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Don't waste your time with the LPN program. They have designed V1's and V2's to set you up for failure. You can have a 100% A in the class if you fail either the V1 and V2 you have to repeat the whole class. Stay away!!!!!!!!!Its about money and no will take your credits from here you will have to start all over. Beware......You have been Warn.....
I'm in my last term at Brightwood College. It's been a wild and adventurous seven months being there. The instructors are amazing people, always eagered and willing to teach anyone who will listen. They are the type of people who give everything they have to make sure their students understand the material by making it fun and interesting. You will meet other students from other backgrounds who are just as kind and considerate to help you understand the work as well! I would recommend this college to anyone who wants the best.
Almost finished with my first semester of the LPN program! so far I like it. It's tough with taking the four classes that you have to take at once but if you have a good support system and willing to put in the work then you can do it! Dr. Allu who is the anatomy instructor is awesome! She makes sure you know your anatomy or you will not move forward, which is great because if you don't know your anatomy, you will not be successful in the other classes and let's face it, nobody wants a nurse working who doesn't know their anatomy. I attended Ivy tech before and didn't really care for it. I had to have something that was a little bit more accelerated and Brightwood was it for me. It's a good stepping stone for the nursing field. Would defiantly recommend Brightwood for nursing to individuals who are serious about wanting to pursue a career in the medical field.
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I am currently enrolled as a Dental Assistant and enjoy every minute of it. There is only one campus in Indianapolis which is kinda a drag because I live on the other end. I love the fast paced course studies this campus has to offer. The staff is very thoughtful and kind. I am excited to learn and get a career in life. Something I love to do and put a great smile on everyone's face.
When the teachers lecture in class they give points and explain very well.
I wasn't a person who likes school, but this program is great. It's hands on and the teachers are great. I currently have a grade point average of an A+. I would recommend this school to anyone.
I haven't started yet, but I have been treated very nice.
I already have a master degree, and I currently work on a mental heal unit, so getting a post graduate certificate in addiction counseling will enable me to be license, and advance where I work.
The program offered, which is a grad certificate in the counseling field, is exactly what I was looking for to advance my career. The workload is just what I expected, and I am confident that I will successfully complete this program, especially after learning about all of the tools Kaplan University has to offer, as well as what each class entails.
Everyone I talked to were kind and made sure I talked to all the correct people to make my admission process easy and successful.
It's a great place to get started if someone is into dental.
I like the way my instructor teaches. If their is a vocab test the following week, she will help us by playing games on how to spell them. She also has websites that help. The short time I have been in Kaplan, I have learned quite a bit.
I do not personally take on-line courses. They do make it to where my studying is easier though by giving me websites to study from. They actually help too!
It seems like a lot of dental assistants have attended Kaplan college.
It's not always guaranteed a job after internships but if class work is good and the internship goes well, things will look bright for that person. The people that work for Kaplan work very hard to make sure everyone has an opportunity.
The instructors have been great so far. They care how well you are doing in class and if you show up to class. If something happens and someone can't make it to class, all the student has to do is send a text to the instructor. Class sizes are great! It doesn't overwhelm the instructors or the students. They have time to do one on one work with students if needed. The instructors also prepare well for test and exams. They go over what will be on test and what to except.
Kaplan has been great! The class sizes are perfect for the instructors and the students. The instructors care how well you do in class.
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It's been tough some days , but I have been able to manage
Online class are okay. There's really not to much to say except sometimes when you submit you work it won't say that you submitted it.
I haven't really talked to career services. So I don't have much knowledge about that.
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