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All the professors are wonderful and genuinely care about your success. It is easy to develop close connections with them. There are so many clubs and activities to get involved in. The atmosphere is great and the community is overall just fantastic.
All my online classes have been really smooth so far. The professors have been patient and have been teaching their respective courses as they would in person.
I just feel that I paid money but I learned by myself. some teachers do not help you and not allow you to find some help from online. the professors' skill and teaching style are poor. just read the slide. never explain the problems. the fees are charged a lot. even you did not use anything at school. I think some fees are not reasonable maybe.
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the tuition cost is very high, and some teachers are bad. I do not recommend you to attend this school. refund policy is not good.
The classes that you take here can be much harder than a university class. Overall the campus is average, the success of a class can be determined heavily on the professor you choose. Although, it’s a perfect option to save money, while also having the opportunity to go to a university after 2 years.
It’s pretty easy going with taking online courses the online application that we use to access our work and tests is manageable as long as you study the online coursework and turn your work in on time you’ll do fine. Online might be better than in person learning.
I took my remaining semester of spring and summer semester online. It was a different environment from being in class and I loved it. The professors were very understanding and I would recommend taking classes online to be safe!
Everything about Brookdale was great, the best thing was saving money and saving it to pay for my last 2 years at a four-year university. The professors are great and understanding. I went here with many of my friends from high school so that made it really fun. I wouldn't like to see anything change its a great school!
Everyone was so helpful and kind. The staff were always willing to help out Brookdale students and able to provided them with the right resources. I came to brookdale because I was undecided about my major. After taking a couple of courses I decided to try out the social work program. quickly I was hooked on the program. I really enjoyed my professors I had because they really cared in their students succeeding. Ive been at brookdale for three years and had a great comfortable time spending my college years there. I would recommend brookdale to anyone. especially with its affordable tuition and many majors/ programs to pick from. I am now working on my social work major and once I graduate I plan to get my bachelors. Once I finish that I plan on coming back to brookdale for addiction studies since Ive heard great things about. Plus I'm very interesting in learning more about the topic.
I only took a couple of classes online. Due to the pandemic my classes turned to online. Thats really the only reason why I took classes online. I like my more face to face classes. However, my professors did a great job keeping everything the same. Nothing changed, of course only the setting. But they did a great job understanding the situation and working with us during Covid- 19
For the price and the fact it is a community college, there are many amenities. There are many clubs, frequent activities and fundraisers, etc.
I took 4 classes online. They were almost better than the real thing! Due to COVID-19 many teachers had to improvise their online curriculums, but my professors actually gave it a really good try and didn't just give us powerpoints.
Brookdale Commuity College was a great school that helped me get a head start on my future academic successes. The college had amazing professors and students, and everyone always felt included. As for the student life and activities on campus-- fantastic. There was always something to do and some way to be included. I am very thankful to have been able to earn my associate's degree at Brookdale!
I only began taking online classes when the pandemic started. My professors quickly learned how to take on a new learning environment and helped each student the best they could to adjust to online learning.
I would like to see some harder problems gone over in class. Many problems gone over are surface level and are kept very simple.
I never had an online class, except for when COVID-19 canceled classes. Our transition was ok, but I wouldn't recommend taking math classes solely online.
Instructors used canvas to help aid students. Canvas was an extremely easy platform to use compared to other sites.
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Brookdale Community College has aided me in achieving many academic goals. Brookdale helped me become a more ambitious, driven individual ultimately helping shape me into the best version of myself. Brookdale is a school that helps one develop before heading off to a four year university or obtaining an associates degree .
Online classes are amazing. Love taking online classes because all the teachers are good with working with the students and their needs.
An amazing experience I had at my first year at Brookdale. All staff are amazing and never in countered someone who wasn’t amazing.
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