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Brightwood College - Towson Reviews

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So far for my time being at brighwood all is well. We have some great professors that are always ready to help a student in need. It’s a welcoming environment and I’m glad to be apart of it.
Not to sure about this whole process.
its easy to access, and its straight-forward. Everything is common sense and self- explanatory
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i want to become a medical assistant.
I love how my teacher Ms.Mary is very attentive, resoanble, polite and super helpful.
everyone was truthful with me, and gave me options
What i am being taught will help in the long run. I learned alot in 1 day, more than i learned taking just regular courses.
i love this school, teachers are very attentive and helpful.
The experience ive had so far was great. The teachers really care for you. Help you understand the work.
The career team seems geared up and ready to help.
Some things that are much different than other schools is that this school does not have big class sizes. The staff as well as administration is very well-rounded they know what they are talking about and if there are any problems they are always resolved.
This school is good. They have excellent teachers and the learning and material is not difficult. The teachers teach you very detail-oriented and work slowly with you if you are not understanding a problem or idea.
Geting the Job Done – the school that i am attending is a good school to go to i like the students and teachers. the teacher give you the one on one time that you need if need help with class. im thankful for the school i choose.
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