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Online can be challenging. For me its easier to be in class and deal with the homework versus spending an entire day working through notes/reading and then having homework. Chemistry115 was nearly impossible to learn online. So just try to pace yourself is all i can suggest
Overall so far Bristol Community College has been good to me. I've had great advice from the advisors and haven't wasted anytime with unnecessary classes. I have heard of others taking extra classes, but I've honestly not had any trouble with that. Duo far my professors have been straight forward about their expectations, however with switching to online I did have a professor (who was in his 70s) that sort of struggled with making what he wanted clear, but I did well despite the confusion. I wished I had gone here when I first graduated high school versus being brainwashed on how important it was to get into a university. A degree is a degree at the end of the day?!
It was an overall great experience. I wish more kids would take the bridge program way instead. They would be saving so much money!
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Teachers have been super helpful and they tried giving you a gap to take exams due to the covid-19 situation.
The online learning experience at Bristol Community College is great overall! Online learning isn't for everyone though, so have a discussion with your advisor about whether it is a good option for you. They will usually recommend professors that are known to be especially good at teaching online.
Bristol Community College is a great school with many opportunities open to students! There are many clubs open to students to join, such as Seeds of Sustainability and the Tabletop Gaming Association. If you are interested in challenging yourself academically, Bristol Community College has a Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society chapter and also participates in the Commonwealth Honors Program. Most of the professors are wonderful and truly want their students to succeed!
The New Bedford campus changed my whole perspective on college professors. The professors I had this past spring semester were very helpful and really cared about me and my classmates success and did anything they could to help us.
The last half of my semester was online, although it was tough to learn through outside of the classroom. My teachers were always very easy to contact if I had any questions or concerns.
I took so many online classes at my time at Bristol ! Super easy to access and they fit perfectly with my busy schedule!!
Absolutely loved BCC, they helped me so much. From the prices from the teachers, to the location to the people. I wouldn’t change it for anything. One of the best things that I remember my guidance counselor saying in high school was “why are you going to pay double at a 4 year school when you can go down the road to BCC” and she was totally right, wouldn’t change it for the world! I just graduated this May 2020 and I wouldn’t change it for the world!!
Overall is a good school to attend if you plan on staying local. The academics are good and they offer the mass transfer program which is great if you plan on continuing your schooling. Athletics are an option though they don't advertise it that often. There is a large amount of diversity throughout the school, people from all nearby towns. The professors are overall very understanding and willing to work with you if they see your effort and staff are around every corner providing a very safe environment.
Whenever I have asked for help, the staff have always made themselves available and done the best they could to find me answers. The students have also been helpful with creating study groups and helping each other. Tutoring is free and available. It is easy to get in touch with advisors. The campus is nice but the food is not good.
This school is such a tight-nit community based school. The teacher's here work with you step-by-step. The classes are well organized and they are accommodating with each students learning level.
The professors are caring, and compassionate about their job. I go to New Bedford campus and the staff is excellent. They are always Very helpful and pleasant.
My experience at BCC is great. The professors are very nice and some go above and beyond to help their students to succeed. Its a community college so people go there mainly to learn and not for your typical college experience of partying. The students are nice and the food is good depending on which campus you choose to attend. I cant say much about the sport because I never played or attended any games. There are many different places to choose to eat from that are outside of the campus and offer a student discount with your student ID.
The professors are really down to earth and care about their students. They are very laid back and let you do your own thing. They will try and keep you motivated but at the end of the day its your education and your grade.
Very small campuses that are easy to get around. Not all professors are great but all are at least decent. AccessBCC (the website students use for paying, online classes, submitting work, ect.) is a little slow and finicky. for the price you can't do better
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I work full time and go to school. Professors are very accommodating. They made going back for a degree as painless as possible.
Our newest building is a "zero waste" building. Its so nice to see the school put money back into learning resources that the students and staff can appreciate.
Bristol Community College is a wonderful small community placed in the bustling streets of North New Bedford with plenty of off the wall restaurants and unique stores. Down the block there is a quaint park with amazingly put together art exhibits. The professors are helpful and very professional as well as the rustic styled building where most of the classes are held. Free parking is nice too.
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