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BEAU is a great school, it has small classes and a very friendly staff who actually seem to care. I will be graduating in December with a BFA in their Visual Design program with an emphasis in Game Art. I have already had 3 different internships including a graphic design and animation internship and a video game internship because of the skills I gained as a multi-based artists. The students are all about their work and you get nothing but support and critiques for work. I was built from very little artistic skills to being well rounded as a digital and traditional artist.
A variety of instructors with small classes has made for a great experience with most instructors. Some instructors are not my favorite and tend to cause more problems then help in some situations but there is always a review each semester for you to review what you don't like and they usually get the problem fixed.
I am finishing up my final semesters of college and have already have internships, commissions and opportunities to build a physical and digital portfolio
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BEAU offers a few inner companies that allow for easy internships when you are ready and allow you to test your skills and build up a presentable portfolio.
Evening and night classes have made it easy to maintain a full-time day job while still being a full-time student.
Online courses are the same here like they are at other schools including using discussion boards.
Something unique Broadview offers is that you can come back and re-take classes after you graduate so that you can be up to date on new technology or get a refresher on drawing classes.
I have been attending this school for years and I am about to graduate with my Bachelors in Video Game Art Design with a minor in Graphic Design. I love the small classes and the one-on-one attention I have with instructors. This school is great for those with little artistic talent who want the knowledge and know-how to get their careers going. The instructors are already apart of the industries in which they teach so I have already had internships and job opportunities the moment I was ready. The one thing I don't like is that the school is nationally accredited not state accredited so you really can't transfer credits if you decide to change schools.
I have had a few teachers that have made some classes really hard to attend and get through because of how they treated me on top of how expensive it is but I am hoping it will be worth it in the end.
I really like the program I'm in but wouldn't recommend the school at all. The instructors really know what they are teaching and I felt I have learned a lot, however they said they would help students find jobs and are now saying its not there job. They also try finding jobs not in the career field. They have gave me job options for call centers. They have also put me in classes that were not for my degree that I had to pay for when in the beginning they said I needed to take them. They also have repeatedly not accepted scholarships I had and made me pay out of pocket for classes later sending me a check for the scholarships that "I was supposed to have."
The current Career Services department is not very good. Faculty working in the industry can give leads and put in a good word.
Tuition is expensive, you are paying for accelerated completion. There are tuition breaks for taking more credits. They will help you with FASFA and Student Loans. There are some scholarships for military and minorities that are easy to get if you qualify. They are not very helpful with finding other scholarships. Most textbooks are now free ebooks on a school provided iPad (which you get to keep), payed for with class fees.
I was a little scared at first of the online schooling/classes. But once you get into it it was pretty manageable and easy to access and work on.
Mainly, my school is filled with people that hold full time jobs and attend school in pursuit of a degree to live and sub tan a better life. So its not so much a social gathering per say, people are more concentrated on the schooling and degree aspect.
Being that I just am starting school today I have yet to have too many problems as to where the school board hasn't been very helpful. From my experience thus far I am pleased to attend BEAU. From the basic information that I have received on Career Services,they are helpful and hopeful to finding students jobs after graduating.
There is a library , theater, video game center and commons area.
The network is slow, but accessible to everyone and is very reliable otherwise. Each program has at least two computer labs with full access anytime. Your online profile can be connected to from any computer or device.
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The teachers at my school all have plenty of job experience in the field they teach. Being in the audio engineering program, most of my teacher have their own personal studios. We have gone of campus several times to my program directors personal studio witch is only a block from school. Students have 24hr access to campus and labs. All printing and copying is free to students. If a student doesn't have access to equipment needed for the program their in, the IT department and a library of everything that students could need and will rent them out.
Broadview Entertainment Arts University as an 85% job placement for their graduates. Their career center is well staffed, helpful and it is required of all Broadview students to attend a seminar or job fair in their chosen field once per quarter. I gave them a A- rather then an A because their staff is a little lacking and often uninformed.
Being able to take an online class is really beneficial to my schedule because I do not need to worry about conflicting with my work hours.The teachers communicate well and in a timely manner. Arranging group work proves to be difficult due to individual time restrictions.
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