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I had some awesome advisers who were very understanding and helpful. They helped in anyway the could. My professors were very rude and not very engaged. One of my professors never was on track with class and ramble on which would make the class end late. The same professor spent most of his class time talking about himself instead of getting to the content. My other professor was great though.
I have been attending BCC for the last 2 years as a Dual Enrollment student. The staff and teachers are great and very helpful.
As my journey at Bristol Community College, it is rewarding to look back and reflect on all that I have accomplished. Each semester I felt as if my Professors challenged me to be to learn the material, I did my best and achieved great grades. I only had 2 bad experiences with professors out of the 20+ classes that I completed. While at BCC, I also had a part-time job that allowed me to only take classes on Tuesday's and Thursday, because of this I feel as if I missed out on the Student life component. There are many clubs and creating your own club is easily achieved.
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I only took classes on the Attleboro campus so I can't speak for the others. Most Professors were good, staff are a little airheaded, cool diverse students, affordable, tight knit community.
I enjoy the Professors, and they are willing to work with you to make sure you understand the course material. The Bookstore is run by very trusted students. When I left my wallet they immediately put it safely way. Great school.
I have learned not only my studies but so much about myself sinvr starting my classes last fall. The professors are so helpful and accomodating to their students. I'm excited for my next upcoming semester!
General advising is a joke. See a mentor within your major so you can make sure you are on the right track. Teachers are more knowledgable than advising. BEWARE.
Bristol Community College has provided me with the skills to continue my education on a higher level. I had the privilege of working with great professors, all promoting better learning habits. I've grown as a mature man, good citizen, and will use my knowledge to succeed in life. I plan on taking my education to the next level(4 year), I'm asking for help with this journey.
This school is a nice start to getting a career, however it seems as if the only degree any employee at this facility worries about is nursing. That seems to be their main priority is helping out nursing students.
I love walking into BCC and having the staffs and students acknowledge you. They make you feel welcomed.
ITs a good school either as a stepping stone to something more or as a jumpstart to your career.
The classes I've taken so far have been pretty comprehensive and the teachers are usually easy to work with.
Good teachers, campus is ok. improvements are being made!
Each section is only allowed 25 students at a time. That is the size of one class room. So it makes it really easy to have teacher student relationships rather than double the amount and teachers going crazy trying to keep track of everything. The professors are experts in their fields so you are learning from the best. Not just someone who received a degree in the field but veterinarians and other specialists in the field actually teach you in class. This makes the courses valuable.
The value of degree from the school is by far the greatest. Employers love seeing degrees from this hands on school because they know the students actually have gained experience by studying here. The career services center does everything they can to make sure you have a job once you graduate. Most of the programs you graduate from you are certified in your field, such as, nursing or veterinary technology. It is really a good school to have gained your degree from.
Any of the majors you take at this school is hands on learning. The class rooms are set up for real world situations. The Vet Tech program has a lab set up just like an animal hospital and they bring in animals for you to gain your experience. When you graduate from this school, career services will help you get a job, practice for your interviews, and help build your resume.
This school is one of the best. The teachers are actual experts in the fields they are teaching so they know what they are talking about, inside and out. There is a tutoring center that is open all day every day and you do not need an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome so it makes it really convenient for students to get any help they need when they are available.
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I could choose my classes around work and other activities with ease.
Many clubs to choose from and very approachable staff members
Staff is very friendly and helpful
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