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The overall genuine care I have recieved has been over the top! Everyone from office staff to the intructors that I have met have just been wonderful. I was welcomed with open arms and was incouraged to bring my two year old son with me to explore the campus and learn more about them as a facility. I would give them an excellent rating however my actual courses have not yet begun. Overall, of my several visits to this campus I have been very satisfied with my experience thus far.
quick and easy to do and navigate
some students have more drive than others...which would make the ones who really want to do this mad
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everything was easy... no hassles
you aren't required to take a bunch of classes to get your degree.. all you have to take is the ones you need. so it makes your course only 9 months instead of 2 years
It is top notch. registration process was quick and easy.
There are computer labs and such to help you get a quiet place to study and they also offer study groups
They have plenty of computer labs available almost all the time.. with times there are classes so you know when they are unavailable
They were very helpful and had a list of scholarships and grants i could apply for to help with school costs
they offer exturnships and job placement services
i really like how it feels like a family...they are all there to help you. To make sure you have every thing you need to finish school and get the career you want.
I am erolling into school. My orietation is Thursday. When I was enrolling the admissions representative told me that when I graduate they would help me find a job.
Help with job placement also help u with internships at a lot of great places .Also they help get u prepared for and interview such as setting it up,resume,and help u describe ur background if any there at all.
All the staff aid student are as nice and welcome as any body could ever think.they greet everyone with open arms,are very understanding ,can help u with any and problem u or others have.
Kaplan offers day, night, and online classes for for my major. Our instructors have experience in the field. They are either retired or still working in a criminal justice career.
I haven even started taking classes here yet my first day is on Sep 6, 2012 but I'm very excited to start school the environment is wonderful and everyone there is so willing to help and make you feel comfortable. The class rooms are big and we have all of the equipment in the class room that will be in the work environment which is awesome.
Great People – The student body at my school is great! They are very outgoing students as well as parents and full time workers. The students I am in class with are mostly females and love to have fun while learning.
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To Much Online Work – When I first started the online work was fairly easy and It only took 30 minutes to an hour to do. Now the Board of Education changed everything. We now have a journal, discussion, 2-3 dropbox assignments, a quiz, and any written homework we get from class. I have a full time job and it is extremely hard to find the time to do it on top of commuting to school three days a week.
Hands on – At my school we are really hands on. We draw blood, give injections, and take vitals on each other. It is great for learning but some people just shouldn't practice on you.
Everyone Is Treated Equal – I take morning classes 9-1 mon.-thurs. and there is a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities here at Kaplan. Everyone gets along and I have not witnessed any type of discrimination since I've been involved with Kaplan Career Institute.
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