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I had graduated 3 years ago and they still can help me on getting my license they switched professors thank God cause one of them will flirt with all the girls. And now my messages and calls are being ignored . Don’t recommend it.
I am very satisfied with all the services and haven't been frustrated. The flexibility of classes is very good and I don't have any complaigns
The quality is excellent and I just love to come to school it is the first time I really enjoy school courses and the best thing is that almost everything is hand-on and the size of the clasees are small so you get all the personal attention you might need.
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The student career prospects is amazing. You will receive a lot of help to create a career on your own with responsability,
I really like the online courses I find them easy to use and very useful. The registration progress is simple and easy and the proffesor/student relationship is very nice.
Everyone is very nice and friendly there is a lot of diversity and you will fit in inmediately.
The tuition is a little bit high but it is worth it. The best thing is that you receive orientation and help with financial aid and they help you in every problem you might have.
I'm not sure about the post-grad services but there must be a lot of opportunities for all the students in their areas.
The medical assistant program is excellent, fast-paced, and complete in every aspect. The job opportunities are high and the work is admirable.
The professors are very good and experienced. Class registration process is easy and comfortable and the programs are excellent.
It is a very good school that has all the key elements such as library, activities and more.
The learning resource center is an organized and all databases at Kaplan college are available in a on-line library and all topics are used
My online work is help for the next time i return to class the professors will explain what exactly on point and teach you as a whole or one on one. students will also help others and teach others what exactly we need to know and what we need to know.
Financial aid process is long, but will help you with completing FAFSA and are very adequate on how your tution is planned out for your schooling
All admin will help you find a job after completing your first 9 months there.
We have a Learning Resource Center (LRC) which is something similar to a library is is very well organized. Other campus facilities and/or activities are not really known but when they are majority of students will join in.
A unique quality of Kaplan College is that we get to learn hands on too not just from a book or research. We get to grasp the feeling of actually doing what we planned on doing for the rest of our lives. Campus life is very friendly and welcoming to all students, professors are very motivating and understanding. Our greatest opportunity is we get to graduate with a job of some sort that has to deal with our medical, electrical, computer, and business career.
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To be in the medical assistant program will really teach me all i really need to know what it will be like working in a clinic to working in a higher facility like the hospital. the way the program is set up seems very tough but yet is very manageable. Also the program will personally help me in medical school to help me become a registered nurse.
There are not very many programs offered at Kaplan College,but that does not mean academics are not a problem. the professors are very helpful and the registration process is very detailed and a reality check for many younger students. The special study is we get to get a feel of working inside a clinic or hospital and learn ahead of time.
I have been greeted very well by all administration. Directors are very helpful and outgoing.
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