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I am thankful for finding this college because it helped me gained the motivation that I lost. My admissions representative was so much help. She was always on top of things. The first day that I went to ask just for info regarding their programs and financial aid she took me on a tour to see the facility and the classrooms and I loved it. I have been there for one month and I am loving the experience. The staff really care about their students success. My class in particular is only 11 students which allows us the students to have more 1 to 1 learning experience with our instructor. The classes are fast paced but I have two jobs and right after work I head to my class and get off until 10:45 and yet I am able to maintain an A in my first class and I currently have an A in the class I am taking now. I just very glad I found this school!!!!
So far this school is very user friendly and helps students achieve the best learning experience they possibly can.
I think it was really easy to apply and find out information on the steps to apply. There are people to help you along the way.
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I liked that there was great communication between teachers and students. Also, they keep steady relationships even after you graduate.
Excellent staff. Very friendly and caring. The grounds need updating which is the only improvement I can suggest.
My experience at brightwood college helped me view different areas in the medical field. The teachers only love to see us as students succeed and can't wait to see us move forward into the world as amazing nurses.
Great staff !! They were all very helpful in the acceptance process for the nursing program. I start the LVN program in October and really excited. I can't wait to experience this program at brightwood college. A lot of my friends have gone there for this program and we're successful.
Overall the staff at Brightwood College are pretty straightforward about what to expect from the program.
I enjoyed Brightwood. I love the fact that we're learning from either previous or current nurses on the field! Also most teachers explained information in many different ways and were able to refer situations into the field to help understand easier. I don't have much bad to say, by one thing that stood out a lot is there was time were communication was lacking with what materials were next and or other things. Over hearing some one my classmates they had a hard time getting a hold of their reps and financial aid people. I was lucky enough not to have that problem and was blessed with lovely rep and counseling. With out them and my support team I wouldn't be able to get through the program! Definitely coming back to complete and get my RN!
Brightwood college overall has been a great experience. I am currently in the RN nursing program and love every minute of it! I can't wait to take my skills out into the real world!
All of the classes are geared towards nursing. The program includes key general education courses required to complete the program and test for an RN license. The professors are extremely engaging and a wealth of information.
Nursing is an amazing career with a huge amount versatility when entering the job market.
The program is 20 months long to receive an ADN degree. The application process requires students to have a minimum of 6 months paid work experience in a healthcare field to apply. The books are included with the price of admission and provided to students on the first day of class. The faculty want to see you succeed an provide several tools to supplement the text books.
The class size is really small. All of my classmates have a background in healthcare. All of the administration and faculty are easy to contact and helpful with answering questions.
awesome, but challenging. you learn what you need to learn, not just random stuff. teachers were cool and realistic. They tell you what to expect from the real jobs.
So far so good all the instructor are so friendly and helpful they really make you fell comfortable. I really like the atmosphere. I really recommend it
Overall Kaplan College is a great school. It would be even better if we had events and things at the school.
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The biggest advantage is the accelerated pace. You don't have to wait on a list for years at a time in order to just start the program. Here, I am able to earn my RN within 2 years, and that's WITH prerequisites included. The biggest disadvantage is that Kaplan IS NOT regionally accreditated. This is a big problem if you plan to go get your BSN or MSN later on. Not many schools, especially UC/CSU will accept Kaplan because of this.
Wonderful, just wonderful. My advisor made me feel so comfortable, got me into the program I wanted to be in right away. Yes it is a bit expensive but I always say you get what you pay for. Your education really isn't something you should want to be "cheap".
Easy school to get into. Cost is too high and you don't get what you pay for
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