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The professors are amazing. They do a good job on connecting with the students and are very open. They make sure to prepare us for the real wold as well as providing us with a great education. The environment is excellent, and everyone is cordial with one another.
I absolutely loved Brookhaven! The teachers were amazing and would answer all your questions. The students had chances to interact with other students and learn more about themselves. There are tutors always available.
The school overall is great. I have gone to other community colleges in the area and they do not help their freshmen nearly as much. The application process is so smooth. All the counselors and workers are so happy to help if you have any questions. All my professors have always been fair. Also there are many clubs relating to things that I have wanted to try. So the first time in my school career, I had joined a club.
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Brookhaven College is a great college that is part of the Dallas County College District. I attend nursing school here, and I am excited to graduate soon. They offer a lot of different classes and opportunities for students to get involved. I would like better communication overall with the departments at this school especially financial aid services which can be hit or miss.
I have truly enjoyed my experience at Brookhaven Community College. My professors have been excellent and very much invested in their students' success. The campus is surrounded by walking paths that allow the students and faculty to relax and explore the natural landscape of trees, fields, and creeks. Wildlife abounds!
This was an OK college to get a jump on a bachelor's degree, but I wouldn't expect any associate's degrees earned from here to actually make anyone money, especially if that degree is in computer science.
Brookhaven College is one of the best colleges in the DFW area. I have taken many classes online and in class and the professors are top notch!
Brookhaven is a great community college. The school is diverse and has awesome professors. There is not much of a party scene, but overall it is worth the investment.
Overall, I have enjoyed my experience at Brookhaven College. With the exception of one professor, I feel that my teachers truly care about me/my class and what we're learning. It's a nice campus that is well taken care of and I always have felt safe here.
Brookhaven is a very nice college !! The staff is very friendly and helpful. This is a great school to start your 2 year degree !! They also have certificate that you can receive to get easy money
I will be getting ready to attend Brookhaven starting July 11, 2017!! The campus is absolutely amazing!! I will be playing Volleyball for Coach Hopkins. I can't wait to start my journey as a Bear and pursue my nursing degree at Brookhaven. Their nursing program is one of the top in the nation. The campus is really nice. It is also smaller. I like that!! It will make me feel at home.
I did not enjoy my time at Brookhaven. However, I did meet some teachers who cared about me as a student and wanted me to succeed in their class once they have seen how hard I work.
Beautiful campus with very friendly staff! My questions were answered, and my concerns as well. I can't wait to attend this upcoming semester.
It is a great school to attend before transferring to a university, and you also save a lot of money taking this route.
I definitely feel like Brookhaven will prepare me for my transfer to Texas A&M. The subway is awesome to have in building S & the track around the school is great. Lots of opportunities for students to get involved. There is ample help on campus if you ask or look for it. Teachers are great and parking isn't too bad. I love the campus so beautiful and really resourceful. You can save a lot of money here at the Brookhaven before you transfer to a university.
Currently attending Brookhaven Community College, I am loving it so far. Some of my prof. aren't the best but still able to pass the classes
I've had an amazing time at Brookhaven College. It's really fun and people there really get involved in the activities around campus. Last week there was a little campus party and there were a lot of people dancing and singing and just having a lot of fun. They have small classes which is great for learning. Even though there's not much to eat on the campus there's a lot of close places you can sit down at or just eat on the go. The only change I would like to see at Brookhaven is the possibility of them getting dorms because people from all over the area go to this school and it's such a hassle having to take the bus every day, using money that I could be paying my tuition with. The placement of dorms would make going to school far more convenient.
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I absolutely love the flexibility of classes available. Because I work during the week, they have a wide variety of both night and weekend classes.
I have had good and bad experiences with online courses. Because you don't see your professor or your peers face-to-face, its a lot harder to form relationships.
Being a major in studio art is great because the students are equally as driven and the teachers are excellent professionals.
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