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They charge you an arm and a leg to go here but then penny pinch and ignore the needs of students. If something happens to you and your grade is affected then no one cares, but when they inconvenience students because they don’t want to pay for substitutes then you need to be patient with them and understanding. This school is pathetic
I had a great experience at this school. I love how hands on it is and the instructors are amazing. They are dedicated and go the extra mile to help struggling students. I graduated from the Dental assisting program in April 2017 and was hired right out of my externship. It was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. Ms. Anna, Ms. Gale, Mr. Villa, and Ms. Elyce are some of the best instructors. Without their guidance, support, and of course teaching, I would have never made it through.
The classes are easily excess able there's a wide range of parking wishing that the front office was easier to get to but other than that it's a really great school
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I start classes on May 16th 2017. However they have already made me feel like a full blown student. Jim Farmer my admissions representative is one of the nicest, coolest peoole I yet to meet in life. I am a non-traditional student, being that I'm 37 and just received my high school diploma and have now decided to enroll in the Brightwood College- Vista Dental Assistant program. Having been a little nervous about this along this huge step in my life Jim Farmer immediately made me feel very comfortable and proud of my accomplishments.

All the teachers that I've met so far really seem to care for their students. They go out of their way to make sure your understanding the material. They offer a great place to study, and best of all they offer Career Placement services after graduation. That's huge this day in age when jobs are becoming harder and harder to acquire. So all in all I've had nothing but great experiences at Brightwood College-Vista.
I'm a new student that started on the 19th of April. I really like it so far. Its a smaller campus so a lot more one on one with the instructors. The layout is also very well planned and convenient to navigate.
Great school with hands on in every program. I am currently in the X-Ray program and absolutely love it! Professors are willing to put in the extra mile for you if you are having a hard time.
The school offers morning and night classes to work with your schedule. The only downfall is that during externship I need to find a night time job because externship is during the day.
This school is very career worthy and has a career office to help with resume building and job searching
There is a 2 month externship at the end of this program to help gain experience before the final examination. Great stepping stone for RN programs.
The courses are very hands on and applicable to the career. Classes include medical terminology, phlebotomy, rehab, nursing skills, medical terminology, clinicals, and externship.
I am in the Healthcare Assistant program. After 9 months of classes, clinicals, and externship I take the exam to get both my Certified Nursing Assistent license and can also get my phlebotomy license.
Small classes allow for a lot of one on one intersection with teachers. No wait lists. Fast programs!
It's good because you can either go in the day or night
Haven't really had to to any but I heard it's great and easy
They help you find a job right after
This school is amazing
Everything thing us hands on and helps get you ready for the real world
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It's very easy and satisfying
I love this school so much
Kaplan has been an incredible experience that offers a fast learning pace and a challenging program. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in a truly modern college experience.
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