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The professors where great. They took time to really help students in understanding the material. Unfortunately not all teachers had office hours. So the only chance they had to ask questions was before, during, or right after class. The last option was email which to be fair does take a while before a professor responds. The campus was pretty big and very aesthetic. The staff was also helpful and friendly. The time I took classes was at night so I didn't get to see much of the actual student activity.
The experience its okay, they offer a lot of assistance for students. Professors are very good ones. A lot of student involvement
Enrollment process is time consuming and assurance of stability is not always guaranteed. If you or your child is hoping to attend here, make sure you plan ahead and make a list of things to ask. And ask until you understand.
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Even though I do not take classes on campus, I have noticed that the campus was very well kept. I have been to the campus dozens of times to talk to counselors, teachers and group-mates, and every visit to the campus was enjoyable. When I first had my orientation last year all the leaders were nice and brought us on a fun tour of the campus.
What I like about Brookahven is that everyine is friendly inlcuding the teachers, What I didn't like was that it seemed like everyone was quick to leave campus when they had the oppurtunity, it was always quiet.
I have learned a lot from Brookhaven College! There are a lot of great professors and clubs that you can find. Lots of resources are also provided!
I like how the people that work for the school show their "over the counter" presents every time that I need help.
This campus is beautiful with lots of student involvement. They have professors and advisors who care so much for their students and you can tell they truly want you to succeed. I have enjoyed my time at BHC and have learned so much.
What I like about about Brookhaven is the campus how nice it is and how the professors teaches. I knew right then and their I wanted to go to Brookhaven when I visit the school I really love how the campus is. I had graduated from high school in 2012 and now I want to go the the college I really wanted to go is Brookhaven.
I came here for many field trips when I was in Elementary/Middle/High School. I came here for field trips because many people think that this college is the best since we mostly lived closed from here. I think this college is a really good college because it has many great opportunities for everyone regarding your choices.
I have attended this college for a while now and I absolutely recommend going here if you live near the area. With all the different cultures and activities on campus, everyone is able to fit in and find their true calling here. The school is safe and the professors care and there is nothing that could be better.
The professors throughly enjoy teaching and getting to know their students! Additionally, professors are great at helping you in class or working with you even when your schedule doen't allow it! Although student life isn't as lively as you might hope it to be there are still many events throughout the school year where you can come and celebrate together as a campus! It is definitely the best community college campus that I've ever visited!
Brookhaven is an open atmosphere where you can get help from anyone and anywhere for advice or just a question about a problem in one of your classes. There is nothing I would change about it because when you have all the resources to succeed what more can you ask for.
honestly, its a very nice and calm campus. the people are very nice and swift. it is a go in and get out type of deal unfortunately. I wish it was more social.
Brookhaven College is a very diverse and open campus. There are so many ways to get involved with not only the campus and the school but the surrounding community as well. The campus is very well taken care of and allows students to express themselves in various ways. The campus as a whole, is very safe with its very own police center in the middle, ready to help the student body however they are able to. The campus is not equipped with its own dorms, however, there are multiple apartment complexes within a mile of the campus. The professors at Brookhaven College are very understanding and willing to work with their students in order to see them succeed. Most have flexible office hours to provide one on one tutoring to those students that are struggling.
I love how helpful the staff is, the only change I would like to see is in the variety of food in campus. Other than that, the campus has a very chilling atmosphere and the professors I’ve had are great.
The campus overall is very diverse and has an excellent faculty. From the bookstore associates to the professors, everyone is always very positive and ready to help. I have had the honor of attending this campus these past two years and have enjoyed all the classes I have taken here. All of my professors have very helpful when it came to explaining topics I would not easily have understood by simply following power points or reading about. The campus is always very clean and police are always around to ensure everyone is safe while on and leaving campus. The campus is very diverse and it is easy to learn more about different cultures because of that. I would highly recommend this campus to anyone wanting to further their education.
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I went to Brookhaven Community College as part of the Early College program. Basically, I graduate with my diploma and associate's degree. The campus was very welcoming and so were most of the professors, who would enjoy us more than their college students. The campus is very diverse with individuals from all over the world; French, African, Chinese, Mexican, and white. I would recommend this college for anyone looking to either be a nurse or a theater or film major, as these were what I saw the most at this campus.
I believe Brookhaven is one of the top colleges in the DCCCD district. It's teachers, advisors, and staff members are a good help to all students on the campus. The campus is also very large compared to other Dallas county colleges . There is many different ethnic groups who attend Brookhaven comparing between teachers and students. Although, I have had a batch of good and bad professors with the bad professors outweighing the good. Otherwise this campus is a good investment for incoming high school students.
This is a great school, its a community collage yet its large like a university. Its an amazing school with great teachers and great students. This school have a X building for nursing, fire fighting, and ex-ray's. I have never seen a community collage with such awesome hands on resounds for those field. Unlike other community collages this school has all kids of extra field like many types of dance, music, Arial, and more. Its a fun school.
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