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Good school with great instructors in their paralegal program, each instructor has experience in their fields that correlates to the subjects they teach.
The tuition is great and I was greatly helped. My only concern or problem is how will I be able to pay. I wish I could have a bit more help on getting a scholarship
There is a large diversity in all aspects.
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Was told that there would be help in finding a career. I haven't gotten that far yet.
The classes are flexible. They are only two to three days a week. With doing online class in between this.
If I had to choose again. I think I would pick another school. The instructors and staff at this college are wonderful. It is the instructor that I am currently having and will continue till I graduate. I thought that I would have more teaching or training from an experienced instructor. But instead I am paying for the class to self-teach. And there are things that I am afraid if I get into the work field that I will not understand because of not learning it in class.
I receive two grants. One was a good size the second was very small. I also received two loans. I really did not want a loan, because right now I am living in poverty and am disabled. So I have a limited income. I received a grant from the school, although I am paying on it....this confuses me because I asked if it was a loan. Was told no it is a grant. So being all new to college and it being overwhelming and a lot to take in at one time.
My first two mods were great. Now that I am in my third mod, it has dropped significantly. The instructor we have for the MBC class, says that she is also learning while we learn also. I didn't expect to have to teach myself when I am paying for an education. I wanted an instructor that already knew the course work and what went with it.
I said earlier about how I have an instructor that is learning the course with the class. So I feel that I am having to teach myself. I am not satisfied, considering transferring to another school. If I can learn how to do that.
The resources are mainly online. Not much of a library.
The computer network seems to be good. There are a lot of computer labs at this school. I think it is because they mainly have online courses. Which I really didn't want to do online.
I didn't care for it in the beginning, but I have learned how to navigate it.
I go to Kaplan College of Beaumont Texas, but you did not have it on the list. There is a limited course choices.
The diversity is great because it's online and students attend from everywhere!
Th professors and curriculum have been great!
It' great and I've learned so much!
I receive alot of support. the lessons are right on target
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there are alot of opportunities at the school
it seems to be okay
I hoped to get more grants, etc
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