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ll the professors I've had were all so helpful and nice! The other students that go to class here are also very nice if you greet everybody with a smile.
This school has prepared me to go onto a four-year institution utilizing the transfer program they offer at Bristol Community College. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a great quality education for a low price. The staff at Bristol Community College is very educated and helpful with any of my needs and questions. Highly recommended!
this is an amazing school to start out with to get a head start into the college world and to earn an associates degree.
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I'm about to aply for this college. First of all it has a acceptable tuition for international students. Also I know that it's a two year college so I also checked after my 2 year I can go to a lot of college for my bachelor
The faculty and staff are very helpful. I feel very safe at this campus. I would recommend others to come here.
Bristol Community College is a very accepting, and academically challenging school. It has a lot of different programs, and certifications to offer. It’s transfer program is great for students looking to save money, instead of immediately going to a university that is double the cost or more per class. The teachers usually have personal experience in the classes that they teach, such as criminal justice teachers. They are all professional trained in the field. I’ve had professors that were police officers, all the way to the chief of police. Overall, Bristol Community College is an excellent school with excellent teachers.
Bristol Community College is a great campus for people to go figure out what they want to major in for a good price!
It is definitely better cost wise but some normal college aspects are lacking like, and food is overpriced.
I like that the professors are understanding. If you ever need help there will be someone to help you. Is not a costly college.
Most Professors care about students and how they perform. Small class sizes allow them to keep a close eye on you and make sure you are doing your work. The math department needs some work on the professors in it. Overall you get what you pay for by going to a community college.
Ok school with some pros and cons. Inexpensive and multiple campuses to attended classes. Difficult to to be admitted to any of the competitive majors---prerequisites changed often.
This college really wants you to do your best and helps you through it all. They are very accommodating and almost all the teachers are fantastic to work with.
This community college a offers wide variety of courses, allowing many student to afford a college eduction. The education portion of my college experience was great, although other areas of my experience were not equally as pleasing. Any staff that dealt with paperwork were extremely unpleasant, and not willing to help. Anything that needed to be accomplished regarding this college had to be completed solely by myself, largely due to the unwillingness of the staff.
I had some awesome advisers who were very understanding and helpful. They helped in anyway the could. My professors were very rude and not very engaged. One of my professors never was on track with class and ramble on which would make the class end late. The same professor spent most of his class time talking about himself instead of getting to the content. My other professor was great though.
I have been attending BCC for the last 2 years as a Dual Enrollment student. The staff and teachers are great and very helpful.
As my journey at Bristol Community College, it is rewarding to look back and reflect on all that I have accomplished. Each semester I felt as if my Professors challenged me to be to learn the material, I did my best and achieved great grades. I only had 2 bad experiences with professors out of the 20+ classes that I completed. While at BCC, I also had a part-time job that allowed me to only take classes on Tuesday's and Thursday, because of this I feel as if I missed out on the Student life component. There are many clubs and creating your own club is easily achieved.
I only took classes on the Attleboro campus so I can't speak for the others. Most Professors were good, staff are a little airheaded, cool diverse students, affordable, tight knit community.
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I enjoy the Professors, and they are willing to work with you to make sure you understand the course material. The Bookstore is run by very trusted students. When I left my wallet they immediately put it safely way. Great school.
I have learned not only my studies but so much about myself sinvr starting my classes last fall. The professors are so helpful and accomodating to their students. I'm excited for my next upcoming semester!
General advising is a joke. See a mentor within your major so you can make sure you are on the right track. Teachers are more knowledgable than advising. BEWARE.
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