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Brookdale Community College has wonderful professors overall. In the criminal justice department, professors have years of real life experience in the field and apply it to the class. Seeing case studies and real life situations help keep the student intrigued and helps them gain a better understanding.
Brookdale was a safe place for me. It didn't involve crazy loans or thousands of dollars in tuition. It had all of the clubs I needed to get myself involved. All of my teachers were very helpful and nice, and understood that most of us had jobs outside of school. Brookdale was the right choice when considering costs!
Brookdale community college is a great school for students to discover their passion. Most professors and staff at Brookdale show care in their students and their success. It is a great start for education in my opinion.
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Brookdale is a great place to start off your college career. All of the professors I encountered were great and were always looking out for the students. The only bad thing was how little help I received when I was ready to transfer to a 4 year school. Definitely something they need to work on
Teachers are lenient on books. Can get books at affordable prices. Teachers overall are of good caliber and are always willing to help. Able to take classes while working part time.
Brookdale Community College is a nice envrionment for all. Not only do you get a great education, but you can do so while feeling safe and having fun. Never have I felt more safe in a school and found learning to be so much fun.
It is an ok school. Definitely what you would expect a community college to be but also its pretty expensive for the high school education they give.
I love Brookdale Community College! They gave me the ability to transfer to another college and further my education.
My experience at brookdale community college has been great. The professors availabilities are great. The resourses on campus are great. The parking isnt best.
I really like the campus and the teachers. The teachers I had are really caring and knows the course well enough to make you understand very easily.
I absolutely love this school. All the professors I've had throughout my studies at BCC have all made the classes a great experience. Every staff member on campus is willing to help you and aren't there just for the money. Many of them go above and beyond to help students. I am a little disappointed with the counseling department because every time I go there, I get told something different about my major every time. Despite this flaw, they are still highly organized and willing to accommodate every student's needs. The school is great, especially the atmosphere and location. I had a great college experience here at Brookdale. The cafeteria has great variety for everyone whether you're willing to eat healthier or on the fattier side. The campus is very clean.
Brookdale Community College is a really great public school for a multitude of reasons. When I first began, the administration was quick and efficient when helping me pick classes, while also being very insightful. After beginning my classes, I learned that the teachers are also very helpful and truly want you to succeed. While I have heard other students say that some of their teachers didn't care or were lazy, that definitely wasn't the case for me. Furthermore, mine made sure I knew what I had to do in order to succeed, which is something I appreciate and respect about my professors.
Brookdale is a fantastic college that is a place to start your college experience. The professors and staff there are so helpful with any questions you may have. The courses are great you really learn a lot at Brookdale Community College I am so glad I am attending this college. The campus is beautiful and I really enjoy this college.
I found it to be quite a mediocre experience. With everyone being commuters it’s difficult to meet people
Brookdale was a great way to ease into the college atmosphere and helped me understandband get comfortable with what college was going to be about
It's easy if you stay focused and do all your work. Since it's a commuter school, there's no sense of campus life and it can be cliquey.
Brookdale collegeis an alright school, but i'd hope they change there guidance counselor for students.
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Brookdale is a complete joke. The counseling services are barely any help and some of them are very rude. Student life is nonexistent, they just go to class and leave. Most of the teachers suck, once in a while you will get a good professor but majority are just bad. They never have any class sessions either for certain classes, making your schedule is literally terrible because theres barely any sections to pick from. And the sections have bad professors so its a loose loose. If you wanna be miserable for two years, go to Brookdale.
Flipping amazing school! Amazing staff and awesome students/teachers. They're many clubs/sports for students to stay active in
I believe that community college has its own family-like feeling to it. It is great to have it close to your home and at the same time enjoy campus life that it provides. Professors in Brookdale take their time to take care of students - most of my classes were not too large.
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