to the great online class.
I haven't graduated yet but they have a very high pass rate for the NCLEX as well as almost 100% hire percentage!
Class size is small and intimate. Great for learning!
The staff is very helpful.!
Brookline, overall, has been a pleasant experience. They are willing to work with your life's schedule in order to accomplish your dreams! Well worth the money
Very flexible, but this does require some compromises on your part.
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The online course that I am taking now is a little repetitive, requiring everyone to regurgitate the same information and then comment on it in prescribed ways that leave little room for any real interaction. It has very little value for me so far. If you learn by rote and without any cogent assistance, then this is the way to go!
The process of applying for student loans can be laborious. However, once in the classroom the small class size and personal attention is well worth it.
A friend from work is just completing her BSN now and she raves about the program.
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