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This school is great for anyone, especially being that it's tuition is cheaper than other community colleges in the area. A lot of times you'll find out that the class you had chosen for a specific professor won't have the professor you had wanted. In that way it's nervewracking. Despite that there's plenty of Labs for Math, Comp Sci, Writing, etc with staff who go above and beyond to help.
Brookdale is an amazing campus, beautiful scenery, and great resources all over the Lincroft location. I also love that they offer classes in other locations such as Wall, Neptune, and Long Branch, and online courses. I would love for Brookdale to allow individuals to create their own campaigns with the student life adviser, such as fundraising for an organization without being affiliated with a club.
Right now Im enrolled in one of their vocational programs. I go to my high school for half the day and the other half of the day I spend it at brookdale's culinary art center in Asbury Park. Very prodigious school.
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I love Brookdale. The campus relatively big, very beautiful, and is filled with relaxed or friendly people. It is the top two-year college in the state and it is very affordable compared to other schools. If you plan on transferring to a higher 4 year college afterwards, I hear that Brookdale is a great gate-way school. Every teacher I have had so far has had good expectations. If you put in the effort you will be rewarded.
I'm graduating Brookdale Community College in 4 month, and I can only say positive things about it. The level of academics is really descent. I feel like I've gained a lot of knowledge that would help me in my future. The class size is at most 25 people which allows to build strong student-teacher relationships. If I ever had any problems, I could go to my professor's office and get things resolved. Sometimes I would even call them and they wouldn't refuse to help. No matter what negative things they say about community colleges, don't listen. You can gain knowledge no matter what school you are in as long as you strive for it.
Brookdale Community College is a cozy campus in Lincroft close to many local eateries and the Red Bank nightlife/summer life scene. Brookdale offers a variety of Majors and is ranked as one of the best community colleges in the country. As is the case with any college or university, depending on what major you pursue the return on investment can vary between decent and extraordinary.

Brookdale doesn't have dorms/housing because it is a Community College. The campus is safe as they have their own Police Force to patrol the roads and parking lots. I believe their teachers are truly caring and supportive of their students. Brookdale has a few collegiate sports such as Baseball and Softball but its main mission is education.
Brookdale Community College is an amazing school. It is ranked number 1 for community colleges in not only the state of New Jersey, but the number 1 2 year college in the nation. I love it! It offers great resources and has many different opportunities to not only learn but to better yourself as an individual.
The community college is a great institution since it is affordable (like really affordable) and near home. One thing that stands out is that even though the college is affordable, the education is not lacking because I am taking rigorous courses with professors that know their material and can make complicated subjects simple. Another great thing is the professors because most of them are accessible and are willing to work with you.
The only thing I would change from Brookdale is the food because it is overpriced and sometimes it tastes strange. For example, the pizza they sell tastes most of the time like cardboard and fries or chicken tenders sometimes take up the flavor of the container. The only good food they offer is that from Starbucks.
The college gives you exactly what you need to succeed and there are plenty of decent professors that are determined to help you.
Brookdale Community College was definitely the right choice for a two year school. Entering college I was unsure what I wanted to do so I went to Brookdale, and the professors were so involved and made sure that you understood what you were learning and I learned more than I thought I would at a community college. I also played soccer there and won a national championship which was the icing on the cake!
I have genuinely enjoyed my experience at Brookdale. Make the most of it!
Being a theater major at Brookdale, you have a total of 45 credit major related courses to complete. The rest of the credits are general education courses. You still have to take a science (I recommend Environmental or Biology if science is not your forte/you just want to avoid Chemistry like how I tried to avoid it), a computers class (I recommend COMP 129 for those who are not computer science-able like myself), two math credit courses (I recommend MATH 136 and MATH 145 for those who are not great at math as well like myself. They are the easiest math credit courses you will find. Those who are left brained like myself will do well in these courses as most of the problems are just memorization), two English courses (I recommend English 121 and 122) and a few creative writing/journalism courses count under "Humanities" (((I recommend Creative Writing (You get to write poems, stories, etc.) and English 155: Short Story (You get to read and review short stories by famous literary authors.))) In the Theater Department, you are required to complete four acting courses: 1.) Acting I- introduction to basic acting/improvisation/scene work with a partner, 2.) Acting II- continued introduction to basic acting and scene work with a partner, 3.) Acting III- introduction to Shakespeare's works, individual work on Shakespeare monologues, and Shakespeare work with a scene partner, and 4.) Acting IV- introduction to the audition techniques needed to become a successful actor and individual work on dramatic and contemporary monologues. You are also required to take two courses on the history of theater (Musical Theater - focuses on the history of Musical Theater in America starting from the 1800's to today and it's influence on the world and other entertainment outlets; and Theater Appreciation - the study of all forms of theater starting with the 14th century and onward and how theater influenced many important historical events including the Dark Ages &the Enlightenment.
I am currently taking Chemistry 136 as an online course during an advanced summer schedule. It is extremely hard, but you have to stay on top of your game.
Brookdale is known for it's extremely accommodating schedules. They have early morning classes (as early as 7:30/8:30 am for those of you who are early risers or work in the day and evening), they have late morning classes (for those of you who do not like to get up too early but still want to be done with school before 1:30), afternoon classes, and evening classes. They also have online courses, winter semester courses, and summer semester courses. If you complete your requirements for your degree, you can graduate at the end of the fall semester or spring semester and if you need to still fill in requirements for classes after graduating, you can fill in the requirements during the winter or summer semester and receive your degree in the mail along with your other fellow graduates. I speak from experience. :)
I loved attending Brookdale Community College. As a recent graduate (class of 2016) with my A.A. in Theater, I can honestly say I have loved most of my professors. Brookdale also has great tutoring services in Larrison Hall for those who qualify for I.E.P's/have learning issues with their ACAD classes (Academy of Learning.)
As a fellow theater graduate (A.A.) from Brookdale (2016), I was able to transfer my credits to Ramapo College of New Jersey up in Mahwah. One of my theater professors is a Ramapo alumni and his letter of recommendation along with my other theater professor's letter of recommendation are, what I believe, got me accepted into Ramapo one week after I applied to Ramapo. The value of a theater degree at Brookdale gives you many connections in the theater world and can help you succeed in life. With being a theater major, you need to take your required General Education classes (I.E. math, computers, science, writing, history, etc) as well as four acting courses ((Acting I - improv/basic introduction into acting/some scene work with a partner, Acting II- an extension of Acting I (except no improv) - which basically is a further introduction into acting/heavy focus on scene work with a partner, Acting III - Shakespeare/Shakespeare monologues/Shakespeare scene work with a partner, and Acting IV- individual monologues/focus on audition techniques)), and two theater history courses (Musical Theater and Theater Appreciation.)

Non-required (optional) theater courses are Basic Directing (only offered in the Fall), Technical Theater I (offered in the Fall and Spring), and Technical Theater 2 (offered in the Spring.) I have completed all my major requirements as well as Basic Directing and Technical Theater I. Even-though the last two courses were not required for my major at Brookdale, they were required for my major at Ramapo and they were still transferable.
I am studying criminal justice. so far I have completed one criminal justice class and I am taking another right now, the class I am taking is counter-terrorism and the professor is the best, I have to say this school is very helpful with everything.
Review Brookdale Community College
I am in my second semesters in this school and I love it. the professors are great. there is help in every class and it is very easy to succeed here.
It took longer than I had expected to get into the education program.
It was a stepping stone for the rest of my education
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