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Brookdale collegeis an alright school, but i'd hope they change there guidance counselor for students.
Brookdale is a complete joke. The counseling services are barely any help and some of them are very rude. Student life is nonexistent, they just go to class and leave. Most of the teachers suck, once in a while you will get a good professor but majority are just bad. They never have any class sessions either for certain classes, making your schedule is literally terrible because theres barely any sections to pick from. And the sections have bad professors so its a loose loose. If you wanna be miserable for two years, go to Brookdale.
Flipping amazing school! Amazing staff and awesome students/teachers. They're many clubs/sports for students to stay active in
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I believe that community college has its own family-like feeling to it. It is great to have it close to your home and at the same time enjoy campus life that it provides. Professors in Brookdale take their time to take care of students - most of my classes were not too large.
Brookdale is a great place to start. You'll save tons of money and get a great education. The professors are intelligent and will help you as best they can. I would like to see more students get involved there though, most people go to class then go home. Boring for someone who is in their late teens/early twenties.
Made friends here, good teachers, good classes and helpful people. Big campus. Disability services office for students with disabilities and special needs.
It is a great school with great people working at it. The campus is beautiful and calm. They are very crediable and I'm happy to be going to Brookdale
I love it, the staff is friendly and helpful, the professors take the time to explain things you don't understand, and the students are nice and friendly. The campus is amazing and there are different branches all around the county to make it easier for all of the sudents.
Campus was dull, minimal engaging activities. Professors and students seemed to want to be elsewhere for the most part. Little encouragement to get involved.
Not a good experience at all! The professors were good but the system has too many cracks and I just so happened to fall in one of them. I completed my requirements for graduation. They said I was finished and that I would have my degree in 3 months by mail. Two months later I received a letter stating that I did not graduate. After further investigation I was told "it was an accident and their fault". Meanwhile my entire next degree was dependent on the completion of the degree from Brookdale. This has set me back and their lack of communication has caused such stress on me that I have not even been able to sleep. This is a pretty large mess up and no one seems to have any urgency in this matter. My time at Brookdale was fine but due to this so called "crack" I am forced to contact an attorney to have things rectified. After spending tons of money on tuition and numerous hours in study this is not how the end of this glorious journey should be.
Brookdale is a great school if you know what you want. It is pretty easy to find classes to fit you schedule even at different campuses. The professors try hard to help but most have a very class load. I would like it to be more affordable because it seems like tuition goes up every year. The change in certain curriculums can be a very pain. By the time you go to obtain for classes you have no idea what to take. The advisers could be better trained with dealing with the students and the changing of programs.
After spending two years at Brookdale Community College, I have most definitely become a more intellectual and diverse individual and student. Brookdale excelled with the large amount of clubs and organizations that they have present on campus all the time. The counseling, tutoring, and advisement offices are all proficient at their job and truly make the experience smooth and enjoyable.
This school is great for anyone, especially being that it's tuition is cheaper than other community colleges in the area. A lot of times you'll find out that the class you had chosen for a specific professor won't have the professor you had wanted. In that way it's nervewracking. Despite that there's plenty of Labs for Math, Comp Sci, Writing, etc with staff who go above and beyond to help.
Brookdale is an amazing campus, beautiful scenery, and great resources all over the Lincroft location. I also love that they offer classes in other locations such as Wall, Neptune, and Long Branch, and online courses. I would love for Brookdale to allow individuals to create their own campaigns with the student life adviser, such as fundraising for an organization without being affiliated with a club.
Right now Im enrolled in one of their vocational programs. I go to my high school for half the day and the other half of the day I spend it at brookdale's culinary art center in Asbury Park. Very prodigious school.
I love Brookdale. The campus relatively big, very beautiful, and is filled with relaxed or friendly people. It is the top two-year college in the state and it is very affordable compared to other schools. If you plan on transferring to a higher 4 year college afterwards, I hear that Brookdale is a great gate-way school. Every teacher I have had so far has had good expectations. If you put in the effort you will be rewarded.
I'm graduating Brookdale Community College in 4 month, and I can only say positive things about it. The level of academics is really descent. I feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge that would help me in my future. The class size is at most 25 people which allows to build strong student-teacher relationships. If I ever had any problems, I could go to my professor's office and get things resolved. Sometimes I would even call them and they wouldn't refuse to help. No matter what negative things they say about community colleges, don't listen. You can gain knowledge no matter what school you are in as long as you strive for it.
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Brookdale Community College is a cozy campus in Lincroft close to many local eateries and the Red Bank nightlife/summer life scene. Brookdale offers a variety of Majors and is ranked as one of the best community colleges in the country. As is the case with any college or university, depending on what major you pursue the return on investment can vary between decent and extraordinary.

Brookdale doesn't have dorms/housing because it is a Community College. The campus is safe as they have their own Police Force to patrol the roads and parking lots. I believe their teachers are truly caring and supportive of their students. Brookdale has a few collegiate sports such as Baseball and Softball but its main mission is education.
Brookdale Community College is an amazing school. It is ranked number 1 for community colleges in not only the state of New Jersey, but the number 1 2 year college in the nation. I love it! It offers great resources and has many different opportunities to not only learn but to better yourself as an individual.
The community college is a great institution since it is affordable (like really affordable) and near home. One thing that stands out is that even though the college is affordable, the education is not lacking because I am taking rigorous courses with professors that know their material and can make complicated subjects simple. Another great thing is the professors because most of them are accessible and are willing to work with you.
The only thing I would change from Brookdale is the food because it is overpriced and sometimes it tastes strange. For example, the pizza they sell tastes most of the time like cardboard and fries or chicken tenders sometimes take up the flavor of the container. The only good food they offer is that from Starbucks.
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