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I felt very welcomed through my entire interview process . Catalina was very helpful and answered all of my questions that I had . the school is very inviting and seems to have a great program .
I rate Brightwood College an excellent place to study. Facilities are clean there is an awesome atmosphere among the students and professors. there have all the equipment need for study and classwork. It easy to go and have a clear head and focus on what your went there to do. for my first two months I was awarded the Dean's award and I was super excited to continue my studies. Not only because of the award but because I am able to accomplish what I went there to do.
I’ve been to cc and another career college and this is by far the best school! Teachers are helpful and passionate about the careers and the school overall just has a really positive vibe. I’m definitely glad I made the decision to go there and recommend it to anyone that wants a quality education. Ready to grad soon and feeling confident about starting my career
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Really friendly and helpful staff... everyone there really cares about the students. Teachers are really helpful and supportive and its hand on which is definitely the best way for me to learn. You really can't go wrong!
I have not done online courses
I am still attending school
Everyone is very helpful and willing to answer any questions you have. The curriculum is up to date and the professors are very knowledgeable and very helpful.
My school offers flexible schedules for each individual. They also offer a work study program, the work study program is part time but has good pay and gives the students more work experience.
My program is Medical Billing and Coding, the school has the latest up to date curriculum and offers flexible schedules. They also offer a work study program!
Everyone is very helpful and you are treated kindly and as if you are family. The curriculum is up to date and there is always someone willing to help with any questions you have.
libraris are open everyday for students to come in and study or do their homework.
i am not taking online courses so i do not know how it is.
the school has clubs for students to join, some of the students are involved
there are work study jobs and community services for students
the education i am receiving is excellent. my teachers are very helpful on classwork/homework.
I was kind off scared of doing it online rather than in class. I though I was going to fail and not know what to do. But I was wrong it was very easy and if I had any problems my instructor was Happy to help me with it.
I think the computer network is great when you understand it. The computer labs do have limited computers, but they are usually not in use, so that isn't much of a problem. And printing is definitely not a problem or should not be to anyone because it's practically free for us. The only situation that should be considered is that there is no wireless access for students who feel better using their own laptops to do projects or for printing. Wireless access should be considered at this campus.
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The tuition seems a little costly, but it seems like that is how it is everywhere if you want a good education. But their financial aid process and help was of sooo much value! The people in financial aid did a very great job in helping me and my family understand almost every concept of the FAFSA and tuition concepts!
I am a great multitasking student and i am sure all students here are too. The students here come from very many different cultures and ethnicity's and its so cool to meet new people and how their life is. The teachers as well are open to all kinds of discussions relating to our studies, which helps us more to understand the concepts and backgrounds of why certain materials are done, like in the medical field.
Everyone that goes to college with me mostly have kids and full time jobs.there are a few fresh out of highschool and others like myself that are fulltime moms and go to school.there always happy and motivated.
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