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I previously graduated from Brightwood College when it was still Kaplan College. I received all high grades for every mod and everyone was very helpful. My admissions counselor and financial aid representative were very helpful when I was enrolling for school. All the instructors were very helpful and always willing to help succeed the tasks. I definitely would recommend this school, that is why I'm returning to this school to advance in my career and get another license from them.
School has been very flexible with my schedule. I am an evening student, but also do work-study program in the morning and they were willing to work with me so that i can do both, and still have time for my family.
Career center is great. They are involved and committed to making sure the students get the training they need to go out there and interview correctly. The workshops are very helpful.
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The sizes of the classes at night are great. They are not big and crowded. There is more time for the instructor to focus on you and give one on one time. They know a great deal of information about the subject matter, and procedures in lab.
The career services department is great. Annette is very helpful and always makes sure she helps and gets whatever u need done as soon as possible. she is very helpful and is dedicated to her job.
The Curriculum is great, while it is not in great detail and to in depth,it teaches you what you have to know and prepare you for the real world.
The instructors here at brightwood are very knowledgeable instructors, who know what they are teaching. They are always willing to help, but you have to be willing to ask for help and approach them. They are not mind readers and expect their students to keep up with the work load and ask questions when needed.
Fast paced program but going well, almost done with level 1
No online class, just gave online access to extra resources
Haven't met with the career counselor Yet, she meets with students when they are closer to the end of the program but finding a job she says she will help
DON informs us about nclex and wants to help us pass, wants us to succeed
Admissions was great, expected a little more but they helped me.
Teachers give you the material and your job to study, and questions on test are straight forward
so far my experience in the VN program has been great, the teachers give you the material you need to succeed
I am studying for Medical Assistant. I have 2 Months left. Medical Assistant is about helping patients out when they are injured and sick.
The school is amazing. I am very happy to know that they accepted my transferring credits from another college that currently closed down which is Westwood College. Not only Kaplan helped us transfer our credits they also made me feel very trustful with the admissions and everyone who works there.
I've learned a lot in just the 3 months of being there
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I actually love going to school everyday
Wish I could've transferred some of my Bachelor Credits
They try extremely hard to find you a position.
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