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Brightwood College - Fresno Reviews

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The classes are VERY easy to understand. The teachers are every helpful. The school very easy to locate. The class sizes are small so you a better one on one with the teacher. I love that its very hands on and not a lot of book work.
my experience at brightwood has been great. They are very organized with the schedules and assignments. The teachers are all so great.
I would recommend anyone interested in the medical field or dental field come in and check it out everyone is so friendly and caring and really motivates you definitely love the atmosphere
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I learned a lot here at this college and it is amazing. The staff is super nice and they are very very helpful. Our instructors make sure we will get all our work done on time and that our grades stay high like they should be. They, as well, are very helpful.
over all I love everything about this college. I know that I have made the best decision in coming here because the staff, students and teachers are very nice and take their time to actually demonstrate and teach in class. I have learned so much in just these four months and time sure goes by fast. I would without a doubt, consider in coming to this school again if I want to get further on with my education. I have recommended many of my high school graduate friends and they have considered on coming here. I thank my reps and my professors for showing me the importance of the subjects in school. They have been there even when I needed them out of school hours.
No online classes only on campus classes i attended
They care about u passing and understanding before moving foward
Medical assistant is a career i would recomend
They cared about me as a person. Not only a student
I like the school and i have learned alot,but its one of the more expensive ones
the quiz and test are good. Instructor explains everything well.
We have teachers that have been in the job so they give us good examples and then we have someone that helps us look for jobs in our major or if you need one just to help out in your life
What i really injoy in this school is that they have officers that are retired or active so that helps them give us examples of what the real world is.
Good Over All – They have everything we need here like computer labs, library, internet, and printers. What we need is a bettet AC becouse it gets hot in the class
career services are really a big help as far as finding places to submit resumes for your line of work or not. very friendly and always willing to help you find what your looking for in a job
Kaplan College – there is alot of diversity within the school, however it seems like alot of low income people who cannot afford to pay back their loans they took out. overall student body is friendly to the different programs that are attending here and get along copasetically
My Future – The career i chose is a short one that will give me the next step in what i need towards my future and although it might be a bit pricy i believe its gonna be worth being a medical assistant.
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