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Over all experience is i wouldn't have it another way i was anxious to join the kaplan crew since day one i felt welcome and i didn't feel alone nor obligated to do something i didn't want to do. They have some of the best advisers I've ever met.
Super helpful prepares you for intervirews
What had me going was the registration process kaplan has some of the best advisers super helpful and friendly!
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The labs are always open to us students and they are very nice comfortable labs that are in great conditions along with the internet speeds
It is the absolute best everybody is a GREAT help
although it is pricey aroudn 16000 there is other schools that are 2000 more for the exact same program
The facilites are very good clean and have a great amount of space
I really enjoy Kaplan the school is very nice clean and organized there is alot of hands on and i love my rep she was the best help of all, another thing the classes are small so there is alot of one on one with the teacher
Now the online courses I love! Thsi helps a lot since I dont have a lot of time to do book work. Its not a lot of work and it is reall easy to turn everything in and see our grades pretty quick. We get to interact with our classmates and see what we agree and disagree on.
The academic experience is like no other. The program it self is a lot of fun, and the homework isnt really much. Yes we still have to read and do work but whole idea of learning new things drives me too keep moving forward. Though the job opportunities look slim, its still a a good try at.
The academics offered are jobs that can easily be found in our area. This makes it all the much better and easier way to decide what career we want to pursue.
The overall experience has been a roller coaster ride. I think what makes my school unique is that in the field we are studying, we get to train on real life patients.
I love the school because we dont have to go 5 days a week. I also like that the hours are short and we get a lot of done, especially the hands-on work.
Carrer services so far have helped me a lot. They give us extra knowledge on what to expect when we get to the job field.
The library is great and really centered on the academics the school is teaching, but it would be nice to have out of academic books, like comedy or action.
Now the computer network is awesome. Printing is always available and the internet speed is also great. We can get acess pretty much form anywhere on the campus, but it would be cool if they had wifi.
It is pretty flexible on that we go only 2 sometimes 3 times a weeks, but once we hit inmternship, I think it might be pretty hard to be flexible if we already have a full time job.
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The student body is really great. Ages range from 17-35 around there, so there is a lot of interaction.
I know education is nothing cheap, but over all the total cost for my education seems a bit too much.
This institute consists of hard working people, age varies, with jobs and/or families. Students that attend this institute have many responsibilities and seek a faster access to start their career. Students here are easy to communicate with and a very fun environment.
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