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Brightwood College in San Antonio (Ingram) Reviews

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Great school everyone is always so helpful and the teacher are great about question that i have about the assignments.
would definitely recommend it to my friends.
I have been to 2 colleges and so far this is one of the best. Everyone haves an open door policy to help you out. They never say no and try their best to help you achieve. They dont give up on you and they support you all the way.
They treat you like high schoolers, however you do learn a lot that you need but not enough time to do everything to turn in and they really don’t care how stressed you are but you do learn a lot also their prices for snacks are overpriced and not worth it
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What I like about brightwood college is that staff , they help you a lot to enter to the program that best fits you. They understand you and work with you.
its been very easy for myself.
ive enjoyed coming back to school after thirteen years. i like to kick bacl n watch my tv shows.
i give myself an 8
Kaplan College is a very diverse school. There are all walks of life that attend. I think that is why I have really found myself liking it better than the community college I attended right out of high school.
The workload is alot. I find myself studying everyday and doing some kind of homework on a daily basis. The curriculum is consistent with what other instructors are doing as well.
In nursing school, a "C" is considered failing. That is the scary part about it. I have studied so hard and am applying myself so much that I hope I never get a "C". I do not even like getting B's. The instructors give great lectures and explain the materials that we go over thoroughly. I plan on going far in my nursing career.
I love the small class rooms and labs.This alone set this school above standards I will have more time with teachers and other class mates
I believe that the 11,000 I will spend for a nine month course is a exceptional good price. I will beable to pay this back soon after graduation. Also the Pell grant was a big help.
I have been enrolled in Kaplan for 2 moths now it has beena great expirence it has made me become responsible and it has pushed me over the edge but I manage and won't give up. Next month I begin my core class hands on really excited and looking forward to it.
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