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The first time i went to bcc there were a lot of issues. But this is my second attempt which is about fice years later and the school is much more accommodating this time.
BCC is a great school that has well prepared me for a University academics. Also, the BCC Community made it easy as an adult student getting back into academics.
I like how small the classes are. I feel like I can learn well with smaller classes. I would only change how unorganized the administration can be sometimes.
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So far, I’m enjoying Bristol Community College. I go exclusively to the Taunton campus and am enjoying every minute of it! The classes are not too difficult, the staff is helpful and cheery, and all the students are polite and accepting. If you took Advanced Placement classes in high school, they transfer any credits you may have received, and the financial aid team is extremely helpful in helping you understand the complexities of what you will need to know. If there’s one thing that could be better, it would be convenient if there were either more campuses near Taunton (the closest one other than the small mall campus is in Attleboro) or if the Taunton campus offered more specialized classes. Overall, however, I have enjoyed my experience thus far and would recommend for prospective students to look into this school and save money.
I took one class here at Bristol Community College. I took Biology for dual enrollment my junior year of high school and had an amazing experience. I definitely would recommend this school!
BCC is an excellent starter school. It gets you into the college groove to help transition from high school as well as other programs such as the workstudy program and the masstransfer to help you transition smoothly into a 4yr college to further your educatiion.
I liked the sense of community everyone had! We all knew each other, and everyone was so encouraging!
I have had a great experience so far at Bristol community college. I learned a lot in my first year and I am planning on going back in the fall. Some professors aren’t that good at teaching but most professors are helpful. The staff here are also helpful and I like that you can transfer to a four year school after two years of learning prerequisites are over.
My experience with Bristol Community College was great! Many of the professors were beyond helpful, very kind, and encouraging. Though I wasn't highly involved in extra curricular activities because I highly prioritized my classes over other things, people were very friendly. During my time there, I never had a bad experience with anyone.
I have been going to the Taunton Campus for the last 2 year. I am majoring in Human Service. Most of the classes I am taking are Psychology classes and all of the teachers I have had are amazing. They have life experiences that they can relay in there classes.
This is a small college, situated not too far from anything, with mutliple campus locations depending on where you want to go, and what you want to study. The teachers are varied, with some being very hands on, and others allowing you to discover the subject your self. I find that many classes can be found online, for those that work while going to school, or if time conflicts are common. Overall, a great school to go to if you want to get some education and experience in the college level.
Great college for anyone to get thier pre-requisites done before furthering their education. Many opportunities given & an awesome teaching staff. Overall affordable as well.
The Staff in our college in my opinion is definitely my favorite part about BCC. THey are very helpful and resourceful, they always have the answers to your problems and if THEY dont them the will direct you to someone that does. the are very flexible making every students problem feeling prioritized.
I think Bristol Community College is an amazing school with wonderful professors. Like me, it is a great way to start your college experience if you are not sure what career choice you would like to have. It is a way to begin your prerequisites to prepare you for your future career choice, without the hassle of being in debt from student loans in the future. Choosing to attend BCC was a great choice. I am now able to attend New England Tech in July in the Occupational Therapy program with the help of completing my prerequisites at BCC. My time is shorter at New England Tech where it will take me only three years to get my masters. Although BCC is a great school, I feel that the advising is not as helpful as it should be. I feel that BCC did not help me to transfer to another school as well as they should have. Besides the advising, I think BCC is a great school and an excellent choice for any student out of high school who is not sure on what they want to do in the future.
Bristol Community College is perfect for everyone. For the person just wanting to get a degree to get the job they want, or those needing a stepping stone to another college for a specific field study. It's the perfect place to start, no matter your walk in life, or financial situation.
ll the professors I've had were all so helpful and nice! The other students that go to class here are also very nice if you greet everybody with a smile.
This school has prepared me to go onto a four-year institution utilizing the transfer program they offer at Bristol Community College. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a great quality education for a low price. The staff at Bristol Community College is very educated and helpful with any of my needs and questions. Highly recommended!
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this is an amazing school to start out with to get a head start into the college world and to earn an associates degree.
I'm about to aply for this college. First of all it has a acceptable tuition for international students. Also I know that it's a two year college so I also checked after my 2 year I can go to a lot of college for my bachelor
The faculty and staff are very helpful. I feel very safe at this campus. I would recommend others to come here.
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