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The Admission's Representative, Career Services Advisor, and Director of Admissions are all friendly and seemed interested in helping me succeed in school and in find a job that fits with my classes.
I don't fit school around my life. Instead school is the most important thing right now so my work schedule has to fit around my school hours.
There are computers there for study purposes but I really don't need them since I have a computer and printer at home.
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There is a mix of white, Hispanic, and Black. But the Hispanic is probably the majority.
My classes are all on a campus and not online.
They say they will help me get interviews if I don't get hired where I do the externship. But that remains to be seen since classes have not ended yet.
The registration process was quick and easy.
They have an externship after I am done with my classes and that is a big reason I decided to go back to school.
Hard to compare since I have not looked at many other colleges. Really only one other that was similar to my college and they were similar.
They do have resource places on campus, but between my computer at home and the colleges web site I really don't need them.
They are willing to work with me and are very helpful.
The computer network is always working and ready for you to use.
At first I was nervous about doing online work but I have started to like it. It is better than handwriting everything and it was nit hard to learn at all. The workload can be a lot at times but with the help from other students it is pretty easy.
Great Network – i use this everyday, and get help from kaplan if needed.
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