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Brookhaven College Reviews

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Pros: The classes are small and are taught well. The campus is small and accessible. Student body is diverse in both race, creed, and age.
Cons: None I can think of, except for the lack of food options on campus.
I love the school!!! It's clean and inviting. The staff are friendly and have all the answers. Brookhaven is truly a great school!!! I would recommend anyone looking to get a good start at a community college go to Brookhaven.
I completed my Associates of Science at this school. I loved my experience here. I made friends, I met plenty of international students, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.
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I have to say the admission process for this colleges was so smooth. I received all the answers I needed and was able to register for class the same day. The advisers are very informative and so is the staff.
I really enjoyed going to Brookhaven College because it was so easy for me to finish up my associates degree. I transferred to Brookhaven and the process was so easy and they took all of my credits from my old college, which was fantastic to me. I also feel like it has one of the best online programs since all 10 of my classes were online and super easy to take. I love the flex terms too so I was able to finish some classes within 3 to 5 weeks.
It is just another mediocre community college. I did not get the best or lowest education from this college. There are some great teachers and poor teachers just like any other schools.
Excellent place to meet people and a great learning environment. Brookhaven College is a great place to start off college education, as it has affordable prices and unique opportunities. The college provides plenty of opportunities for students to network and get involved with the multiple clubs found on campus. Overall, the college has excellent professors that provide necessary tools for you to be successful in your desired future career.
For my first two semesters at Brookhaven College I only to 3 classes which was equivalent to 10 hours. In my experience, there is not a specific word you can give to a year long experience. There were some good professors, and some who I did not learn much from. My English and History professors were great for both semesters but when it came to a foreign language class, Spanish was a total blur. I did not improve much as I wanted to. Especially because my teacher was very lenient and did not really care to discipline students who did not complete assignments.
Other than that class, I found the campus to be a great place of learning and was an easy place to get around.
I enjoy my experience at Brook haven. Only concern is that I feel I'm being left behind in my major, which is Electrical Engineering. The classes aren't at the same level as other four- year universities.
The programs here are very good and they teach you in a great environment they really care about the students and the students are very friendly overall i love the school and its different programs i would recommended to everyone.
Brookhaven is a wonderful school and has a very nice campus. It's perfect for getting your basics done!
Great environment, great teachers. Plentiful staff and individuals in the school. Would definitely recommend the school to colleagues trying to save money.
I have been at Brookhaven for 2 years now. At first everyone said that Brookhaven is not good for science majors etc. But now I know it depends on what professors you take. Brookhaven has great professors for physics, calc and chemistry, but I do agree that they need now a good professor for Biology and Organic chemistry. Overall the campus is nice and all the professors are really helpful in every step. Plus, the councilors help too in deciding your study route and stuff. So overall yes it’s a great college, but they still need to find good professors for Biology and Organic Chem.
Brookhaven is a great college and they are also very cost effective. They are also very helpfully when picking classes and adjusting to college life.
Good school. Student center is very nice. Some older buildings could be remodeled. Some of the them are very old and look horrible.
Brookhaven College is a great place to get started. It is very affordable and offers University level education. All of my professors have shown a great interest in my success. Although they are not highly attended, the athletics are very competitive. The women's soccer team won a National Championship in 2017 and the baseball team is also very good. I have enjoyed my time at Brookhaven and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get two years of college out of the way at a fraction of what one would pay at a University.
The classes are very flexible on times, and the teachers seem to really care about their students. The campus and advisors seem to really try to stay up to date with what their students need.
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The things about Brookhaven college was that the academics taught their was very well for the price that you are paying because it is a community college, so i would say it's a good place to be. As far as i know, things that I would like to see change is probably nothing.
main office is too late working.It should be improved.There are few job offers in the school. The difference of professor's outcome is too bad. Because I do not have my own dormitory, I have difficulty finding foreign students' residence. The price of the apartment opposite the school is too high.As soon as I get off the I-635 expressway, the traffic is convenient because I get to school. Besides, there are two bus routes of DART and it is good that it is easy to use.
I would like to have this opportunity to enhance my learning skills at a higher level because it will allows me to grow and seek my career at an earlier time. I love to work with hands-on because I can understand better as I progress. Brook haven would most definitely be the best school for me!
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