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Honestly, do not take online courses here. The professors don't teach at all and they are generally are hard to get a hold of. Then, when you do get to talk to them, they are generally unhelpful. The homework load is high because you have to teach yourself the material and they require weekly discussions which are not helpful to anyone and is a waste of time. But, if you don't do it, then you are docked. Even if you do participate, you can be docked, not because your ideas/contributions weren't good, but because it did not meet the requirements (number of sentences, etc). And they don't inform you about these requirements until after your first post (they will dock you for this too), or they might dock you points for a few weeks until they finally inform you of the requirements for full points.
Vet Tech works with the students to make sure that they take advantage of job opportunities in the area.
For the Vet Tech program we are required to do an externship, which is a great way to get hands on experience.
Review Broadview University - Orem
The class sizes are small, which is great because it offers a more personalized learning experience. The teachers on campus are all fairly good, but I would never recommend taking online classes. The online courses typically have a large workload and the "professor" does absolutely nothing in regards to teaching, its all up to the student to try and figure out the course material.
The Vet Tech teachers are amazing! They are super knowledgeable and teach in a way that is easy to understand. The other teachers are sort of hit or miss. The workload for this major varies from teacher to teacher. Most are fair, but some have such an insane workload that it is impossible to complete it all if you plan on working and going to school (and sleep). The Vet Tech teachers really do care about their students and will work hard to ensure that they are successful and will help to find opportunities for us.
It's nice that you are able to finish your program quickly, but it is so expensive. The teachers (at least the Vet Tech ones) are definitely worth the money, cause they are amazing, but there have been so many issues that have come up recently that it makes this experience rather terrible. They decided (without any warning to us) to sell and shut down our campus and force us to travel to a campus that is about 1 hour away from the original campus. The staff at the campus care about their students, but the corporate office only sees us as a way to make money. It's sad because it has the potential to be a great school, but the ones who have the power do not care.
The credits from this school don't transfer anywhere. Unfortunately if you don't finish your degree here you will lose all your money and credits. The night classes are pretty late which worked well with my schedule but there isn't a lot of variety.
I loved the paralegal program. The courses teach a lot of things that you would actually be doing if you worked this type of law in an actual firm.
I personally am not a fan of online courses and they require so much work than traditional classroom courses. I know they work great for others though.
I loved that the classes were small but assignments change so often depending on the teacher. It was hard to keep up with everything changing. Some professors were also very hard to get a hold of.
This school is very misleading. They are very expensive and with campuses shutting down causing you to relocate it all seems a bit weird. They are changing the way you take classes and require that you take online ones and this wasn't something they said upfront. Their staff is also not the most helpful.
I really enjoy how small my classes are. It gives me more confidence to be able to speak in class. I love how the staff actually knows me here.
It just the ease of your schedule i work 40 hours a week in a production company i am unable to go to all the classes that they offer on campus allowing us to take them online is a huge help.
they make you at ease that you can succeed there and they will do everything possible to help you
they are friendly and always willing to help you succeed
getting financial aid is never a pleasant experience but they made it easy
They help you find a job and help with resume and interview review
Review Broadview University - Orem
great they try to help you make the best choices on your specialtion
quality professors that have experience in the field they are teaching
friendly clean. everything you need it right there
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