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My overall experience has been wonderful. From the staff with enrollment to my professors knowledge and concern about my education. The curriculum prepares you for your career path. They are definitely dedicated to a more productive career on my behalf.
The last quarter of this program ensures you will have assistance post-grad, by placing you in the office of your interest.
I have only been able to experience the terrific flexibility with my work schedule. I have had very few hassales, if not any, with this school.
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The online portion of the course is fairly easy to complete your lessons with. In addittion to the class sizes offering close knit relationships with both peers and professors. The workload only demands consistant focus and dedication. The staff also is helpful with anything you would possibly require assistance with. However, the accelerated program is really what sets this school apart from the rest.
Although I have not completed the curriculum I am currently enrolled in, I have learned that the quality of my school is something I had not experience with my prior schooling. The classes are fixed to ensure your success, and the professors are there every step of the way to assist you with your studies. I believe that the interactive style of learning is the best way to teach the lessons. I believe this is the best way to further your educdation.
The career aspect of this school is absolutely brilliant. The program prepares each student, for the workforce enviornment they are expected to corresspond with. Any additional serivces are always easily accessible. The staff aim to aid all students with the drive and tools to succeed and grow. Overall, in my opinion, the rate of this college is no less than acceptional.
I believe that my major is one of the broadest programs my school offers.The studies prepare you for a multitude of medical areas. Although the workload is consistantly demanding, the professors make the work simple to learn. Any help you need is always readily available.
This schoool, so far, has been extremely helpful. The program helps you learn so much faster because of the hands on curriculum. The classes aren't extremely big, and insure you get the one on one attention that you may not be able to obtain with higher populated colleges. Every personel at the campus is there to help you succeed. I
It has been a smooth process!
I am not at this point yet. I know the service is there for me and I will plan on using it!
I feel it has been an easy process If I can do it anyone can! Don't be afraid stay focused at that light at the end of the tunnel!
The financial aid process was a smooth process when I started but it is still a bit confusing. I am hitting an obstacle right now; I am reaching my peak with financial aid. So I am finding myself wondering how I will get the money that I need to finish my degree. So I am applying for scholarship money and hoping for the best!
I don't see students face to face but what I see from our discussion boards and seminar nights they are all hard working, caring students!
Since I am an online student I don't have the experience in being at an actual school campuses. But we do have our online library that has everything you need to be successful with your studies!
I am an online student it has been hassle free. Don't be afraid in attending online yes it is scary in the beginning but hang on it will be second nature!
I was able to get life experience credits from Kaplan and this saved me thousands of dollars in tuition.
Class registration was very easy at first and it is still now. When I first started it was all a foreign language Kaplan walked me through the whole process. Professor as I stated in my previous comment are awesome and they are all supportive in my success!
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It has been a great experience as an adult student attending school online at Kaplan. I was very nervous in the beginning but now it is smooth sailing and I have been sailing with a current GPA of 3.75. The online choice was my only option in going back to school working full time prevented me from attending traditional schooling. To me now online studies is now second nature; I will probably get bored when I finally finish, you never know I might even tackle getting my Masters!

Kaplan gave me credit for my prior learning as a Medical Assistant and for my previous work experience in the mortgage industry. My program is geared in giving me the knowledge that I need for my new career choice as a Healthcare Administrator. All my professors have all been supportive in my success. Last comment if I can do it anyone can attend Kaplan online studies. First of my family attending college, immigrant parents, mother to 4 adult children and 9 beautiful grandchildren; Yes you can do it look at me I did it !
Kaplan University is a great school to attend. The Coast of each course includes everything, even the books that you may need. Everyone one their is very helpful and friendly and is always willing to work with you. Classes are very convenient and work for your schedule needs. Classes run ten weeks on, and one week off in between.
The Resources at Kaplan College are the Career Services Center where they will assist students in their job search efforts. Career Serivces also includes assistance with resume writing, interviewing,identifying job openings, and other job serach activities. Other resources include the libaray where students go to for doing homework, studying, printing items, and using the computers. At Kaplan College their are many resources to help students achieve their goals and become successful in life...
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