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BCC is full of very caring professors who have the time and small class sizes to give you attention and individualized help when you need it.
The professors are great and reasonable. The campus is clean, safe, and small. It is easy to find buildings and classes around the campus. The campus is still a decent size to walk around. The pond is nice to see and walk around in between classes.
It is a decent community college that has many pros as well as cons. You only get as much as you put in, and with this college it requires extra effort to make any connections here. The academics are very easy in my experience. There are many resources to aid the struggling student. However, the financial aid office is terrible, community activities are lacking, and some professors are very self-serving, as well as condescending, but that is a given at any college. However, I have met many professors and faculty members who have greatly motivated me to continue my college career, and for that I am thankful.
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It’s a big school with branches in 3 other cities. Professors are hit or miss though. Can’t wait to go back!
It is my second semester at Bristol Community College. Everyone on campus is so polite. The atmosphere of the college is nice. I enjoy being a student at BCC.
So far I am really enjoying this school. They offer excellent resources for students, and make it a point to be personable with each and every student. Excellent professors and curriculum.
The professors and other staff are all incredibly nice and approachable. I am able to feel comfortable and ready to learn in their hands on class rooms.
I loved my time at Bristol Community College. They had available resources on all of their locations as well as many classes to choose from at all their locations. They offered online classes as well, and all of their professors were always awesome! Some classes required more work than others, but every class I took always taught a lot, and made sure we understood the material
The class sizes aren't too big so it's easier for professors to help all their students. With the smaller class sizes it's also easier to get to know your classmates. BCC also has a wide range of majors and certificate programs available. All the teachers I've had have been great and all genuinely care if their students do well.
Good professors, but not the most appealing buildings. Price is great, especially for transfer students.
Bristol Community College is a great school wanting everyone to follow their dreams and succeed in life! The teachers are great and really want to make sure the students understand the material rather than just remembering it. Not only are the professors passionate about their jobs, but they care for their students.
This college is best college to start with after you are done with high school. This college have a lots of different programs and also have different departments that can help you. Also they have places to hang out. They have a office called Student Life where you can get lockers, bus passes, more information, clubs, Activities/Events, food insecurity, and also they are partner with Boston mobile food market that's happen every month where you can get fresh food for your family.
There were professors at BCC who really care about the education of the students, there are plenty of opportunities to make friends, join clubs, and take part in the community. It is diverse and has a class for almost anything. I made friends from clubs I never thought I'd join and I did better at this school (GPA 3.7) than when I was in high school. I was pretty average until I came here. Now, I feel like I know what I want to do with my life. It helped me find myself.
I think their athletics are more of clubs rather than actual teams so I rated it fair.
Very helpful , I was picked up off my feet after a hard fall . I couldn’t thank Bristol Community College enough.
The first time i went to bcc there were a lot of issues. But this is my second attempt which is about fice years later and the school is much more accommodating this time.
BCC is a great school that has well prepared me for a University academics. Also, the BCC Community made it easy as an adult student getting back into academics.
I like how small the classes are. I feel like I can learn well with smaller classes. I would only change how unorganized the administration can be sometimes.
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So far, I’m enjoying Bristol Community College. I go exclusively to the Taunton campus and am enjoying every minute of it! The classes are not too difficult, the staff is helpful and cheery, and all the students are polite and accepting. If you took Advanced Placement classes in high school, they transfer any credits you may have received, and the financial aid team is extremely helpful in helping you understand the complexities of what you will need to know. If there’s one thing that could be better, it would be convenient if there were either more campuses near Taunton (the closest one other than the small mall campus is in Attleboro) or if the Taunton campus offered more specialized classes. Overall, however, I have enjoyed my experience thus far and would recommend for prospective students to look into this school and save money.
I took one class here at Bristol Community College. I took Biology for dual enrollment my junior year of high school and had an amazing experience. I definitely would recommend this school!
BCC is an excellent starter school. It gets you into the college groove to help transition from high school as well as other programs such as the workstudy program and the masstransfer to help you transition smoothly into a 4yr college to further your educatiion.
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