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Brookdale has given me a great learning experience so far. The campus is always so clean and the teachers always are willing to help the students.
Going to Brookdale was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was able to get the same education my friends had to without being $100,000 in debt. Community college gets a bad rep but you have to make the most of it. Brookdale offers many different clubs and events for students to go to but if you don’t go, it will be another boring school where you just sit in a lecture for 3 hours and then drive home. If you’re involved, Brookdale will be like any other 4 year college at a fraction of the cost.
I love all my professors so far, their so helpful and make class fun. The only thing I don't like is I feel like there's a lot of sketchy people, there's a lot of bad kids who don't try
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Brookdale has the most helpful administration and staff . They guide you through every step of college and have so many helpful resources for you. The clubs and student life and activities are endless and they constantly support and motivate you. I felt right at home when I started.
The campus is very nice very easy to navigate. All the staff and faculty are very friendly and willing to help with anything that you need.
This college has began offering more choices in the types of classes that they offer now. When I started after high school 1993, it was still limited. It has gotten better.
Great for someone who needs a smaller class size or isn't sure about about college. Also great way to save money instead of going to a four year college straight away
I have not actually attended yet, but I will be this fall of 2019. During my registration using the early bird program, I met with several advisers and student success coaches which are basically your school counselors. I was in a humanities (undecided group) which meant at the moment I didn't know what I wanted to major in at the moment. I was lucky enough to be approached by faculty who actually cared and showed drive to get me where I wanted or farther than I originally thought. They first helped me with choosing a major asking what i liked to do and what not. They broke everything down but what was great is they made me feel like i had control and I could really do something with my life even though I had not yet thought it up. I also plan to transfer to Rutgers after my two years and Brookdale can be a valuable asset when it comes to achieving that. I can't wait to attend this Fall.
Love everybody there staff and all are super nice and informative, This is my first semester in summer and you can always speak to an adviser and help them with your classes and how far along your going towards your goal. I really like how convenient the parking is and its so close to my house with all the different campuses they have. I am a full time worker and a part time student so the hours I need for school is hard to adjust with my full time job, but Brookdale has hours for the classes I need and I am very happy about that. I am yet unaware of what I am going for but I know I love to help people so something towards that as career wise.
Loved this college. Amazing professors and beautiful campus. I went here for about a year before I had to move out of state and transfer elsewhere. I wish I could have stayed here longer! I learned a lot.
My experience at brookdale has been a fun but and educated time. Brookdale provides many opportunities to student to ensure their future success providing the necessary help in the course you take. Being their an being apart of clubs has given me new friends including my professors leaving me wanting to retake a course because of how my professor teach. I would advice anyone who’s interested to consider being apart of the brookdale family.
I loved every experice i've had so far here at brookdale. brookdale community college offers various educational opportunities for students less financially capable than others. however, the guidance office can be very unstable when it comes to integrity. on the other hand, most staff members and professors exceed normal expectations by applying actual useful information into the class.
The most important aspect of a college that should be considered is its teaching staffs' attitudes and their certain ways and methods that they use to educate their students and speaking of brookdale community college, they use their staff quality to their advantage hence rising into being a great or profound college.
Brookdale Community College is one of the finest community colleges in the entire country, let alone state. With it’s incredibly diverse student body and a truly amazing staff, the sky is the limit for students who wish to begin their academic careers at Brookdale. With small class sizes and an enormous array of course selection and majors, prospective students are sure to find an area of interest that will excite them about college. It is also a wonderful place to start for students who wish to attend college but may not be able to afford it.
Brookdale community college is a great school to start your college career in case you re not so sure of what you want to do. Another reason for going to brookdale could also be to save money, since 4 year schools are a lot more expensive. The diversity at brookdale is very good. The professors are also great and they are always there to help you succeed. Brookdale does not offer housing at the moment.
Brookdale has really great teachers and great a variety of classes so its helpful if you want to explore multiple fields. I felt a little lonely sometimes because I did not join any clubs so meeting people was tough. Classes were flexible so I could work full time and be a full time student.
I started taking classes while in high school. The coordinator for the fast start program is great. The location is great.
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It's a nice campus. Everyone seems pretty friendly as well as the professors. I plan attend this college after I complete my senior year of high school.
Brookdale Community College is a cheaper alternative than going directly into a 4 year school, obviously. The school is decent and the credits are transferred to all school in the state of New Jersey, which is great. However, there are some downs, as a lot of the teachers are not too great, the campus and the food are pretty bad, and the student life and people all around you are just average. I have to say though, I believe that this is the safest school in all of New Jersey. Nothing traumatic ever happens at Brookdale, making everyone feel very safe.
I really enjoy going to this school for my major. The professors are really caring and want you to succeed. It it very conveniently close to where I live and I like the area that is around it. The only thing I would change is maybe more parking. Otherwise I enjoy my time as a student here much more then went I was away for college and dorming.
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