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They are by far the most helpful school I've chosen to go to. Everybody is absolutely amazing. The programs are good too. Highly recommend
Brightwood is a very unique school. Right when you walk in you get this feel at home. the faculty at brightwood are very kind and generous. The teachers as well are very involved with the students. They really do help you out Whether its academically, needing food or even with financial aid.
Beautiful Campus with very friendly instructors! They won't let you fall behind and they really care about you as a student. Your success is their success!
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if you do have credit from another school, they can be tranferred.
they do have some online courses.
I will be a complete a degree here.
I would not ask for nothing more, this school is amazing.
This is an amazing school to attend, if your not to sure about what type of field your interested in, they will walk you step by step on what is the best field for you.
Teacher are very help on making sure you know the right material before you step into your career field
The staff and Teacher are there for you..
all the professors, staff, as well as the students are extreamly helpful, and everyone is eager to watch and help one and another succeed.
Being in my major is interesting because the work load is dependent on how much you decide to study and put into the class the same gos for the curriculum. The facilites offer lots of help to help you with a job because they want to see you succeed, also internship opportunities are always around and they even give you options as to where you could go to intern.
The school i am currently going to is unique simply because its a program with a set graduation date as opposed to a traditional collage where you don`t quite when you will graduate.
It is accelerated but it goes by fast. Difficult if you work 50 hours a week. You don't get the choice of taking a lighter load. Do it or don't and it is over before you know it.
It is a school that you have to be determined that this is what you are going to do when you start. I did change programs early which seemed to cause some confusion but it has worked out. Apparently that is not commonly done. I haven't tried to use my credits at another school and my past earned credits weren't even looked at. They have their own programs, it's not separated like a community college math, english etc.
Most of your work is done online, class is competencies and lecture. It is good but you have deadlines and they are not flexible so you have to plan your week accordingly.
The instructors are great. It is very structured. There isn't much flexibility. MA has is at offered morning, afternoon or evening but that is the biggest choice. Classes are offered in 5 hour periods, certain days. You have to build your schedule around it. You lose a lot of points if you miss class.
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Kaplan was such a great school. If I could I would go through it again. Pay more attention and learn more than I did already.
So far it's been an amazing program and I'm always looking forward to the next day of class.
Don't start if you are mot focused on the finish. The first two mods weed out the people that aren't willing to put in the work. It is a good mix of on campus and online work. You learn a lot very quickly and then put into an externship for your hands on experience.
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