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Taking the Dental program helps out with experience. It gives a real feel on the basics of being an assistant in general dentistry. Ms. Seigle is the instructor, she is very informative and will also think of plenty of ways to help you understand. At the end of the course, you’ll have a chance to practice your skills, with any office of your choosing. Ms. Seigle will also send you to an office that is hiring! Take your time and listen to what she has to say, you’ll be glad you did! Attend Broghtwood for a better future, trust me!
99.99% percent sure this college sold MY WIFE'S PRIVATE INFORMATION. Beware of this school... they promise you a lot of "hands on" work during those first 21 free trial days. They bait you with all the great promises only to find out the core program is trash, and most of the teachers are garbage. As soon as my wife dropped out of the program, we started getting dozens of telemarketer calls EVERY DAY. MOST WERE EVEN ABOUT STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS, SHE OWES NO STUDENT LOANS TO ANYONE BESIDES BRIGHTWOOD. Save your thousands and go somewhere else that isn't shady.
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It's great there willing and very understanding and always trying to find ways to work with me and not against me.
With this school I find it very unique for one they helped me when I was in need of some one watching my child just so i could go to class. They didn't have to do these but this just showed me how much they wanted me to attend there school. I have a learning disability and ive tried other school and this school there so patient and very understanding. With this school it has and is still helping myself to change to become a better person for not just myself but also for my family. Words just can't explain how much I love this school.
The resources on the campus could use improvement. The school offers a Workstudy program, Ambassador Club, small library and a Center to set up Job training and Mock Interviews. There is three breakrooms with vending machines at reasonable prices, great snacks and free popcorn!
The computer network at my school was awesome! I had a chance to spend more time in computer labs at the end of my courses and do research on my medical billing topics. The speed of the compuers were perfect. The classes shared printers and it really worked out well. My computer locked out when I enteredthe wrong password and the technical support was incredible, they responded immediately.
Texas School of Business classes are small 25 or less students per class. It allowed us to know one another and help others with their studies and the Instructors or able to spend more one on one time with students unlike larger Universities. The classes are blended allowing students to start classes at different and more convenient times. Texas School of Business also have Online Digital classes, this allows students training at home and the classes to be completed sooner than other schools. I joined the Ambassadors program which was a program that students joined to help communities and other students in need of rides, food, supplies for their kids, and many ohe needs.
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