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I have recently discovered Brightwood college. So far they have been very nice to me and have been working very hard in order to get me started in the vocational nursing program as soon as I can. I love that it is 12 months full time to get the LVN degree. Financial aid is available 32 thousand is a lot to pay but as an older student time is of the essence for me right now. I'm very happy that I have found them.
Just enrolled in medical assisting diploma program at Brightwood. It's great, classes are small, instructors are great, homework can get a little stressful but it's great!! Everyone is so helpful and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you understand your homework and what you're supposed to do. They don't have dorms or housing on-campus but they have a community resource folder with housing resources in it. They offer free coffee daily, which let me tell ya is a HUGE perk! The popcorn is also free and absolutely delicious!! The instructors are fabulous, if it wasn't for them I probably would've dropped out from frustration because the workload can be a little difficult sometime but overall it's a great fabulous place to go to if you wanna get into the medical field....they also offer dental programs and criminal justice but idk much about those.
I like how the representatives actually care about your education. they're there to support you and what ever you need help with they got you. I like how they help you with your resume to help you find work once you graduate. They also help you prepare for your interviews so that you're interview ready. The schools awesome.
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I enrolled when it was Kaplan College and graduated as a Student Ambassador with a 4.0 for the Medical Assistant Program. They did not include state certification or phlebotomy certification as part of tuition when I graduated in 2009.

After I graduated, I needed official transcripts to be sent for a nursing program and a month later the colleges have not received the transcripts. There is no phone number to contact the registrar, only e-mail correspondence.

My experience as a Medical Assistant summed up is that you are expendable to your employer since there are numerous applicants. The pay is about $10-12 per hour for private practice and anywhere from $15-22/hr for hospitals. The teachers were great, staff was mediocre, and the program itself seems like a scam.

After I graduated, I realized that Medical Career College on Kanai in Sacramento offered Radiology Technician AND Medical Assistant for the SAME price as the Medical Assistant program at Brightwood College.
I started when it was Kaplan, I had the honor of both Valedictorian and the Florence Nightengale Award at graduation. I was in the vocational Nursing program. Over all its decent. I felt there was a lot of drama that got catered to rather than snuffed out. I'd previously been at another private school and had no such dramatic and bullying experiences there, however the dedication of the instructors at Brightwood is what made it worth the while. My original school seemed more concerned with money than my success. The teachers have great information and knowledge to offer those who listen. I recommend this school if you have the drive to keep your head down and strive to be the best you possible. The lab area could greatly do with improvements along with the lab curriculum. It was briefly brushed by many times in my opinion. The clinical settings are varied and appropriate for job skills needed. The staff give you great support here from all departments. I am licensed in CA and ID.
Such a great school and the professors are nice. Small classes, but you get to meet everyone and the professor gets to know you.
My experience at Brightwood has been Great! The professors are amazing and hey try to do anything to help you progress academically and mentally prepare you for your desired field. I mostly love how everything is hands on. You get to learn and experience what a real life medical situation looks like. It's amazing how much more you learn by being about to actually practice the job yourself in a classroom with nothing but support and motivation.
I love the college I am going to be attending this week. I am majoring in medical assisting. This school Brightwood college caught my eye for many reasons because the instructors and teachers care about your education and your career in the future
My experience with the courses and professors at this school has been amazing. The courses are interesting and related to my major. The professors really care about your learning and future.
I am glad I am receiving the value of degree that I will be receiving.
my experience at school has been amazing. I love the flexibility with my classes and schedule.
The instructors taught us how to use it so it was good.
They help to prepare you and look for jobs.
To study just about my specific major at school is great. I find it easier and a faster process to just learn things based on my major.
I have enjoyed the time I have been at this school. The instructors teach you, help you, and care about your studies and future.
The school is very unorganized well, at to least the nursing program. Instructors and the Director of nursing have their favorites. Rules apply when they want to. And clinical hours date and times change without enough notice sometimes or maybe I should say most of the time the day before. And don't even look at the calendar they provide bevause, it's not reliable.
any class with a lab attached has been a joke, it consists of virtual games in a computer lab, nothing hands on
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I have personaly had experience with career services yet but if what they say is true, they will provide preparation and interviews with perspective empolyers
I currently work in the medical field and feel my transition into my new position will be easy. the college does provide reasonable career preparation
so far ive had 6 different teachers and could only recommend one as outstanding. he came to class prepaired and was very knowledgable about our topic. other teacher I feel seem like their winging it and are not prepaired for lecture or class activites.
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