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The classrooms are too crowded with not enough instructors. You're rushed through your classes and exams. Also, if you have needs or concerns they're not taken into concern.
My experience up to this point has been amazing. Going into a respiratory program I was intimidated by the amount of work that needed to be put in. Although the instructors made it so easy and great to learn with there one on one sessions as well as there hands on techniques. Hands in techniques prepare me for real life situations in respiratory care.
My experience has been an amazing one. Right from the enrollment process to my first day of class. My instructors are so great and so helpful when you need one on one help. While in school it is so amazing that they help you create a portfolio so you are prepared when looking for potential employers as well as being sent to job interviews by career services. College can feel individualized at times but never with this school. You always having an instructor when you need help who allows you to be hands on instead of just reading from a book.
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The school is located with a small town with small funding, not enough is given to this school to allow it to excel.
I love it. They teach you a lot of stuff about the program of interest. The job opportunities are much better because they actually help you find of job and help you get prepared for interviews.
They have this service called career services and it's the best. They help you get prepared for the interviews and the real world.
It's a great school, I love it. It's fast and amazing, I love that it is hands on and that they help you with every thing they can.
You get to be hands on.
One thing the school offers is the KCP pins. Not all students have to earn all 8 pins, but the more you have the better you look. Some special options for studying is being able to come in early before class and working in the computer lab. Also, the library is open for any student who wants to study in a quiet enviorment. All workers on campus, including the workers from career services, are always willing to help with any situation and willing to make you shine as a student. All professors are caring and always willingly to help an individual student when they need a little more help on a certain subject.
I think the school's tuition should be lower other than that it's great.
They have these life like dummies of a child a teen a pregnant mother. all the dummies actually move. they are robotic. the mother dummy actually gives birth.
The Nurses and Instructors that teach the classes are all very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand the lesson.
Lack of communication, but Career services goes above and beyond
This is my first year at Kaplan, i do not believe we have a student body.
I am not taking online courses i will be studying on campus.
This will be my first year at kaplan so i don't really know how the proffesors are but my counselor told me that i won't have to take classes i don't need and they sign me up for all of my necessary classes. What i don't like is their schedule is set there is no morning, evening or night classes our medical assisting class starts at 5:30 and there are no other classes being offered.
I love how we get to help in a clinic while we are in the program, i know that will help me get hired as well as give me experience and help me get more familiar with what a typical day would be like for me. I also love how they have us do the 8 pins and a portfolio i know this will increase and help us get ready to get a job.
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The ladies in the office are super nice and helpful. Mona Hernandez my counselor has helped me so much she is always in a good mood and tries to help me as soon as i get there so i don't have to wait. Before i did the interview she gave me confidence told me not to be nervous and that i'd do great. Everyone at Kaplan is so helpful and always have a smile.
they have a great staff, are always very helpful. cant wait to start going there and have hands on my career.
The classes I am talking is the medical assistant one and the class times are 5:30-9:30 pm monday through friday. The schedule is perfect for me so I can get other stuff done during the day before I have to go to school. It is a hour drive to my school and they are pretty understandable if I am a few minutes late because I live so far away.
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