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What I like about brightwood is that there very welcoming and they are very friendly. Brightwood is the kind of school that is there for you in any way possible doesn't matter if you are struggling or something happen for that matter. They will sit and talk and let you vent what ever you need to vent out on what going on. Brightwood is very family oriented. I love all the event they have going on here your always welcome to BRIGHTWOOD COLLEGE. I AM VERY happy I chose brightwood to be my next college in succeeding my career.
Career services is available if needed.
I already work for a great company and with the finishing of my program i will excel in my career. This program is great
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Just the admissions process is well thought out and very informative for the programs of interest. Im very excited to begin my journey starting August 3rd, 2016
You can't get full credit for previously passed courses, you actually have to re-take courses, therefore your paying twice for a topic that has already been taken.
I do prefer the classroom environment. Having the teacher readily accessible to teach is a much better situation for me.
I'm not sure, I haven't graduated yet.
The professors (most) are very involved with the students, some will call you and walk you through with guidance and understanding of specific material.
It's amazing how they can't carry over all items and courses that were previously taught via another school, technically I have to pay for courses that I aced previously twice.
It can become a little over whelming initially if you are a full time employee, time management is a must.
It was a learning component in the beginning. You have to have and learn self discipline as you work in your own environment, which means there are often distractions. Once you get past and acknowledge this, it's pretty awesome.
At the end of the medical assistant term you get externship which is interning at a doctors office in your area for 120 140 hours and that ends up being the place where you can star working after the externship.
Very flexible as I said before it's scheduled to fit your life and time.
Instead of having to be on the professors schedule your on your schedule the classes are tailored to fit your life and time.
I'm doing medical assisting and at the end of the term starts the externship where they send you to a doctors office in your area to intern there for a 120 hours and students usually end up working at the doctors office they interned at because you have formed bonds with the doctors and other medical assistants there.
The professors are there for you if you need anything, they make sure that is as students individually understand everything. Also they encourage us to contact them at anytime of day even late at night and I truely appreciate that.
Haven't started yet but I know that it will be great, I will learn things that will help me in the real world.
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Online classes- Kaplan University Dayton

Even though I haven't started yet just the overall admissions process was wonderful they cared about me as s person and made sure that I was comfortable with everything and that the schedule fit in with me personal life.
If I went back to school all over again I definitely would choose this school. One of the main reasons is because the staff makes it their business to be apart of your learning experience. If you need help they find every solution to get you that help. They make sure you keep up wit h your work by offering private study sessions, group sessions, as well as keeping the school open for a decent amount of time incase the student needs to use computers or have quiet study time in the computer lab. They treat you like family and they are just as excited to see you succeed as you are. That's what makes this school so unique to me.
Great school I wish I would have went sooner. Very flexible and friendly atmosphere
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