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Brightwood College - Corpus Christi Reviews

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I wish I would've we Mr to this school 1st instead of community college.The teachers are great!! They really want you to succeed. They are very patient and always there for you. It feels like one big family.They have awesome resources from the computers..library to the study labs! Everyone is very knowlegable and if they don't know it they are determined to find out! The instructors and staff of brightwood are very into their students. They help you not only at school but also out if school as well. They are there to support you 100%.They make learning fun!
I toured and enrolled and they explained everything to be since this was my first college tour and look at. They were patient with me and invited and included my dad in every detail and decision and waited for us to talk it over with my mom when she was available.
the teachers here are great and want you to learn! everyone is very helpful!
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Honestly its been the best so far i really love how everyone is so helpful and respects what you have to say and understands when your having trouble understanding.
Really not any issues very flexible
They don't have online courses
Have not experienced this part yet
Have not experienced this part yet
Haven't actually started classes but feEl when I do it will be great an in a very fast environment
I have only began to enroll an it's been great an believe it going to be even better learning
My classes are Monday and Wednesday 6PM-11PM, Tuesday's 6PM-8PM, and Thursday's 6PM-9PM. If you think about it, it is convenient!! It's not destroying my weekend, and it's only until 11 at night, which is the latest class!!
Just did a review on them -
Our classes are smaller than the average college, but that's why I'm going there!!! I get many opportunities to actually talk one-on-one to my professors, which many students at other colleges don't even catch the opportunity because that teacher doesn't have time! My school is literally like one big family, we all come from good and bad and we see each other and all of the bad goes away. All of our courses are hands on, we use the gun simulator machine often!
Our career center on campus is one of the best! Even once you're graduated from the program they do everything possible to get you the job you paid so much for!!
All of our teachers have actually been in our field of study. Again, I am studying Criminal Justice, and both of my main teachers have retired from the force. Which allows your questions of your field more truthful! Many professors have never actually worked in the field they are teaching, which I would imagine, makes it harder for them to answer students questions about the job.
I am in criminal justice. The times of class are horrible, but reasonable at the same time. We have so much fun in class, it amazes me that other schools don't do the same things we do. We actually speak to our teachers, and we all have that wonderful bond of student-teacher professionalism, which makes class much easier!
The tuition at kaplan college are very straightfoward. Once you have decided the program that best suits you the financial aid after goes really smooth. The tuition stays at the same rate till the completion of the program which is great because no fees or extra charges are added. Once you begin school all you pay is an entry fee and the rest is only your books and classes and the rest is free! The value I pay for my education here at Kaplan college is worth it. I get great services from my instructors and the staff and financial aid help you through everything. The library is full of all types of knowledge that you can roam through for free. The tutors are available at any time for any subject with no extra cost.
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The academics offered at Kaplan are good, but their are not so many offered. Kaplan participates in many fundraisers and vounteer work which is great for those who need the participation, but overall all kaplan holds is nursing programs and Criminal Justice.
It's very interseting to be a Criminal Justice major here at kaplan. They school itself offers a great deal of medical classes and to be a student here in their ony criminal justice class is an honor. the classes are fun and very interesting. Everyday as you walk in your learn something very unique and untold about the systems that inspire you to make a difference in the communities. The homework is just as great, fair but overall pleasing and works great with my schedule. The classes however here are at night which is even more better because we remain the only one's in class which gives us an extra peaceful environment. The job oportunities through Crininal Justice are all so interesting. With the degree you'll recieve from this course you experience the mystery that all jobs hold and if it doesn't fit you, another job in the field will come right along. No matter where you go with this degree the job will always be around, which is even more uplifting!
The library and staff/faculty at Kaplan College-Corpus Christi are very neat and well presentable. The staff/faculty welcome you with open arms and are right away at their service to help you get connected to your goals and career. The classes and courses are very unique, in every course the instructer helps you stay connected and goes out of the wing to help you understand the program much easier. The classes are also well comfortable and are very small which is lovely because you spend more time with your instructor on any problems. i enjoy the open hours and the overall neatness and fast pace the school offers. The tutoring and tuition is great as well here at Kaplan College, any help you are in need of someone is always here to help you work with your schedule or your financial aid. Overall, Kaplan is a great college to attend, I love it!!!!
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