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Don’t do it. Schools great, but it’s not worth the money. Only reason I say that is within the 2 year program I underwent, they lost their accreditation, regained it, closed my campus, and forcefully transferred my credits to another campus (nullifying any chance of student loan forgiveness). I now have no degree, at a college that doesn’t exist, and a big ass bill for all of it. Don’t waste your time, go to a real school.
My school will not allow transfer of credits which makes it difficult to further my degree elsewhere
Online classes are easy to understand and learn
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The school allows students to learn materials needed to acquire a job in our desired field
the professors at my school have basic knowledge of the curriculum
The externships have a wide variety of opportunities.
a lot of the materials are old or expired which compromises learning new and advanced skills
Small class size which makes learning and individual one on one more available for each students
They have worked with me when I was involved in a state emergency and needed to leave for the week suddenly
They have a career counselor
It's fast paced and the instructors are helpful
They do not have internship in every course
It's fast paced which is nice
They do fun events that involves the entire school.
They really try very hard to make it as easy as possible for the students.
There is good flexibility with classes here. They do try to make it work for you.
This school is great. They have really been there for me and for all the other students.
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The course variety is good, the small classes make it fun.
This is a great school, the faculty, staff and instructors make the classes fun and really interesting.
Great classes and the instructors respond quickly with any questions or concerns you have.
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