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Brightwood College - Fort Worth Reviews

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The assessment counselor was a sweet women...and plus they sent a lot of paperwork about the school and the dean of the school sent me a welcome it is cool to me.
I think online learning is very convenient with me,...I am able to be at home spend time with my children and also do outside its great to me.
I think that the pay is worth it and I also think that the scholarships that the school (Kaplan University) had was very good and it was needed. Me being a single parent/women made it possible for me to qualify and get a scholarship through the school...when other schools don't have that to offer.
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I am an online student but the school offers an option to get involved with the Student Body and I have not yet had the chance to get involved.
I am an online student
Since I am doing online courses it is very convenient...because my children are at school while I am doing my assignments and paying attention to the seminars.
Kaplan Online University is set up very well and the seminars are worth it because you learn how to handle a weeks work if you take notes and listen to the seminars.
Kaplan University has excellent professors that are very skilled and is patient as well in trying to get you to understand what is being taught.
The Assessment Counselor was nice...she worked with me to get my transcripts transferred and walked me through the process of my registration.
I am studying to Psychology and I am looking at the syllabus and I believe this major will be very interesting and the learning with be worth it!
This is my first year with Kaplan University and I am attending online courses...but the student page is great and the classroom and the seminars age great as well.
Once I gradutate I plan to look for a career that will help me grow and do my very best.
The work we receive is actually very helpful. And the teacher we have is very good at teaching us what we need to learn and always helping us in anything we need.
The school is great. The staff treat you like a person and not just money.
I give the school that because they are the best so far. The staff is really welcoming and a lot of love and caring for their students.
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