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Brookdale was a cheap and easy way to earn an Associates degree. Classes were easy to find and take, and most of the professors are great teachers. The only reason I did not give 5, was the guidance of the school was sometimes not there. I took online and on campus classes, and having both was a better learning experience for me. Online was always easy, and having multiple campuses where you can take classes was so convenient.
My experience at Brookdale Community College was easy and very pleasant. All the professors are very understanding and only want to see the best for you. Brookdale tries very hard to bring school spirit by hosting fun events to get student to interact with one another. The one thing I would change about Brookdale Community College is that they reconfigure the parking lots so it is more accommodating for the students.
I like that Brookdale offers study abroad opportunities. I studied abroad in Bermuda through Brookdale and it was an opportunity that allowed me to get my feet wet literally and figuratively in the field of marine biology. Although Brookdale does not offer a major in marine biology, they offer a course in that, vertebrate zoology, invertebrate zoology, environmental science and other interactive animal based courses.
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The reason why I like Brookdale is because it’s very affordable. It’s only 20 mins from where I live so it also pretty local.
Brookdale is a nice campus. There is so much opportunity at this college and potential to discover what career interests you the most.
The only reason anyone should ever be here is if you're getting a full ride. If you voluntarily decide to attend BCC you are also saying you want no social life, clinical depression that will take years to recover from, and subpar education. Students are not friendly, and will only talk to you if you went to HS together. Professors are apathetic, advisors are useless, and water is wet. You will end up wasting more money on extra semesters bc of their stupidity. anyone saying BCC is a good school is either lying or being forced to say it with a gun to their head. I could go on about the high chance of a shooting bc of useless security or no club presence, but I can only write 1000 characters. Be smart, take out enormous loans for a real college
I love brookdale but like everything else it is changing like everything else will. I would like to believe it is changing for the better.
Brookdale is a great school for students who are unsure what they want to do in life and career. Community college is a good way to start evolving as an adult. Many students I’ve meet and myself included have used Brookdale as a stepping stool to advance at our own pace. The only thing I regret is missing the 4 years college dorm experience. Other than that I was able to get amazing grades and figure out exactly what I wanted to do.
I had a great experience at Brookdale Community College. I completed 5 semesters there for my undergrad and recently went back to take 2 more classes. The professors are amazing, all staff members are so willing to help and take extra time out of their day to give you all the information you need. The campus is easy to navigate and their are maps everywhere. The parking lots are huge, making it easy to get a parking spot. There are also blue security lights all over campus and a cop will appear when the button is pressed for help. I had an amazing experience there and I wish I could continue my education there.
I went to Brookdale and my son does now. It has gone the toilet. The student monitoring system is a joke. My son thought he might be struggling in his programming class that was taught by an adjunct professor, but the professor never used the system and when he logged on, it just said NTR(Nothing to report). No letter was sent home, and a DAY after the deadline to withdraw, the professor verbally told him there was jo way he could pass the class. We tried to appeal and were denied and asked us for documentation. How can we provide that if they dropped the ball and never sent it? Unbelievable unaccountabilty.
My experience at Brookdale Community College has been very positive. 90% of the professors I have had were passionate about what they were teaching and cared about their students. Brookdale has a lot to offer and provides a safe and encouraging learning atmosphere.
I really enjoy going to Brookdale! I graduated last year and I miss this school so much! I love the library and and tutor areas so much, they really do help a lot! The writing center, reading center, and the math lab was also amazing! You can go there for help if you are struggling! I want to see one of my favorite professors in this school, I miss one of them so much! Very excellent!
The education is phenomenal! The professors are top notch & very helpful when it comes to learning! I recommend Brookdale to anyone!
Brookdale Community College is a great community college for its cost. Professors throughly engage with students and the academics are great for a community college. Would definitely recommend.
I love it. They have many opportunities to get experience in your field. There is a lot of opportunities to also get help on almost anything; from scheduling to career advice.
There was a lot of opportunities offered. All of my professors genuinely cared about their students and were passionate in the fields they taught in. There was an overwhelming community aspect as well. The student life on campus was incredibly active to ensure all of the students had an opportunity to curate a worthwhile social experience on top of their academics.
Brookdale gave me the opportunity to attend college at a reasonable price. Over the past two years I've been able to receive my associates and have no student debt. It was a great place to help me decide my major, and gave me the tools I need to succeed.
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I have not attended the school yet but so far they are very welcoming and very polite. Emails i have been sent have been very inviting asking for me to visit the campus. Staff has told me in great detail about the programs they have for me. I am very excited to start at Brookdale Community College because i have friends to start that next step in my life with.
Brookdale Community College has wonderful professors overall. In the criminal justice department, professors have years of real life experience in the field and apply it to the class. Seeing case studies and real life situations help keep the student intrigued and helps them gain a better understanding.
Brookdale was a safe place for me. It didn't involve crazy loans or thousands of dollars in tuition. It had all of the clubs I needed to get myself involved. All of my teachers were very helpful and nice, and understood that most of us had jobs outside of school. Brookdale was the right choice when considering costs!
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