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Students at Brightwood College receive a quality education with career placement assistance for a reasonable price. The instructors and staff genuinely care for their students success and give the support needed to become successful in your chosen industry.
This school does not support military personnel (the opposite of what their admissions people told me). They refused to sign my attendance verification form, which I needed to use my GI Bill funds for tuition and housing. It was only 1 piece of paper but they still refused to sign this required form that confirmed my enrollment and participation. It seemed like they were purposely trying to mess with me...I don't get it
I would NOT enroll at this school. Go somewhere else instead because there are other good schools in the area. I wish i did went to a different college...Don't believe them even though they are all nice and least in the beginning... It's is just an act to get you signed up and to take your money... Brightwood is no better than Kaplan was.
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Terrible school...instructors didn't care and other students were very rude. Also, they didn't help me find a ALL... After my last day of classes, no one called me back or helped me to look for a job. Total waste of time and I do not recommend to anyone.
Great college, great staff, and great education. If you need assistance all you need to do is ask. Most people expect handouts but don't understand you need to put in the work. If career services call you for a career or job opportunity go and do your best at the interview.
The school is nice its not so big just a decent size. The staff are lovely and very nice to there future students.
Most of my classmates have NOT found jobs yet...someone from Kaplan calls me every couple of weeks asking if I found a job. I don't know why they even call because they never offer to help me find a job, they just tell me to call them if I find a job...
Don't believe the promises they tell you when you enroll. None of it is true. They only care about taking your $, and it honestly seems like almost everyone who works there couldn't care less about the students. There were a few staff members who were nice and good people, but they were the exception.
I really wish I went somewhere else. The classes are a joke and the instructors don't care about anything. Honestly, I could have saved $16,000 by just reading the book. And don't believe their promises about finding you a job. They don't help you at all, and they treated me like I was bothering them whenever I asked for any help at all (which they promised they would help with, but never did and pretended like they had never seen me before)
There are a lot of thugs who go here. I didn't always feel comfortable and safe. Don't get me wrong, there were also some nice people, but don't go to the student lounge unless you want to be harassed.
The absolute worst...The told me to apply to all jobs on craigslist...that was their "career services" support! I asked for help with my resume, and they gave me back a resume that looked terrible with typos and looked horrible. Don't expect any help finding a job
My instructor played on his phone for 80% of the class and had us read the book on our own! The students had to work together just so we could learn something. The instructor didn't care, and when I said something to the director, he told me he would take care of it...but he didn't do anything either!
They don't care about your education. You can buy the book and save yourself $16,000
They don't have anything that they promised when I enrolled...they don't even have the basic things needed in the classrooms!
Printing on campus is great because they don't charge you to print, which in most schools you have to pay at least 10 cents to 25 cents.
My school has a lot of tutoring programs, which are great to help a student who is falling behind, or just not getting the material.
The campus has a great computer room that you can use for the whole day until 10 pm. The student lounge has it's own refrigerator, which is great for us to bring food.
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The value of my education is definitely worth the tuition paid, the reason why is because they show you so many ways to learn in the lab. If you mess up, we can get another one to use, the school isn't to crazy about trying not to use items. They want you to use them, they want you to make mistakes, that way you know how to do it right.
The campus is very nice. The teachers are actually there for you, if you need more one on one, they are there to help us out. I was very nervous going into the school for dental assistant, but they do less lecture, more lab which is great for me.
If we want to continue our education and moving onto Kaplan University, they help us make that happen. They help us register and do things step by step so that we do not get lost.
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